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Should I Change My Faith in Order to Marry My Love?

This subject is often regarded as a controversial and emotive one, and I feel that each case is very different. Relationships are a process of two individuals caring enough to find a common ground for it to work and develop. Faith can be an important part of uniting the relationship and enhancing the connection, but it takes time and interest.
In truth when we first meet someone and there is a strong interest and chemistry that attraction is based on everything about that person. Okay, looks and appearance factor in. But the person’s energy, aura, persona are also an important part of those feelings. Faith also factors into how a person lives their life. Their standards, values and beliefs will be part of the initial connection that is made between two people.
A lot of people are not necessarily religious. Many of us are good people who do not go to Church on a regular basis. We have our own code of ethics and morality, but it does not necessarily subscribe to any specific faith or religion. We often follow common philosophies of behaving towards others as we would like to be treated, being kind and considerate towards people and being respectful. Many people have a moral compass and feel it important to live by.
So when we meet someone, form a close bond and then love grows we can feel drawn to be more and more a part of that person’s life. We are attracted to many of the things that matter to them. In a religious person their faith and beliefs often form a strong part of their philosophy on life. If their whole family follows the faith they may be likely to have certain outlooks, rituals and practices that are important to them all. Being attracted to someone who has those commitments can be both fascinating and compelling.
We may start by being interested in learning more about the areas that are of especial importance to them. When we grow to love someone and appreciate how important their faith is to them we may well want to know more about something that is so much a part of them, of their family, maybe of their heritage and what they feel strongly about. It may then become apparent that to take the relationship to the next stage requires us to change to their faith.
Sometimes though it can be too easy to get swept along by the emotion and not fully appreciate the implications on converting to a new faith and leaving behind ones old, long-standing ways of thinking. Family and friends may appreciate the dangers more. But tact and diplomacy can be required to convey those concerns. Problems can then start to escalate if one person feels pressurised either by their partner or their partner’s family.
The practical side of converting to another religion can be tough on both people in a relationship. Classes and exercises can be time-consuming and draining. Family pressures may factor from both sides of the family. Sometimes neither family is pleased about the decision to convert. One side may be wary of the implications of their offspring being drawn into a new faith, how will that affect their family relationship, what will be the long-term implications? Will they become estranged from their family? The other side may not welcome a new convert. They may feel unhappy about their reasons for joining their faith, which may be more about the relationship and less about the religion. Sometimes this situation can cause division between families if the situation becomes too emotive.
But ultimately, if both people in the relationship are sensitive to each other, appreciate the effort that is being made by both parties, the future can bring about sharing a full life together. A jointly shared faith can mean that many family events can bring an extra dimension of fulfillment. Festivals and holy days can be enjoyed by both and their meanings fully understood and shared. And sharing these events makes for an easier life for both parties. There is less tension when both are involved together.
Shared faith can provide a structure to a person’s life, something to be part of, to celebrate together. Sharing the same moral values can provide strength and family values, a strong sense of being looked after within the faith and within the extended family unit.…

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Save Your Marriage Alone – Make Up For Your Mistakes

Are you in the peak of divorce right now? Your world is starting to fall apart. You don’t have time for your wife and kids. There are new projects coming and you have to stay late at night in your office just to finish your work. You are thinking that after the project that you have made you would be able to bring your family into a grand vacation. What you didn’t know is that Right now you might have realize that money would not save marriage alone, that having a bog house and expensive car will not make your marriage.
your wife and kids are starting to hate you. Their father will leave early and will come back late at night. His phone is always busy. If you are inviting your daddy to have a walk at the park, he always refuses because he is saying that are important things that he has to finish.
Then the marriage is hanging on a thread. And you are asking yourself what would be the thing that you could have done in order to save the marriage. Right now you might have realize that money would not save marriage alone, that having a big house and expensive car will not make your marriage last for a lifetime, that having a grand vacation will not make them truly happy. What they needed is not money or any things- but you. They want to spend time with you. They don’t care whether you’ll go to an expensive resort or just at the park, what matters is that you are with them.
If you want to the save marriage alone what you can do is to prove to them that you are willing to change. You can win them back by spending ample time for them. You have to make them see that they are far more important than your work. Of course, the thing that you are spending most of your time would be your highest priority. If you are spending 14hours in your work per day and just 2 hours for your family, then you love your work more than your family.
To save marriage alone would be willing to make up for the wrong things that you have done. You already know what you did wrong. It is important that you are able to accept the fact that you did a mistake. You have to tell them that you accept your wrongdoing, and you are asking for a chance to patch it up. It would be hard at first especially to build up the trust again, because if the trust gets broken, it is not something that can easily be put back from the way it were before, You have to earn for it.
Once and for all, you have to prove to them that you are sincere to them. What you can do is to lessen your time in your work. Do not accept projects that would be eating too much of your time. You can accept projects that would just be enough to support your family. Ordinary house would be okay to them, as long as they will feel comfortable. What is important inside the house is that love, respect. Trust and understanding is there. These are the essential things that you have to remember to save your marriage and have a lifelong relationship with your wife or husband.…

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Ladder Of Years by Anne Tyler

Delia, short for Cordelia, is the central character of Anne Tyler’s Ladder Of Years. As usual for Anne Tyler, Delia is a Baltimore resident, a wife, a mother and probably, at least from the outside, a pillar of strength and dependability in both family and community. The children are growing up. Which children don’t? Bet then it’s how they grow up that matters, isn’t it? Sam, the husband, is doing moderately well. Moderate seems to be the word, as far as Sam is concerned. He’s hardly made a success of the business he inherited from Delia’s father, but the family survives to inhabit a middle class, rather liberal niche in the common psyche. As Ladder Of Years opens, the family is holidaying by the sea and Delia is dressed, mentally, for the beach.
And then, without warning, even to herself, she takes off. Just like that, whatever “that” might be. She absconds. Goes missing. Disappears. There’s suspicion of drowning. A report appears in a Baltimore paper. The family fears she has come to harm. But no, she hasn’t. In fact, still dressed for the beach she is heading off to a place she doesn’t know with a stranger. It’s no particular stranger, just a stranger.
Quite soon, and with new clothes, a new address and a changed life, Delia takes on a new identity. Though Baltimore wife and mother still lives in her head, she’s become a new Delia, single, independent and employed. In this new guise, she inter-reacts with her new community and gradually becomes part of it. Why did she leave the apparent safety, security and responsibility of her family? Not even she can answer.
What slowly begins to emerge, however, is that Delia’s choice of opting out becomes increasingly one of opting in. By degree the characters in her new life start to become more demanding. Without needing to state everything explicitly, they start to assume Delia’s support and claim reliance upon her. She, of course, responds and finds that she now has two levels of responsibility created out of the demands of her new life and continued contact with her family. Interestingly, Delia, this pillar of support, never feels either at home or secure in either role.
And so it is via this scenario of identity change, relationships of dependency, insecure self-image, alongside a fixation of demand that Anne Tyler relates how Delia’s life unfolds. Delia notices a lot about people, but she’s no great analyst. Surely she’s the type to apologise before expressing an opinion, but would harbour unspoken bigotries like the rest of us. At the start of the book she seems confused. By the end, a few more rungs along the ladder of life, she apparently remains so. Perhaps the ladder is horizontal… and with irregular spacing… But then Delia has little time to consider such arcane ideas. After all, there are things to do, people to talk to, arrangements to be made, jobs to be done……

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How To Create An Enlightened Generation From Home Using The Law Of Attraction?

The world is always trying to modify the character and attitudes of adults – what a backward way of changing the world. Lets take a different approach and start to target our children with the law of attraction. At a young age children have no preconceived ideas, they have not become cynical through their life experiences – they are a blank canvas waiting for us to splash wonderful colours upon. It is our duty to introduce the law of attraction to them and there is no better place to start than in our homes.

the law of attraction simply states that whatever you predominantly focus your thoughts on will find a way of being your reality. Let me ask you when was your imagination the strongest (the most vivid)? You would probably answer when you were a small child. So the concepts involved in the law of attraction are tailor made for children – let them choose one thing and with all their imagination and emotion focus on it until it materialises. Start off small and let them expand their focus as they have success.

As guardians for this young generation it is our responsibility to ensure that the environment that we provide them with is conducive to promoting the Law of Attraction. I am going to share with you some of things that as parents my wife and I do in our house.

1. As I have said in previous articles it is a travesty that as children get older we tend to kill off their dreams and aspirations.

My son is 15 and all he has ever wanted to do is become an airline pilot – sounds somehow typical of a boy. We have never once been negative about his goals and always encouraged him to focus on what it is he wants to achieve. He has joined air cadets, next year will get a $1000 scholarship for his solo pilots licence, he won a Spirit of ANZAC award (16 days all expenses paid trip to Greece, Crete and Asia to visit places where Australians have fought), through this trip he met a retired manager of the Melbourne airport who has just organised two weeks work experience in the airport. I tell you this because even at a young age the Law of Attraction works if you as guardians are positive and always encouraging of their aspirations.

2. Never use words like ?can?t?, ?won?t? or ?but? with your children.

My daughter is in her last year of school and is coming home saying ?I can?t do this or that?. I make her rephrase her comments because this type of language is destructive. Listen to this statement: You can be a millionaire but it will be difficult. The use of the ?but? negates everything you said before it. You must be very aware of the language that you are using.

3. Develop a vision board for the family and also encourage your children to create one for themselves. Place the board in a prominent place so that it is always be looked at. It is very important to create family and individual aspirations and a vision board is one of the best ways of doing this.

4. Make it a habit to have a family meeting or get to together where you discuss all of the wonderful things that have happened throughout the week. It is crucial to develop an ?attitude of gratitude? with your children at an early age. If this becomes the case then when your children face a small hiccup they will immediately look for the positive in the situation and feel gratitude for it. When feeling gratitude your level of vibration is high and places you in a position to manifest your dreams.

5. When your child is feeling anger, distress or unhappiness – ask them whether these feelings will help them attract their goals. The answer will be no. Ask them what they can do to change their emotions so they can get back on track. It only takes one person in a house to lower the vibration of everybody.

6. Always discuss your children?s dreams and aspirations with them. At times it might be necessary to help them focus their goals or even refine them into a series of smaller goals. It is such a positive experience to be able to tick of goals as they are achieved, even if they are small goals.

Our children are the seeds from which our fruit will grow. We must introduce them to the Law of Attraction early in their lives and nuture their goals and aspirations until they are achieved.

Law of Attraction Action Step

If you are a parent, relative or anyone that interacts with children then implement some of these steps so that …

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There Will Be A Mess, One Way Or The Other!

Covered in sand the children ran to greet their guests as they heard the scrunch of tyres in their driveway.
As the mother stepped from the car she was horrified,
“How on earth do you stand the mess! We could never have a sandpit. I loathe the stuff and Tony would never cope with it in the house.”
Her children stood, gazing with longing eyes at the sand and were too overwhelmed to utter a word.
The hostess invited them inside where she had set up a table for the children to enjoy a time of painting and gluing. Smocks were to hand for all. While her children plunged in, the younger guests held back and didn’t move.
“They really don’t like to get their hands dirty, so if you don’t mind, my children can just watch yours paint,” the visitor proffered.
“They probably take after me. I was never allowed in the kitchen as a child and have always had a housekeeper,” she added.
The ensuing conversation between the adults revealed that, ‘the children’ were being taken to many doctors for a variety of suspected conditions. None were ever found. It appeared that the prevailing parenting regime in their household was, ‘not to make mess.’
The outcomes between the two families were quite astonishing. In the creative household the children learnt to ski, water ski, swim, have leadership roles and academic careers. They had a zest for life and armed with fertile imaginations were wonderful parents encouraging their own children to garden, explore and live! The siblings meet regularly and the more the merrier.
In the, ‘no mess’ family, one child takes his brood to every conceivable therapist, while the other chose not to have children because of the mess they make. The siblings rarely see each other because of their variance about children. The grandparents are miserable that family get-togethers do not take place.
When the above story was related to me, it seemed that, no matter what, a mess had been made or at least, the full potential of the characters involved had not been realised.
The way we choose to live our lives can affect many generations. I think I’d take the risk and plunge into the pool of possibilities rather than throw out a life line!…

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10 Tips For Managing and Organizing Your Family

As a mom, you can feel more like a drill sergeant or chauffeur than family manager. But the truth is, you are the CEO of your little brood, so it’s time to act like it! Take a few tips from the professionals and enlist these suggestions to gain better control over your time and your life:
1. Set goals. You need to know what you’re trying to accomplish in a global sense (raise a great family), as well as in a more immediate sense (get the kids out the door on time).
2. Make sure the tasks match the goals. Every day, I review our tasks and see how they fit with our short- and long-term goals. We all have more to do than we could ever accomplish, so this review process is a quick way to figure out what makes it on the “Do” list.
3. Write it down. I write it down. Everything. Even if I don’t look at the list again, the very act of writing it all down helps cement it in my brain.
4. Batch your actions. Do like things at the same time. Set a day for errands, a day for laundry, a day for cleaning. Then you’re not jumping from task to task and repeating yourself.
5. Create systems. When you repeat a task over and over again – like grocery shopping or doing the laundry – create a system for it. Write it down.
6. Ask for help. Enlist the help of family, kids, and friends (if the only thing you need from Costco is a pack of napkins, ask your girlfriend to pick them up when she’s making her weekly run). When you have a written system (see #5), it’s easy to delegate.
7. Allow imperfection. When you ask kids to help out (or spouses, for that matter!), things aren’t going to get done the way you would do them. That’s okay. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be good!
8. Go easy on yourself. Life is hard. Stuff happens. Some things you can control, some things you can’t. Sometimes you can adjust. Sometimes you can’t. Be nice to yourself! Beating yourself up won’t make you any more productive.
9. Adjust. If things aren’t working, make changes. Try something new. Keep adjusting.
10. Make time for fun. Life isn’t all about schedules and lists. Take time – even if you have to schedule it in – for fun.…

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Why Is It Important To Have A Family Lawyer?

Most of us make decisions by just looking at what we have at the moment we need to decide. We never think about what could happen in the future or if ever we do, we imagine it to be how we want things to happen. But the real thing is that, we can never really tell. Today, you may feel like you have made the best decision in your life by getting married and planning to have a baby. But in a few years from now, you might say that you made the worst decision in your life by getting married and that you want a divorce. A lot of problems may come out of that decision like who gets to have this property and that, who gets custody for your child and what rights their grandparents may have, etc. Because of these, it is very important for every family to have a family lawyer to watch every member as they establish a stronger family relationship.
Whether there is an existing problem in the family or none, it is very important that you have a family lawyer. A family lawyer will be able to help you in making decisions about your properties and how to protect them. If in case you decide to get into second marriage and you have a child, you definitely would not want your child’s future to be at risk in case the second marriage you are in does not work. Your lawyer would be able to secure your future and your child’s by arranging a prenuptial agreement.
Your family lawyer can also help you get a guaranteed support for your child from your previous partner so you would not have to take all the responsibilities alone. Most of the time, grandparents tend to meddle with the family especially in cases of divorce. There are even children who end up living with their grandparents instead and not given the opportunity to meet their real parents. Even if you have not succeeded in keeping your marriage it does not mean that you would also not succeed as a parent. You have all the right to your child and his or her grandparents would not have as much rights as yours. Your family lawyer can make that clear to them and would be able to make arrangements that would be in favor of everybody.
In case you and your husband do not have a child and you plan to adopt one, a family lawyer can help you with that. He can help you work on the necessary documents to make the child your own. That way, you would not have to fear about losing him or her after some time.
If there is also anyone in the house who may be physically or emotionally abusive, you can protect the other members of the family with a restraining order or a protection from abuse order and your family lawyer can help you with that.
There could still be so many different reasons that a family lawyer is important. But whatever they are, you should make sure to get a family lawyer either to resolve an existing problem or to prevent a problem. Your family is an important part of your life that you have emotionally, financially and spiritually invested so much in-it deserves protection all the time.…