The Things a Daughter Should Know From Her Father

There are certain things that a father must teach to his daughter. These things are her tools when the time comes that she will be facing by her own the realities of the world. These things should be bear in mind whenever and wherever a child may be, in particular the daughters. These are the things that will make her grow responsible, mature and intelligent towards the things that she may encounter in the near future.
a.) Teach them to value their family because they are for eternity.
Fathers let your daughters know how much you love your wife because this will become the stepping stone of your daughter when the time comes she will engage to important relationship in life. Show them the marriage both of your wife shared so that they will become such in the future.
b.) Tell her that she is attractive in her own.
This will enable your daughter to become aware of the natural beauty she possesses and nothing can be ever compared by it. For this, father let you daughter know that you love them of who they are.
c.) Tell her that she has everything to be capable of doing things around her.
This will make their confidence grew more by letting them know that they have enough blessings in life that they can use to achieve anything they want in their lives.
d.) Emphasize to them the word “no” for this will be a great practice in life.
Outside world has also a lot to offer from good things and to bad things. Practicing your daughter’s ability to resist bad actions and by keeping it clear makes your daughter away from bad situations.
e.) Teach them what is really good and what is really bad.
By letting them know the difference of what is good and what is bad, they will learn to measure things up so that living is at peace.
f.) A humble character has no price to pay.
Being humble to others aside from being sovereign and self-assured is the most important trait a daughter should have. This would encourage her to respect and treat the people around her equally.
g.) Tell her to be always conscious in health matters.
This is very critical to them especially when foods are viewed in wrong ways. Unhealthy diets are the number one cause of killer diseases nowadays. Including this is the bad influence of alcohol and drugs that may lead to further damage in her health and can cause further complicated problems.
h.) Teach her how to pray in the most sincere way and should always put God first.
Tell her to give thanks to the source of all things around her and for her life. Teach her to praise God whether she is in bad or good situation. Most of all teach her to be faithful to Him at all times and circumstances.
These are just simple yet considered as the basic things that a daughter must know in life in order for her to live a happy and contented life that is abiding the teachings of God. For we all know that “Man cannot live alone in bread”.