Childhood Obesity Is Reversible and Preventable!

Childhood Obesity Is Reversible and Preventable!

Childhood obesity is among the biggest problems faced by American kids today, not only making children to look over sized but causing several other health problems. According to Dr Jonathan Mac Clements nearly 40% of all fourth grade kids have been determined to be clinically obese suggesting a major increase in the number of heart related patients and diabetes problems over the years.

Child obesity has really become one of those problems in the United States where the numbers increase day by day. With the electronic boom and the availability of television, computers and video games children enjoy surfing around and avoid any form of physical activity. More importantly, the amount of junk food and delivery meals forming the daily diet of families with both working parents has been another outlined reason for such obesity.

However, like many other diseases this ailment growing in the youth of America can also be cured. For these obese children, motivation and the will power to adopt and stick to a healthy lifestyle along with lots of physical exercises in their routines could be a great way to start off with. Even making minor lifestyle changes in diet and exercise can really work up in reducing and eliminating obesity.

Obesity is caused by the sedentary lifestyle habits including attractive canned and tinned food which shortens the cooking time and makes things easier but the real fact is that they are connected to obesity as they contain preservatives and chemicals that trigger of obesity. Freshly cooked food is best for your health and with the proper proportion of the essential nutrients that are required for healthy living.

First Lady Michaela Obama recently came up with an agreement with the Food and Beverage Companies and initiated a healthy American Slogan to fighting obesity. Partnering to fight the obesity problem paves ways to reducing the amount of calories in manufactured food and adding including lower calorie options for many packaged meals as well. These are positive ideas that will work out if implemented in the proper way and may reduce the American kids’ obesity and may lead off to a healthier America.

Parents, teachers and even politicians should play their part and try to eradicate these problems so that they may hinder the growth and prosperity of a nation. Undoubtedly our children are our future leaders and if they are not healthy enough then who will take control of the world and lead the nation to glorified success.