Talking to Your Teen Accurately – Part 2

Here are some reminders for you if you are about to discuss to your teens the issue on intelligent decision making and denial on sex until marriage.
1. Be true to yourself
Credibility comes with honesty. The message you are trying to hand over will be much clear, concise, credible and justified if you are able to share true experiences and examples.
2. Have the teens point of view in constructing your opinions
Before giving an advice, listen first to the teens’ full story then accept his/her perspective and give your opinion and justification to it. By this, you will gain their trust and they will not be afraid to tell everything to you.
3. Open up the topic little by little
Introduce sexuality gradually according to their capacity, for them to be not confused about all the information and details they are acquiring from outside. Make sure that your opinions are sound enough so your teen will be guided accordingly.
4. Take account of the disparity among boys and girls
There are different approach on relating to boys and girls with regards to sexuality. Boys will probably not be alarmed with statistics on pregnancy so might as well inform them some other things like responsibilities on partnership, parenthood and family management.
5. Clear your stand by being approachable and particular on your expectations
Coherent and logical reasoning as well as credible examples will make your really establish your stand. In this way, you will also convey your message clearly, despite of distractions to show that you love and care for them.
Tips on Parenting
• Do not be over imposing but instead act as the one who will hear, guide and advice them to show your love and care to them in terms of their social, emotional, spiritual, financial and physical well-being.
• Be updated on your teens’ activities once in a while because they are really curious to try out new things.
• Make your opinions really factual, reliable, accurate and loving for them to be not confounded by information from the environment.
• Your beliefs, values and character should be consistent and intact if you are discussing about issues on character building like sexuality, self control and relationships.
• Be sure that your teen is informed about your expectations and beliefs as well as in your intended limitations in your teens with regards to relationships and sexual expressions.