Are “U” Home With Your Family?

A home is not a home when there is no family living there. Likewise, a family is not a family when they don’t live in a place like home.
The edifice is of no importance. It is not the structure that we call home. It is the presence of a family where they feel comfortable and relax and very, very happy.
A family living in a shantee or a treehouse like Tarzan, can call it home because they are with their loved ones sharing whatever they have.
On the other hand, a prince staying in a palace cannot call it a home with all its extravagance and luxury when he has no one but himself. Even with manservants and valets present to do his bidding, would only be just part of the trimmings of the palace.
Wealth and riches can be part of a family but it can never create a family. More often than not, it may cause the fall of a family.
However the structure looks, it is the happy family that makes it a beautiful home. Even to the eyes that see them.
A house can only be a home when a family lives there full of love and care for one another.
We can never extract bickering, fights and petty quarrels within the family, that is undeniable, but because of love. peace will always prevail in a home.
What creates a home is a happy family. What creates a family is not only siblings and parents but everyone, whether related by blood or not, as long as they are together and loving one another.
Considering all this, are “U” home with your family now?