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The Broadband Internet – Can It Affect Your Family?

Can we accuse broadband for making a happy family becoming happy individuals? To a great extent YES!
This is a story of a happy family that got torn to a mistress called Broadband!
With dial-up network, every moment at home was peaceful. Since mails came slow and went slow, the husband had time for his family. He could easily have a cup of tea in the time his internet got connected. By the time he would sit for work…would be the next relief…i.e…another disconnection! Then, it would be time to play one round of game with kids. Thus, the man of the house had time for every enjoyment at home. Many a times, due to the poor connectivity, he would prefer to switch off the computer and go out to shop with family. This was the story of the happy family.
Today this loving family has been shredded – shredded as man, woman, boy (son) and girl (daughter). With the broadband revolution every home tasted the flavor called broadband. As expected, it charmed all with its speedy connectivity sans disconnection.
The husband, who could play a game and take wife out for shopping, preferred to finish his work on his laptop. With easy data access and transfer, he couldn’t ask for more. Wife chose to check recipes online and catch up with the latest and chat with friends. The kids had their own studies and social networking, and games to play. When tired, each watched their own moves or listened to music on their hi-fi Wi-Fi mobile phones or computers. Shopping too began happening online!! No family shopping, but individual online shopping became the new trend, thanks to broadband!
Broadband connection, made life not just easy, but in a way, its multifaceted convenience made individuals move at an unimaginable faster pace.…

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Balance Work and Family Tips

How To Keep Your Man Happy

Sounds like a 1950’s how to booklet on relationships, right? Well it’s not, but back then they had things right. Our grandparents learned long ago how to keep a marriage long and happy. They had the right priorities; families come first.
In today’s society, we have a me mentality or a what can I do for me, or more specifically, what can you do for me? And sometimes we don’t care who we screw over to get what we want. Even our spouses.
Not only are we more concerned about ourselves, we are also impatient to find out what comes next. I like to call this the hurry-up disorder and the I’ll-be-happy-when disorder. We are never happy with what we have or else it isn’t good enough. Our houses aren’t big enough, our cars aren’t new enough, and we’re not moving up the corporate ladder fast enough. I don’t know who we’re competing with.
I will be the first to say that we work hard for what we have and we deserve to pamper ourselves from time to time. It’s only money, we only live once, we can’t take it with us, and any other cliche we can come up with to make us feel better. But when it really comes down to it, it is just stuff. And what’s more important, the stuff or our families? Our families of course.
But more specifically, our husbands. Once the stuff is gone, once the children are grown, what will we have left? Hopefully our husbands. Your marriage should be the most important thing in your life. It should trump all the other things, but sadly most of us do not value our husbands.
What I’m about to suggest may seem like I lost my mind and set women’s rights back 50 plus years, I’m not. This really works. What I want you to do is to put your husband before all else, including the children. I know it’s a radical thought, but trust me when I say, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.
Your husband should be king of his castle. He should be greeted with a smile and a kiss when he walks in the door in the evenings. Admit it, how many times have you passed a screaming baby off to your husband as he walked in the door. Or met him complaining that the washing machine broke and has flooded the basement? Ok, that one might be a little important, but it should not be the first thing he has to hear. How do you think that makes your husband feel to be greeted with chaos and bad news? My guess is he probably doesn’t want to come home.
Our homes should be a welcoming place of relaxation. It should be a place where our husbands want to be in instead of the local corner bar. Maybe even staying late at work instead of coming home to more complaints, screaming kids, and a messy house. If you don’t want to be in that environment, what makes you think he does?
Your goal is to tidy the house, cook a nice dinner, make the kids play quietly in their room until dinner is ready (bribe them if you have to), freshen up yourself a bit, and put on a smile for your hubby as he walks through the door. Home from a long hard day.
A happy home makes for a happy family and a good marriage is the foundation for it all.…

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Happy Family Tips

Celebrities and Self-Image

You know when you are feeling down and depressed so you pick up a magazine and check out the glossy photos to pass the time and take your mind off of your feelings.
What do you see? Celebrities looking all glammed up and you think “my life completely sucks. Look at these beautiful people! They go to fancy restaurants, they don’t have to go to a dead end job like mine, working with people who don’t care about anyone but themselves.” WHY CAN’T I BE LIKE THEM?
Okay, before you reach for sharp objects let’s take a look at a few things for a second.
FIRST: You do not want their life!
• They cannot step out into the street without someone taking a photograph of them – otherwise you wouldn’t be drooling over their picture in the magazine.
• They are constantly criticized in those magazines. She’s too fat, she’s too thin, is she having a baby – who’s the father, what a tramp, Oh, isn’t she lovely, oh what a bitch – did she really say that?
• The photo’s aren’t real! Please get that – the photo’s aren’t real. The doctor the photos so they look perfect when they want to be nice. They doctor the photos to make imperfections if they want to be nasty. At the time of Christina Aguilera’s marriage break up a magazine showed a slim figure and said “look at how thin she was”. The showed a ballooned figure and said “Oh dear, poor Christina is not taking the split very well”. At the same time she was promoting her movie called Burlesque, where a very slim Christina danced and sang. There is no possible way she could have put on that much weight in that short amount of time. I have also seen a program showing a photo of a model wearing a backless dress – the moles on her back were quite noticeable – until they were erased completely.
• Sometimes their private life is splashed over the front of the magazine with news which their own family have not heard. Daniel Jones from Savage Garden received a phone call early one morning to radio jocks asking about the band splitting. His response? “Have we split?”
• Imagine trying to get married and having to invite a million viewers who scrutinize every single detail.
• If you’re envious of a good body, they probably work really hard to get it – every day. No binge eating or drinking on a regular basis. Kelly Osborne was enjoying the attention for her new thin body but was sick of the hard work that goes with keeping her body that way. (How could she do this much easier? My Blog will follow an amazing journey of shedding the weight without a diet or exercise program) – Impossible??
• If celebrities dare to step out of their house without makeup you can be sure this will be a feature somewhere.
Personally, I’m not that fond of wearing makeup, especially when it is so hot that it slides off your face quicker than you can put it in place.
So, while you are sitting there in your pyjamas at two o’clock in the afternoon still smelling of yesterday, you might want to think about how good you’ve got it.
SECOND: Don’t wish you were like a celebrity. Try to appreciate the life you have.
– Go to the park and take a big breath of fresh air knowing there are no paparazzi waiting to see they can snap you in a position which looks as though you are picking your nose. And no one can see the tiny blemishes on your face.
– Notice the freedom you have as thousands of people are not rushing up to you trying to get a photo with you or getting your signature and you’re not tripping over them as they get so close that you can hardly see the ground in front of you.
– Enjoy the fact that you can go to any restaurant through the front door and know that you can eat an entire meal without interruption.
– Feel ecstatic that you are not a radio competition prize where you have to spend an evening dining with a complete stranger who is gushing over you.
– Congratulate yourself that you don’t have to answer the same stupid question for the twenty eighth time that day, thrown at you by a lazy journalist who thinks he is funny, while you are on a promotional tour, away from your family.
– Never mind trying to have a happy family situation. If a normal relationship is not hard enough for most people, the demands of being a celebrity is enough to cause problems for the strongest of players. …

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Family Tips for Saving Money

Your Home Business and Your Family

When you make that decision to work from home, either as a home based business owner, or a freelancer, you must make sure your family understands, what does that means.
The fact that you’re at home all day, doesn’t mean that you’re not working and can take care of all the chores as well. You must set aside hours when you will work, and let your family know, that now it is your work time and they must not disturb you. It is perfect if you have your own room – you can close the door and let your children and spouse know that now you are busy working, but once you have done your goals for today, you will be available for chores, play and whatnot. The only difference when working for yourself from home, is that you can more or less choose the hours when you work, but do not make the mistake that people who work from home sit at the front of TV or play all day.
It is best if you explain to your family, what it is you do in front of your computer all day – because, they most likely will judge from their own experience and conclude, that you’re just playing games or browsing internet. You must make sure your family understands that the computer is your work tool, your business asset, and in front of it you’re working. Of course, if you want them to believe you, you must actually work.
Working from home, making money online is hard because of all the distractions – there are even more of them if you use your computer as a main work tool. Make a habit of not visiting social networks, news etc. while you work.
Main thing to remember is – always communicate what you’re doing with your family. This way, they can support you, and that support will carry you a long way.…

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Family Tips for Saving Money

Living In Your Father’s Shadow

For men, living in your father’s shadow can be one of the most soul destructive positions to be in. It will strip your will and the joy out of your life. It places you in a no-win situation. Imagine being Donald Trump Junior; how can you ever outdo Donald Trump? Are you going to be able to make more money? Be more famous? Or be more controversial? For some sons the choice is to go the opposite direction. They become alcoholics and drug abusers to get out from under the shadow.
Men live under a double-edged sword, one of love and competition. On one side we have our deep need to be loved by our father and on the other side we have our internal competition to outdo our father; to have more and/or be more than our father. The problem is no matter which side of the sword we choose we eventually get cut by the other side.
One of the things we fail to realize is that every generation has the same problem, the same issue. So the question is what to do and how to survive. The first step is to honor our fathers. They gave us life. They gave us a direction. The second step is to figure out if the direction that they gave us is the one we wish to proceed on.
It is my belief that the best way to get out from our fathers shadow is to step away from it, so that we can create our own shadow in the bright sunlight of life. Men have a bone deep need to create something on our own; to achieve something. We judge each other by our actions, and it doesn’t matter if we decide to step away from our father’s shadow, but remain in the same business, we need to create something of our own. If we fail to do that, we end up turning our anger and frustration inward. The more that we turn our emotions inward, the more we have a tendency to lash out at the world around us.
To do this we have to let go of the need to compete on our father’s level. Not because we can’t do it, but because no matter what we do or achieve, we cannot win. We are connected biologically and spiritually to our father, and the more that we try to get away from that fact the more that we end up running around in circles. Remember there is a huge difference between honoring or respecting your father for being a father and actually liking your father as a person. Your father loved you the best that he could. He may not have been able to show it in a way that was healthy or even sane. It was only the best that your father, an imperfect man, could show you his love; even if that meant walking out on you, or abusing you.
So appreciate the path your father took. Appreciate the size and scope of his shadow. Then step away from it. Find a place in your life that is yours truly and completely; a place of your creation, of your vision, where you can take action to build what you choose, and more importantly how you choose to build it.
You have to find your own life in order to make your own shadow.…

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Financial Family

5 Common Habits of Happy Families

What makes some families more happy than others? The short answer is they are aware of doing things that make them happy. They have probably taken the time to explore what they like to do, what makes the members of the family happy and importantly make the time to do those things more regularly than the things that they don’t particularly enjoy.
It sounds simple and it is. It is about not being lazy! People who are happy are more aware!
Aware of what you may ask, and that’s a great question. Individuals in the family are aware of what they like and actually go out regularly and simply do those things. Most importantly, they do those things together. Hence the saying has arisen that the family that plays together, stays together!
Here are 5 common habits of happy families.
1 Being Grateful for everything in their lives. Having gratitude for the things that they have. Gratitude comes from an awareness of acceptance of what life is offering to each of us at any given moment. If you do not have acceptance in the present moment, than it is more difficult to be grateful. Acceptance and gratitude are the foundations for enthusiasm which brings for the feelings we all desire which is happiness.
2 Acceptance of the consequences of our choices and finding an appropriate level of satisfaction leads to happiness. When you have the habit of acceptance or satisfaction of what happens, you enjoy life more. People who try and “maximse” everything that they engage in are usually to wrung out at the end of the day to enjoy anything. They are never satisfied and are continually chasing their tail, so to speak. Simply limit the number of choices on offer to you is helpful.
3 Focusing on one thing at a time is a habit for happy families. The power to pay attention to what you as a family are wanting is a great habit to engage in because it limits the choices, focusses each family member and everyone can take some ownership of the family experience.
4 Simply being together and hanging out together. Being comfortable with not doing things all the time.
5 Love yourself first and then love your family by spreading the magic of love in each moment. Human beings thrive on close personal relationships. Human beings do not like to be on their own most of the time.
So it is in the understanding and being aware of the things we do regularly as a family unit that offer the level of satisfaction or happiness of being part of a happy family. From here you can live a rich life.…

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Are “U” Home With Your Family?

A home is not a home when there is no family living there. Likewise, a family is not a family when they don’t live in a place like home.
The edifice is of no importance. It is not the structure that we call home. It is the presence of a family where they feel comfortable and relax and very, very happy.
A family living in a shantee or a treehouse like Tarzan, can call it home because they are with their loved ones sharing whatever they have.
On the other hand, a prince staying in a palace cannot call it a home with all its extravagance and luxury when he has no one but himself. Even with manservants and valets present to do his bidding, would only be just part of the trimmings of the palace.
Wealth and riches can be part of a family but it can never create a family. More often than not, it may cause the fall of a family.
However the structure looks, it is the happy family that makes it a beautiful home. Even to the eyes that see them.
A house can only be a home when a family lives there full of love and care for one another.
We can never extract bickering, fights and petty quarrels within the family, that is undeniable, but because of love. peace will always prevail in a home.
What creates a home is a happy family. What creates a family is not only siblings and parents but everyone, whether related by blood or not, as long as they are together and loving one another.
Considering all this, are “U” home with your family now?…