PTSD Anniversary Can Be a Celebration of Life Not Sorrow

PTSD Anniversary Can Be a Celebration of Life Not Sorrow

Well, just like many of you I have been dreading this day, October 29th, today.

Rather than bring up any childhood PTSD sorrow this is what I have to say.

Here is a sign that comes from the Universal thought.

For me it is revealed in not being able to view past images in film caught.

You know that your heart is still heavy when this happens with tears.

Even though the person or event has passed on what lingers may be old fears.

Perhaps your time of remembrance coincides with a holiday.

That person is no longer there arranging or attending this special day.

What has happened to the joy you were once able to share?

All the pleasant memories have been covered up with only pain left to bear.

A tip to remember is that pain, grief, and hate make a terrible mental stew.

They are proliferated with old negative thought recordings like library books over-due.

Here is a strategy to attempt to shake off past trauma and grief.

The concept is not very new, but will surly bring your soul relief!

Try to visualize the whole picture of the person or event of your sorrow.

Was there a history untold-unspoken pushing from another perspective borrowed?

Now let it go, really drop it from your head right down to your toes.

Bend and kneel in prayer where how to forgive will be revealed regarding your foes.

It may take you 10 years or more to be able to stop forgetting to remember the past.

Even though we may have put faith in God far away, prayer will bring it back in a blast!

This is a heavenly process that moves beyond what we are capable of doing alone.

Choosing to take the remedial path will make us strong again from powers unknown.

That same universal force reveals to us uniquely when the healing has begun.

For me no longer was there fear or sorrow from old pictures hung.

My heart mended when I choose to forgive my mother for what she had done.

Our Mother Mary helped me, too, be forgiven by her precious Son!