Photograph Psychology – What Stance You Make Says So Much About You

In this day and age, only a handful of people do not possess a camera. Be it from a build-it cell phone camera to those hard to understand not to mention expensive SLRs. It is time to check out if the people you have captured are actually telling a hidden story.
Most of the time you’d whip up a camera when there is a family gathering right? Try to analyze this situation when capturing family portraits:
– Do they stick so closely together?
– Is there one member who stands a little away from the entire group?
– Are there poses that look so similar?
This is so dominant in a family that feels to tight-knit that they actually look like flowers that are all bunched up in a vase as if they would wilt if separated. They actually mirror each other’s mannerisms and how they smile or tilt their heads. Even in a happy family, there is still the odd one out. This family member would be standing a little away from the huddle and would want to either stay in front or at the very end.
Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words and can tell a story about you and your family.
By paying attention to these small details, you’d see the confidence levels of the people you are taking photos of. If there is one member who loves staying in the middle and has this particular glow in the eyes and has the widest smile, he or she happens to be the happiest, most confident and of course, shutter addict in the family.