For Love Or For Money

Is money more important or love?A� This has been a debate for centuries.A� A balance of both is ideal but what is considered a balance of both?A� Is a balance means having a roof over your head, food on the table, clothes on your body and a happy family or does it mean a condominium with facilities, dining out every other day and branded clothing once a month and a family with career oriented parents and children that have money to spend on their needs?A� The latter does not sound overly ridiculous either as some will associate providing for the family as love.
In this day and age “No Money No Talk’ and “No Money No Love” are common catchy phrases that even little kids could utter.A� When finding your life partner, what is the weightage that we put in money compare to compatibility?A� For example, if you meet someone you fancy but he/she is not able to provide you with the luxury you crave, do you ‘let go’ of the possibility of having a beautiful relationship on the basis that without money could ultimately lead to disappointment or sufferance?
There is no straightforward answer to this matter.A� Money is definitely important as love alone cannot fill the stomach.A� However it is not necessary to have the best of everything in life.A� Living within your means could be the yardstick to use.A� Having lots of money is also not necessarily a good thing.A� There are cases out there where children from career minded and rich parents, and get any material things they want actually crave for love and attention to the extent of breaking the law to get the attention.
If you meet someone you love and he could provide security and love, with adequate food for the family, do not covet your friends or neighbours that could afford an extravagant lifestyle.A� Sometimes what you could see on the outside may not necessarily depict what is happening behind closed door.A� Is it not better to have a loving happy family than a rich but unhappy family?A� For me, I use to choose money but now I just want a fulfilling life that is true and happy and not one that have to live with a fa?�ade.A� Money sometimes comes with a price to pay – you might lose yourself.