Teach Without Preaching

Teach Without Preaching

We’ve all heard the saying — Practice what you preach.A� However, when it comes to teaching children it is best to do it without preaching.A� I’ve always said that children learn best with their eyes and I have yet to be proven wrong.A� Don’t believe me?A� Walk into a room of children and undoubtedly you will find one child merely watching and soaking it all in.A� Yes, children of all ages are like sponges.A� Many times they will simply watch and listen and then proceed to mimic what they have observed.

Our children love to hear stories, whether new from a book or from our own childhood experiences.A� My kids get a kick out of some of my awkward moments while growing up and it also reassures them that it is all part of the growing up process. Family adventures are also wonderful ways to teach your children.A� The adventures don’t have to involve leaving the home either.A� Consider planting an herb garden or merely playing in the yard and watch your children truly grow.A� Recently I played hopscotch with my children.A� They were amazed how I too, could draw with colored chalk and actually hop on the squares and play along with them.A� It’s funny how they forget or sometimes don’t understand that we were children once too.

Interacting with others is important as well.A� Children learn people skills by interacting with other children and adults.A� Consider inviting friends over for movie night or a slumber party.A� The children will enjoy the company of others and mom and dad will enjoy some quiet time alone as well.A� Learning can be accomplished in many different forms.A� Sure there is the traditional form as taught in a traditional school setting but our children are learning every minute and second of the day.A� Some will learn more with other children and some will learn by actually taking part in an activity or the decision making.

I recently came across this saying which explains it all quite nicely:

‘Tell me, and I will forgetShow me, and I may understandInvolve me, and I will experience it is mine forever.’

Once you have determined your child’s learning style, look for signs of what makes your child feel good about him or herself or their accomplishments.A� Don’t forget to ask the simple question:A� What would make my child want to know more? It’s the retro way of teaching without preaching.