How To Create An Enlightened Generation From Home Using The Law Of Attraction?

The world is always trying to modify the character and attitudes of adults – what a backward way of changing the world. Lets take a different approach and start to target our children with the law of attraction. At a young age children have no preconceived ideas, they have not become cynical through their life experiences – they are a blank canvas waiting for us to splash wonderful colours upon. It is our duty to introduce the law of attraction to them and there is no better place to start than in our homes.

the law of attraction simply states that whatever you predominantly focus your thoughts on will find a way of being your reality. Let me ask you when was your imagination the strongest (the most vivid)? You would probably answer when you were a small child. So the concepts involved in the law of attraction are tailor made for children – let them choose one thing and with all their imagination and emotion focus on it until it materialises. Start off small and let them expand their focus as they have success.

As guardians for this young generation it is our responsibility to ensure that the environment that we provide them with is conducive to promoting the Law of Attraction. I am going to share with you some of things that as parents my wife and I do in our house.

1. As I have said in previous articles it is a travesty that as children get older we tend to kill off their dreams and aspirations.

My son is 15 and all he has ever wanted to do is become an airline pilot – sounds somehow typical of a boy. We have never once been negative about his goals and always encouraged him to focus on what it is he wants to achieve. He has joined air cadets, next year will get a $1000 scholarship for his solo pilots licence, he won a Spirit of ANZAC award (16 days all expenses paid trip to Greece, Crete and Asia to visit places where Australians have fought), through this trip he met a retired manager of the Melbourne airport who has just organised two weeks work experience in the airport. I tell you this because even at a young age the Law of Attraction works if you as guardians are positive and always encouraging of their aspirations.

2. Never use words like ?can?t?, ?won?t? or ?but? with your children.

My daughter is in her last year of school and is coming home saying ?I can?t do this or that?. I make her rephrase her comments because this type of language is destructive. Listen to this statement: You can be a millionaire but it will be difficult. The use of the ?but? negates everything you said before it. You must be very aware of the language that you are using.

3. Develop a vision board for the family and also encourage your children to create one for themselves. Place the board in a prominent place so that it is always be looked at. It is very important to create family and individual aspirations and a vision board is one of the best ways of doing this.

4. Make it a habit to have a family meeting or get to together where you discuss all of the wonderful things that have happened throughout the week. It is crucial to develop an ?attitude of gratitude? with your children at an early age. If this becomes the case then when your children face a small hiccup they will immediately look for the positive in the situation and feel gratitude for it. When feeling gratitude your level of vibration is high and places you in a position to manifest your dreams.

5. When your child is feeling anger, distress or unhappiness – ask them whether these feelings will help them attract their goals. The answer will be no. Ask them what they can do to change their emotions so they can get back on track. It only takes one person in a house to lower the vibration of everybody.

6. Always discuss your children?s dreams and aspirations with them. At times it might be necessary to help them focus their goals or even refine them into a series of smaller goals. It is such a positive experience to be able to tick of goals as they are achieved, even if they are small goals.

Our children are the seeds from which our fruit will grow. We must introduce them to the Law of Attraction early in their lives and nuture their goals and aspirations until they are achieved.

Law of Attraction Action Step

If you are a parent, relative or anyone that interacts with children then implement some of these steps so that you take on your responsibility of enlightening the future leaders of our world.