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How to Find a Good Balance

How much TV is your tot watching?
Babies should watch as little TV as possible. New studies show that there is a huge difference in the amount of television that toddlers in child-care centers watch compared to stay at home kids. Children staying home watch almost 3 times more television than kids going to day care.
How to find a good balance? Stay at home moms are proud to be full time with their kids and not send them to day care, while stressing for not having any time for themselves.
Moms that work full time are fulfilled by their careers and probably feeling guilty for leaving their kids at home. I believe that ideally, if finances and schedules would allow, the perfect balance is right in the middle.
In a perfect world I think that newborn babies should definitely stay with mom as much as possible. When a little older I believe it is beneficial for everyone involved to spend some time in a good day care that supports the development and education of your child. As a result when spending time with mom, both will enjoy it more and have quality time dedicated to each other.
It’s inevitable that a mom staying at home will need moments to do certain tasks that need her concentration and will turn on the TV or put on a DVD to entertain their kids. If this happens once in a blue moon is not a big deal of course, but that same amount of time could be spent interacting with other people and other children, helping their social and cognitive development, even the best TV program cannot substitute that.
I’ve been in both sides, when my daughter was born I still had my wholesale business going, my jewelry store open, so I had to leave my daughter to work full time (full time is an understatement), I would say full time and a half. When my son was born I closed my business and completely dedicated my time to my kids and my kids only. Now that Elias is 7 1/2 months I am back to working part time, my daughter has been going part time to day care, she will begin pre-school now in September and my son is with me most of the time still but I get some help here and there so I get things done.
I believe that interacting with different people, with different age, personality and lessons to offer can only benefit our kids. We are always behind moving all the strings making sure that he is in good hands, happy and well taken care off.
If kids could choose, if spending full time with an overwhelmed, cranky, stressed mom, I am sure they would prefer a part time happy, loving, caring mom. The best gift we can offer our kids is that they learn how to be happy, successful and survive out there in the world without us being is our true job, not only protect them but prepare them. The earlier we take little steps towards that, the better.…

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The Things a Daughter Should Know From Her Father

There are certain things that a father must teach to his daughter. These things are her tools when the time comes that she will be facing by her own the realities of the world. These things should be bear in mind whenever and wherever a child may be, in particular the daughters. These are the things that will make her grow responsible, mature and intelligent towards the things that she may encounter in the near future.
a.) Teach them to value their family because they are for eternity.
Fathers let your daughters know how much you love your wife because this will become the stepping stone of your daughter when the time comes she will engage to important relationship in life. Show them the marriage both of your wife shared so that they will become such in the future.
b.) Tell her that she is attractive in her own.
This will enable your daughter to become aware of the natural beauty she possesses and nothing can be ever compared by it. For this, father let you daughter know that you love them of who they are.
c.) Tell her that she has everything to be capable of doing things around her.
This will make their confidence grew more by letting them know that they have enough blessings in life that they can use to achieve anything they want in their lives.
d.) Emphasize to them the word “no” for this will be a great practice in life.
Outside world has also a lot to offer from good things and to bad things. Practicing your daughter’s ability to resist bad actions and by keeping it clear makes your daughter away from bad situations.
e.) Teach them what is really good and what is really bad.
By letting them know the difference of what is good and what is bad, they will learn to measure things up so that living is at peace.
f.) A humble character has no price to pay.
Being humble to others aside from being sovereign and self-assured is the most important trait a daughter should have. This would encourage her to respect and treat the people around her equally.
g.) Tell her to be always conscious in health matters.
This is very critical to them especially when foods are viewed in wrong ways. Unhealthy diets are the number one cause of killer diseases nowadays. Including this is the bad influence of alcohol and drugs that may lead to further damage in her health and can cause further complicated problems.
h.) Teach her how to pray in the most sincere way and should always put God first.
Tell her to give thanks to the source of all things around her and for her life. Teach her to praise God whether she is in bad or good situation. Most of all teach her to be faithful to Him at all times and circumstances.
These are just simple yet considered as the basic things that a daughter must know in life in order for her to live a happy and contented life that is abiding the teachings of God. For we all know that “Man cannot live alone in bread”.…

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Mom and Baby

Seven Tips To Get You Ready For A Happy Family Vacation

If you are getting ready for a family vacation here are seven tips to make certain that it will be a happy family experience, with as much joy and little stress as possible.
Travel Tip #1: Do your research ahead of time. Have you researched any towns or cities, parks, or points of interest that you may want to explore, either along the way or at your destination. A point of interest depends on your family’s interests. Areas of interest could be related to a sports venue, a natural feature such as waterfall, historical monuments, a facility related to the arts or music such as a museum or performing arts center, or could involve local cuisine or arts and crafts. This research should not fall to one family member, everyone can get involved.
Travel Tip #2: Know the directions for getting to your destination. If you are reaching your destination by plane and need to rent a car, have you packed a GPS or do you have a printout of the directions that will get you from your rental car pickup point to your first destination? If you are driving, have you selected your route and again have a GPS, maps, or a printout of directions.
Travel Tip #3: Prepare your kids ahead of time for the vacation. Let them know what to expect. Find a book from the library which is related to where you are going and read it together. Have your kids draw pictures about what they expect to see on the vacation. Let your kids pack a boredom bag that they can carry with them. It should include items that will keep them occupied and that they find comforting.
Travel Tip #4: Give your kids instructions for what to do if they get separated from you. It’s very important to discuss what you expect your children to do if they get lost. Each child should have a small card that they carry in his or her pocket which includes your destination’s address and phone number and your cell phone number.
Travel Tip #5: Make certain to pack essentials for the trip. These essentials include a first aid kit and water for the trip. Also, if you will be on a plane, pack items such as medications that you can’t be without in your carry-on bag in case your checked luggage takes longer to reach its destination than you do.
Travel Tip #6: Use your packing checklist to make certain that everything is packed. Now is a good time to create a packing checklist for this vacation and all future ones if you haven’t done so already. Such a list ensures that nothing critical gets left behind. Make certain to include sun protection items such as hats, sunglasses, and sun tan lotion.
Travel Tip #7: Pack items to chronicle your vacation. It’s fun to look back on your family vacation and reminisce about all the adventures planned and unexpected. Taking photos, sketching scenes, or writing journal entries will ensure that those memories are preserved.…

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Easy Feng Shui – Relationship Areas – Happy Family Area

The Happy Family area is about people in your life that feel like family as well as your biological family. Standing in the middle front of your home it is located on the left in the middle between Self Cultivation and Knowledge and the Prosperity corner. The element is wood and the color is green. This area represents safety and security in life, a strong foundation. This is an area that can hold the energetic intention to forgive and be at peace with family and friends.
Family energy and agreements can be some of the most difficult to navigates. When we incarnate we choose our parents and the family we are born into for our soul’s evolution. We pick the place where we can learn the most to fulfill our soul’s purpose. Sometimes we have wonderful families and sometimes we don’t.
The Happy Family area is where we can make an energetic intention to bless, forgive and release past family energy so that we can be empowered. When we forgive someone we do it for ourselves, for our freedom and happiness it has nothing to do with the other person. It is also a prosperity area for day to day money, money to pay the bills which contributes to feeling secure.
Healthy plants are great enhancements in this area. Place photos of family in wooden frames in this area. Use representations of water and the color black. Water feeds wood in the creative cycle.
My dining room is in the Happy Family area. I have an old dining room set with a large buffet. I have a green velvet scarf on the buffet with glass and crystal pieces on it and a mirror behind it. Glass and crystal that reflects light is wonderful for moving chi and is a symbol for water. The shape of water is undulating so light dancing through glass and crystal is perfect for the element of water. I also have a window seat that is full of pictures of family and plants. The whole feeling of this area is light.
Things to avoid in the Happy Family area are metal objects, round objects and the color white. Metal chops wood in the destructive cycle. So if you can’t move out some of the above from your family area add the color red or candles or even better, red candles. This represents fire which melts metal.
All of life is the relationship that begins with us as individuals remembering that we are the embodiment of the Divine. When we know that we lack nothing and are worthy of everything we desire we start to value ourselves. Creating a supportive environment through the practice of Feng Shui further affirms that value. If we nurture the relationship we have with ourselves through self love, forgiveness and validation we bring peace to our lives. That peace then extends to those closest to us and radiates out from there to encompass our fellow man and our planet. We are all one and healing begins at home.

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Build a Healthy Happy Family With Love That Makes the World Go Round

Robert Browning said, “Take away love, and our earth is a tomb”. Love changes everything, call it what you will, tender, passionate, warm personal attachment, deep affection, sexual passion, or desire. Love makes life meaningful for us, and love improves our quality of life and our general health and well being. Build a healthy family with love, as research have shown that unmarried people are being outlived by married people. Lower cancer rates are found in married people, and they are also more unlikely to suffer pneumonia than single people do. It also holds true that ovarian cancer patients with happy and gratifying relationships develop more white blood cells, which are desirable in killing cancerous cells. Happily married woman also have a much lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease than those in stressful and troublesome relationships. With love we can build a healthy happy family, and it gives us all the more reason to get involved in those loving feelings amongst each other.
Over time words tend to lose their meaning, and often do little to show the depth of your feelings. But if you constantly reinforce those worlds with small loving gestures, that special person will be subtly reminded of how much you love them every day.
In almost every success story you come across, you are bound to hear that without the support of family or friends, they would have struggled to reach their goals, or even may not have reached their goals at all. That is how important a family support system is, family love amongst one another, therefore it is crucial to build a healthy happy family. Family plays a vital role in anyone’s success with anything.
There is nothing like the support of a loving family. It is very important for your friends and family to understand and support you. Your goal achieving program will run smoothly when everyone around you is sensitive to your needs. Family support will do all of you a world of good.
Your family plays an integral role in your success with any goal. Family should be a close knit unit, and should always be there for each other not matter what. To build a healthy happy family should be a way of life, a long term goal. Be brave, give it a try, build a healthy family, I guarantee you will never regret it. Start today, do it today. Give yourself and your family a new lease on life, and be proud of each other’s accomplishments. Love your family, and love each other and build a healthy family.…

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Talking to Your Teen Accurately – Part 2

Here are some reminders for you if you are about to discuss to your teens the issue on intelligent decision making and denial on sex until marriage.
1. Be true to yourself
Credibility comes with honesty. The message you are trying to hand over will be much clear, concise, credible and justified if you are able to share true experiences and examples.
2. Have the teens point of view in constructing your opinions
Before giving an advice, listen first to the teens’ full story then accept his/her perspective and give your opinion and justification to it. By this, you will gain their trust and they will not be afraid to tell everything to you.
3. Open up the topic little by little
Introduce sexuality gradually according to their capacity, for them to be not confused about all the information and details they are acquiring from outside. Make sure that your opinions are sound enough so your teen will be guided accordingly.
4. Take account of the disparity among boys and girls
There are different approach on relating to boys and girls with regards to sexuality. Boys will probably not be alarmed with statistics on pregnancy so might as well inform them some other things like responsibilities on partnership, parenthood and family management.
5. Clear your stand by being approachable and particular on your expectations
Coherent and logical reasoning as well as credible examples will make your really establish your stand. In this way, you will also convey your message clearly, despite of distractions to show that you love and care for them.
Tips on Parenting
• Do not be over imposing but instead act as the one who will hear, guide and advice them to show your love and care to them in terms of their social, emotional, spiritual, financial and physical well-being.
• Be updated on your teens’ activities once in a while because they are really curious to try out new things.
• Make your opinions really factual, reliable, accurate and loving for them to be not confounded by information from the environment.
• Your beliefs, values and character should be consistent and intact if you are discussing about issues on character building like sexuality, self control and relationships.
• Be sure that your teen is informed about your expectations and beliefs as well as in your intended limitations in your teens with regards to relationships and sexual expressions.…

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Marriage and Family Tips: Financial Involvement on Both Sides

In wedlock, there is usually one person who is responsible for managing the finances of the family: paying bills, savings accounts, budgeting, etc. Often, the other spouse even does not know very much about the financial state of their family. As long as he or she can shop as usual, there would seem to be no problem. However, this approach can backfire especially if some problems arise in the family’s finances. Blaming the problems on one party would not be fair. For better money management and family bonding, involvement of both the husband and wife is important. Here are some tips you can do to get your spouse involved in your family’s money management.
1. Hold regular financial meetings – Discuss your spending and saving activities with your spouse regularly. Once a week is an ideal periodic schedule. During the meeting, you both will review the budget, consider new purchases, expenditures and income, and adjust them to suit the balance report.
2. Decide the budget together – Once a month, it is important to agree on the family’s budget together. Generally, a family will have a fixed budget that is more or less the same every month. However, you or your spouse may have certain unusual needs he or she would like to plan to do in the next month. Taking input from both sides in this case is central for making financial decisions for your family.
3. Take turns in paying bills – If previously your husband or wife is the only one who handles the bill paying, sharing the responsibility is very beneficial. You can do it by taking turns paying the bills once in a month (e.g. you pay the bills this month, your spouse does then the next month) or you can delegate your spouse to pay some of the bills while you do the others, thus splitting the task.
4. Let your spouse manage some area of the budget – Although working together, one spouse will still be a “leader” in the family’s management. This means that he or she will have a larger responsibility in managing the budget. Sharing the burden won’t hurt at all. Let your spouse entirely manage one or more of the budget categories.
5. Be transparent in using financial software – Often, a husband or a wife use specific software to record the family’s financial records such as savings, spending, and budgeting. Sharing the password will permit the other spouse to log into the account and the resulting transparency is significant. Not only can he or she learn about the family’s financials, he or she can also determine the budget for the family.…