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Balance Work and Family Tips

How To Keep Your Man Happy

Sounds like a 1950’s how to booklet on relationships, right? Well it’s not, but back then they had things right. Our grandparents learned long ago how to keep a marriage long and happy. They had the right priorities; families come first.
In today’s society, we have a me mentality or a what can I do for me, or more specifically, what can you do for me? And sometimes we don’t care who we screw over to get what we want. Even our spouses.
Not only are we more concerned about ourselves, we are also impatient to find out what comes next. I like to call this the hurry-up disorder and the I’ll-be-happy-when disorder. We are never happy with what we have or else it isn’t good enough. Our houses aren’t big enough, our cars aren’t new enough, and we’re not moving up the corporate ladder fast enough. I don’t know who we’re competing with.
I will be the first to say that we work hard for what we have and we deserve to pamper ourselves from time to time. It’s only money, we only live once, we can’t take it with us, and any other cliche we can come up with to make us feel better. But when it really comes down to it, it is just stuff. And what’s more important, the stuff or our families? Our families of course.
But more specifically, our husbands. Once the stuff is gone, once the children are grown, what will we have left? Hopefully our husbands. Your marriage should be the most important thing in your life. It should trump all the other things, but sadly most of us do not value our husbands.
What I’m about to suggest may seem like I lost my mind and set women’s rights back 50 plus years, I’m not. This really works. What I want you to do is to put your husband before all else, including the children. I know it’s a radical thought, but trust me when I say, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.
Your husband should be king of his castle. He should be greeted with a smile and a kiss when he walks in the door in the evenings. Admit it, how many times have you passed a screaming baby off to your husband as he walked in the door. Or met him complaining that the washing machine broke and has flooded the basement? Ok, that one might be a little important, but it should not be the first thing he has to hear. How do you think that makes your husband feel to be greeted with chaos and bad news? My guess is he probably doesn’t want to come home.
Our homes should be a welcoming place of relaxation. It should be a place where our husbands want to be in instead of the local corner bar. Maybe even staying late at work instead of coming home to more complaints, screaming kids, and a messy house. If you don’t want to be in that environment, what makes you think he does?
Your goal is to tidy the house, cook a nice dinner, make the kids play quietly in their room until dinner is ready (bribe them if you have to), freshen up yourself a bit, and put on a smile for your hubby as he walks through the door. Home from a long hard day.
A happy home makes for a happy family and a good marriage is the foundation for it all.…

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How to Find a Good Balance

How much TV is your tot watching?
Babies should watch as little TV as possible. New studies show that there is a huge difference in the amount of television that toddlers in child-care centers watch compared to stay at home kids. Children staying home watch almost 3 times more television than kids going to day care.
How to find a good balance? Stay at home moms are proud to be full time with their kids and not send them to day care, while stressing for not having any time for themselves.
Moms that work full time are fulfilled by their careers and probably feeling guilty for leaving their kids at home. I believe that ideally, if finances and schedules would allow, the perfect balance is right in the middle.
In a perfect world I think that newborn babies should definitely stay with mom as much as possible. When a little older I believe it is beneficial for everyone involved to spend some time in a good day care that supports the development and education of your child. As a result when spending time with mom, both will enjoy it more and have quality time dedicated to each other.
It’s inevitable that a mom staying at home will need moments to do certain tasks that need her concentration and will turn on the TV or put on a DVD to entertain their kids. If this happens once in a blue moon is not a big deal of course, but that same amount of time could be spent interacting with other people and other children, helping their social and cognitive development, even the best TV program cannot substitute that.
I’ve been in both sides, when my daughter was born I still had my wholesale business going, my jewelry store open, so I had to leave my daughter to work full time (full time is an understatement), I would say full time and a half. When my son was born I closed my business and completely dedicated my time to my kids and my kids only. Now that Elias is 7 1/2 months I am back to working part time, my daughter has been going part time to day care, she will begin pre-school now in September and my son is with me most of the time still but I get some help here and there so I get things done.
I believe that interacting with different people, with different age, personality and lessons to offer can only benefit our kids. We are always behind moving all the strings making sure that he is in good hands, happy and well taken care off.
If kids could choose, if spending full time with an overwhelmed, cranky, stressed mom, I am sure they would prefer a part time happy, loving, caring mom. The best gift we can offer our kids is that they learn how to be happy, successful and survive out there in the world without us being is our true job, not only protect them but prepare them. The earlier we take little steps towards that, the better.…

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Close Family

Giving Up Self-Defeating Legacies

No pain, no gain! Those words were drummed into me by my father so many times, I long ago stopped counting up the reasons why he said what he said. Despite the untruth of them, after a while, they started to sink in. Do anything long enough, and it will become your habit, even the phrases you think with, and that influence the way you feel about your life. For the first forty years of my life, his words determined how I felt, what I did, and how I reacted to circumstances, but not in the way he would have liked them to, I am certain. Because my father loved me.
It took me a long time to shake off the effects of taking “No pain, no gain” so seriously. The impact of a violent childhood in the slums of New Haven, major surgery after four years on daily pain medication, three divorces, and as many rejection slips as there must have been times when my father said his favorite phrase, had to go, because it was me, or them. It also took me a long time to forgive him for handing me down a legacy that at first glance, doesn’t seem all that kind. Yet in my new relationship to it, it was.
What I realized was that everything in our lives regardless, can either be used as a challenge to be happier, or a reason to feel sorry for ourselves. For years, I used my Father’s mantra as a way to point out how difficult my life was. I believed his words to be true, rather than to simply observe that he had said them, and then on my own, choose how I would respond to them. No pain, no gain, was his mantra, after all, and there was no law in the Universe that said I had to adopt his offered gift.
One of the hidden gifts of my father’s legacy was that from the moment I chose my response to No pain, no gain, I also gained something else. Given that his wording had been so powerful for me, after overcoming it, I gained the ability to also overcome all the other phrases the many people around me were constantly offering to the Universe. Their own negative legacies that were handed down to them by their families. We have all heard them. “There’s not enough money,” or, “That’s the way things always turn out,” or, “You know you can’t do that,” any and all limiting beliefs that have no basis in any reality other than inside of the mind of the person who believes them, period.
Yes, they are real, of course they are, but only to the believer of them! What an eye opener that was! Now I could hear the words of my Father and the people around me, discern what worked for my happiness, and then simply choose my response to them no matter what. Sometimes it was to go into agreement with them, and other times it was to purposely decide what my own mantra for living was. I think more than anything else, whether my Father knew it or not, that was the gift he wanted to impart to his son; the strength to choose for myself.
The moment I chose my responses to any words spoken, or any circumstances happening around me, and left whatever offered gift, if it was self-defeating in nature, with the giver, my life changed. No, it wasn’t one of those light-in-the-sky, transformational, mind-blowing moments, that caused fireworks to go off. It was more like the changes most of us have. This shift in perspective occurred over time, and with a lot of hard work on my part. Hard work, but not necessarily pain. Because the only gain you get with pain, is more pain, and I didn’t want any more of that!
Slowly, I realized that what my Father said was the way he viewed the world, and not the way I was required to view it. It was his choice to be in constant pain over what had happened in his life, and out of acknowledging his own freedom to choose for himself, I gained my own. By honoring his choices, I was freed to choose how I wanted to relate to what had happened to me, and most importantly, how I would respond to what was to come in my future. In this pain-free way, I could finally appreciate all the good things that my Father did do for me, and at the same time, handle his brief reaction to my new point of view, when he was at first threatened by my unexpected buoyancy.
The moment he overcame that reaction, and was happy for me, was one of those moments when I …

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Business Products & Services

How To Save Cost On Funeral Services

Funeral expenses are overwhelming and frightening intuitively. You need to hire reliable, supportive, and affordable funeral services to give your loved one a decent send-off in the time of grief. No family should be denied the opportunity to honor a loved one properly. Creating a warm and inviting environment should be your number one priority.

You should hire funeral services that consider you a visitor to their funeral home. As a visitor, you deserve pleasant services equipped with all of the facilities you may require. No other Texas funeral homes can compete with the services provided by Fort Worth funeral homes.

The typical funeral plan costs over $10,000, which may be a massive burden for a family that has recently lost a loved one. However, if you’re searching for a more cheap funeral alternative, there are several methods to save money while still doing something significant.

Here is how you save funeral expenses whilst providing the most decent send-off you would like to bid your beloved.

Obtain Pricing Lists From Several Funeral Houses.

Funeral home pricing can vary significantly for the same services, and many do not provide price lists on their websites. Call a few local funeral homes and ask them to email you their general pricing lists before selecting, or use our funeral planning tool to acquire prices from funeral homes that meet your preferences. It will tell you if you’re receiving a decent deal.

Choose Between Direct Cremation and Prompt Burial.

If you do not want to have a viewing or service with the body present, direct cremation or immediate burial may be an excellent method to save money. Most funeral houses provide the most basic cremation and burial packages, which generally include collecting and delivering the body, rudimentary preparation, and handling essential paperwork. Fees for cremation or burial may apply.

Avoid Embalming If Possible.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, embalming (the procedure of adding chemicals to a corpse to halt decomposition) is rarely necessary and costs $800 on average. Furthermore, by preceding embalming, you will reduce the quantity of formaldehyde released into the earth, which influences the ecosystem’s health.

Buy The coffin or Urn Online.

Caskets are one of the most expensive purchases throughout the funeral preparation process. Fortunately, it’s sometimes possible to purchase the same or comparable caskets that the funeral home offers online at a much lesser price. Search for caskets and urns online.

Choose A Free Location For The service.

Funeral homes often charge a few hundred dollars to utilize their staff and facilities for a ceremony, but there are several locations where one may be held for free. Consider having the service held at your house of worship, or go outside the box and have a celebration of life in a public space, such as a beloved park or even outside your compound will be more convenient.

Finally, At Fort Worth funeral homes, we believe in providing as many options as possible to families. Unlike other Fort Worth, Texas funeral homes, we enable service customization to match your individual needs and desires.

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General Article

Childhood Obesity Statistics – Where Does it End?

Childhood Obesity Statistics – Where Does it End?

Childhood obesity statistics is not a rosy picture. Type 2 diabetes is a predictable outcome for more than 9 million children who are obese. This trend is not only an America problem but now a world wide epidemic. Obese children have grown from 15% in 1971 to over 30% in 2000. A study in childhood obesity in 1999- 2000 found that 16% of young people 6 to 19 years were overweight.

Why the increase in obese children?

Doctors are now blaming lifestyle as the main cause for the alarming rise in overweight children. Kids are less active as the computer, play-stations and video games have replace hop scotch, hide and go seek and many other games that used to be popular generations ago.

In addition, pizza, soda and fast food meals have replaced the home cook meals that were fed to children back in the pre-technology days.

The results of obesity

Obese children more than likely will grow into obese adults and will develop a host of health problems that will plague them for the rest of their lives. These conditions are:

High blood pressure




Heart disease

Pulmonary problems

As you can see from the above medical conditions overweight children is nothing to sneeze at and doctors are predicting that for the first time in history children will have a lower life expectancy than their parents.

What can be done to prevent childhood obesity?

First a parent must provide a different diet than fast foods and soda. Home cooked meals that contain a mixture of fiber, proteins, glucose and fats are best. Snacks of potato chips, sugary drinks and peanuts must be replaced with fruits, yogurt and vegetables.

Exercise such as walking, bicycle riding, and out doors playing should replace sedentary activities such as television and video games to lose weight.

Once childhood obesity is understood and acknowledged the good news is that beating childhood obesity can be reversed by simply losing weight and keeping the weight off.

The best childhood obesity statistics prove that losing weight is the only cure for obesity and the myriad if health problems that are sure to follow.…

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General Article

Childhood Asthma and Breast Feeding

Childhood Asthma and Breast Feeding

For the first 6 months of a child’s life breast feeding provides all the nutrients a baby needs. The antibodies in breast milk protects against infections. Did you know that breast feeding can even reduce a newborn babies risk of developing eczema, childhood diabetes and even leukemia. Many researchers also believe that breast feeding can prevent asthma, however there are many who also believe that it causes asthma.

Scientific Beliefs

1. Breast milk majorly helps to develop and protect a babies lungs. The reason breast milk protects against infection is that when a baby is feeding, tiny amounts of milk enter the airways and the lungs. This in turn allows antibodies to reach the respiratory track, which protect against infection. It is the fatty acids in the milk that help protect against lung infections. Breast milk is believed by many researchers to prevent wheezing which is the main symptom of asthma.

Research Carried Out

2. In New Zealand a study of 1037 three year old children was carried out. They were assessed every 2 – 5 year between the ages of 9 and 26. Records of breast feeding was kept and asthma outcomes where documented.

Another study was carried out in Western Australia. This study involved monitoring 2,602 children up to the age of 6 years, where records of breast feeding where kept.

Research Findings

3. It was discovered that those children who where breastfed for at least 4 weeks doubled the risk of a diagnosis of asthma and those who suffered from it suffered from it well into mid childhood. Therefore it was believed that breast feeding did not protect children from developing asthma and may possibly increase the risk.

The study from western Australia showed that babies who were fed formula before the first 4 months of life where at a higher risk of developing asthma when compared to babies who where breast fed. This study indicated that babies who are breast fed are protected against respiratory tract problems and infections that usually lead to asthma.

Conflicting Results

4. The conflicting result which leaves us not knowing what to believe may be a result of the differences in the assessment duration and procedure of each study. Other factors which can influence whether a child later develops asthma may be due to low birth weight, the age and smoking habits of the mother and environmental factors such as dust and pollen.

Expert Advice

5. The connection between breast feeding and childhood asthma is inconclusive. However the expert in the world health organisation recommend that you breast feed your child up to at least the age of 6 months. They still believe that breast feeding is the most effective method to ensure highest level of your child’s health.…

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Happy Family Tips

Celebrities and Self-Image

You know when you are feeling down and depressed so you pick up a magazine and check out the glossy photos to pass the time and take your mind off of your feelings.
What do you see? Celebrities looking all glammed up and you think “my life completely sucks. Look at these beautiful people! They go to fancy restaurants, they don’t have to go to a dead end job like mine, working with people who don’t care about anyone but themselves.” WHY CAN’T I BE LIKE THEM?
Okay, before you reach for sharp objects let’s take a look at a few things for a second.
FIRST: You do not want their life!
• They cannot step out into the street without someone taking a photograph of them – otherwise you wouldn’t be drooling over their picture in the magazine.
• They are constantly criticized in those magazines. She’s too fat, she’s too thin, is she having a baby – who’s the father, what a tramp, Oh, isn’t she lovely, oh what a bitch – did she really say that?
• The photo’s aren’t real! Please get that – the photo’s aren’t real. The doctor the photos so they look perfect when they want to be nice. They doctor the photos to make imperfections if they want to be nasty. At the time of Christina Aguilera’s marriage break up a magazine showed a slim figure and said “look at how thin she was”. The showed a ballooned figure and said “Oh dear, poor Christina is not taking the split very well”. At the same time she was promoting her movie called Burlesque, where a very slim Christina danced and sang. There is no possible way she could have put on that much weight in that short amount of time. I have also seen a program showing a photo of a model wearing a backless dress – the moles on her back were quite noticeable – until they were erased completely.
• Sometimes their private life is splashed over the front of the magazine with news which their own family have not heard. Daniel Jones from Savage Garden received a phone call early one morning to radio jocks asking about the band splitting. His response? “Have we split?”
• Imagine trying to get married and having to invite a million viewers who scrutinize every single detail.
• If you’re envious of a good body, they probably work really hard to get it – every day. No binge eating or drinking on a regular basis. Kelly Osborne was enjoying the attention for her new thin body but was sick of the hard work that goes with keeping her body that way. (How could she do this much easier? My Blog will follow an amazing journey of shedding the weight without a diet or exercise program) – Impossible??
• If celebrities dare to step out of their house without makeup you can be sure this will be a feature somewhere.
Personally, I’m not that fond of wearing makeup, especially when it is so hot that it slides off your face quicker than you can put it in place.
So, while you are sitting there in your pyjamas at two o’clock in the afternoon still smelling of yesterday, you might want to think about how good you’ve got it.
SECOND: Don’t wish you were like a celebrity. Try to appreciate the life you have.
– Go to the park and take a big breath of fresh air knowing there are no paparazzi waiting to see they can snap you in a position which looks as though you are picking your nose. And no one can see the tiny blemishes on your face.
– Notice the freedom you have as thousands of people are not rushing up to you trying to get a photo with you or getting your signature and you’re not tripping over them as they get so close that you can hardly see the ground in front of you.
– Enjoy the fact that you can go to any restaurant through the front door and know that you can eat an entire meal without interruption.
– Feel ecstatic that you are not a radio competition prize where you have to spend an evening dining with a complete stranger who is gushing over you.
– Congratulate yourself that you don’t have to answer the same stupid question for the twenty eighth time that day, thrown at you by a lazy journalist who thinks he is funny, while you are on a promotional tour, away from your family.
– Never mind trying to have a happy family situation. If a normal relationship is not hard enough for most people, the demands of being a celebrity is enough to cause problems for the strongest of players. …