Your Home Business and Your Family

When you make that decision to work from home, either as a home based business owner, or a freelancer, you must make sure your family understands, what does that means.
The fact that you’re at home all day, doesn’t mean that you’re not working and can take care of all the chores as well. You must set aside hours when you will work, and let your family know, that now it is your work time and they must not disturb you. It is perfect if you have your own room – you can close the door and let your children and spouse know that now you are busy working, but once you have done your goals for today, you will be available for chores, play and whatnot. The only difference when working for yourself from home, is that you can more or less choose the hours when you work, but do not make the mistake that people who work from home sit at the front of TV or play all day.
It is best if you explain to your family, what it is you do in front of your computer all day – because, they most likely will judge from their own experience and conclude, that you’re just playing games or browsing internet. You must make sure your family understands that the computer is your work tool, your business asset, and in front of it you’re working. Of course, if you want them to believe you, you must actually work.
Working from home, making money online is hard because of all the distractions – there are even more of them if you use your computer as a main work tool. Make a habit of not visiting social networks, news etc. while you work.
Main thing to remember is – always communicate what you’re doing with your family. This way, they can support you, and that support will carry you a long way.