Get Fit With Your Family and Save the Planet

There are many way to get fit, but what if I told you about one where you would be outside in the fresh air and you could take your child with you and at the same time you could be helping save the planet.
Yes there is a way to do all of this at the same time and its just perfect for stay at home mums or dads who work outside the home and don’t get to spend much time with their children. Even Grandmas and grand dads can get in on this one and get fitter at the same time.
What I am talking about is taking up biking. You may be wondering how on earth you can take your child or children with you and thats where the bicycle child trailer comes in. This is such a huge trend right now and there are lots of companies that manufacture these wonderful trailers. If you don’t have a child you can choose to take you pet with you instead, as they have trailers for them as well.
Of course, the older the child is, the more extra weight you will have to pull and that will help with your fitness levels even more. Imagine a bight sunny weekend day and you and your wife are out on your bikes with your children in their trailer or trailers seeing the sights, not using any fuel except your own body strength and getting fitter at the same time. A much healthier and family oriented option then going to the gym on your own leaving Mom at home with the kids on the weekend.
Kids just love these trailers, just make sure that you take a drink and some snacks for them and maybe some books as well. You could bike to a park then let the kids out for some playtime or even a picnic, then go visit some friends and then home again.
Another idea would be to bike to the nearest camping ground and then spend the night in a tent. This would be a great adventure for the whole family and is sure to be remembered for a lifetime.
This way you will end up with a happy family, who spends time together in the great outdoors.