The Broadband Internet – Can It Affect Your Family?

Can we accuse broadband for making a happy family becoming happy individuals? To a great extent YES!
This is a story of a happy family that got torn to a mistress called Broadband!
With dial-up network, every moment at home was peaceful. Since mails came slow and went slow, the husband had time for his family. He could easily have a cup of tea in the time his internet got connected. By the time he would sit for work…would be the next relief…i.e…another disconnection! Then, it would be time to play one round of game with kids. Thus, the man of the house had time for every enjoyment at home. Many a times, due to the poor connectivity, he would prefer to switch off the computer and go out to shop with family. This was the story of the happy family.
Today this loving family has been shredded – shredded as man, woman, boy (son) and girl (daughter). With the broadband revolution every home tasted the flavor called broadband. As expected, it charmed all with its speedy connectivity sans disconnection.
The husband, who could play a game and take wife out for shopping, preferred to finish his work on his laptop. With easy data access and transfer, he couldn’t ask for more. Wife chose to check recipes online and catch up with the latest and chat with friends. The kids had their own studies and social networking, and games to play. When tired, each watched their own moves or listened to music on their hi-fi Wi-Fi mobile phones or computers. Shopping too began happening online!! No family shopping, but individual online shopping became the new trend, thanks to broadband!
Broadband connection, made life not just easy, but in a way, its multifaceted convenience made individuals move at an unimaginable faster pace.