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Child Waist Line Number Helps Overweight Parents Stop Overeating Children – The Waist + 17 Rule

Child Waist Line Number Helps Overweight Parents Stop Overeating Children – “The Waist + 17 Rule”

It is very normal for parents to erect barriers to prevent them from enforcing eating rules in their children. Parents are used to feeding and nourishing their young and have great difficulties recognizing that their child is overeating. Doing something about it is even more difficult.

The latest US government statistics show that among the 335 million Americans 64% of the women and 74% of the adult men are either overweight or obese. About 34% of children and teens fall into these groups. That would mean that among the 115 million American households, about 3/4 of them would have one or more adults overweight and perhaps there are about 25-30 million American households with overweight children or teens and one or more overweight parents. This is the group of overeating Americans that are so hard to reach.

Body weight is second after height as one of the more important heritable factors. With one parent overweight the odds a child being overweight is 50%, and with two parents overweight it rises to 90% or more.

All of this data provides evidence that the children will follow the same path as their parents. The parental eating patterns are reproduced in the child. Starting to change this means that the parents have to recognize, that they need to lose weight and that their children or teens need to at least slow down their weight gain. Since the average child or teen gains between 6-10 lbs. a year normally, often it’s simply a matter of slowing down the weight gain so that in a year or two they will arrive at a normal or close to normal weight.

Here is how parents, especially if they are overweight, can start to help their overeating child:

1. For the parent, find any on-line adult BMI calculator, put in your weight and height, if you BMI is 26 or greater you are overeating. A simpler way is to measure your waist circumference, in a women a waist greater than 33 inches = overeating, in a man the number is 37 inches or more.

2. Measure each of your children’s waist. Add 17 to their current age. If the resulting number is greater than the waist circumference then he is overeating. Example, if his waist was greater than 25 inches he is overeating (17 + 8 ys = 25, a normal 8 yr old should have a waist less than 25 inches.)

If your child exceeds this simple number he is not eating normal for his age. Although he may not be overweight yet, you can simply change the situation my making a few simple changes: stop the fruit juices or sodas, cut down on whole milk, eliminate visits to fast food restaurants, or prepare better school lunches. Get an exergame (video game and exercise, like Nintendo II or Dance Dance Revolution and play it together.

That’s all it takes. So simple, so easy to do.…

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How To Cope With Children’s Panic Attacks

How To Cope With Children’s Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are extremely frightening and distressing whether you are the one having it or are in the presence of someone having one. Add to this the extreme upset and worry you will be feeling if the one who is experiencing this is a child and in particular your own child.

Children’s panic attacks can occur in many different ways, but they frequently mean that the child has difficulty breathing, they may feel the need to run away, possibly tingling or numbness in the toes or fingers, palpitations or even feeling that they are going to die. They can feel aggressive if someone tries to block their escape route and may even lose control of their bladder or bowel for a short time. There can be feelings of unreality or that they are going mad.

Although it is probably the last thing you actually feel, the important thing for the child is that you remain calm and try to reassure them. Don’t shout at them. Talk to them in a normal speaking voice whilst trying to reassure them. Try to reassure them by making positive statements such as “You are not having a heart attack”, “the feelings you are feeling are not unusual”, or “I will keep you safe.”

You can ask them why they are feeling as they are but do not interrogate them. If they don’t know why they are panicking this can make them more distressed. You can try to find out if they are feeling under particular stress because of exams or bullying or problems with siblings, but it is more important to calm them and leave the reasons for their distress until they are calm.

Whilst trying to reassure them make sure that they cannot cause harm to themselves, for example by running out into the road and possibly getting run over or if it happens in the kitchen that there is not a kettle of hot water that they could knock over or electrical wires that they could trip over or anything obvious like that.

Obviously children’s panic attacks are very frightening but once they have calmed down hopefully no real harm will have been done to their health. Therefore in general terms it should not be necessary to seek medical advice immediately although if the panic attack was particularly severe or a recurrence of a panic attack then it may be advisable to seek medical advice in the longer term.

If you do need to seek medical advice make sure your doctor knows that you are seeking help regarding panic attacks because adult and children are usually treated quite differently when it comes to medication and usually in the case of children if help is needed it will usually take the form of counseling. This can be extremely successful and hopefully will be all the treatment that is required.

In conclusion, if you are unfortunate enough to have to cope with an episode of children’s panic attacks the essentials to remember are: keep calm; reassure the child; talk in a normal voice to the child; try to prevent them from physical harm and once they are calm then take the necessary action to prevent it happening again in the future.…

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Love Daddy

A Conversation With Dad – The Shock That Rocked My World

When you show up with love in your heart, what is returned to you is pure love.
While I knew this piece of universal wisdom to be true, I never experienced it so profoundly as I did the other day. I flew to Miami to see my aging ailing Father. I have a good, although not very close, relationship with Dad.
My childhood was tumultuous. My parents went through a long drawn out battle of a divorce that left a lot of emotional debris. My father, who was a renowned neuro-psychiatrist went on to make some horrendous decisions in his personal life. His misguided thinking and its outcomes were splattered across the media headlines on more than one occasion. Other bad choices liquidated the wealth he had built up over his lengthy career.
I defined my Dad by these life-altering choices. Taking the lessons I learned with my as I watch his life experience crash and burn, I made different decisions – took different paths – in my own life. What I didn’t know, until the other day, that the greatest gift I would ever get would be from my Dad.
This week my Dad taught me the following:
You do not know what you do not know
The natural human spirit creates life and faces the end of life with grace and dignity.
As long as there is breath in our lungs there are gifts in the lessons that can be learned – we continue to grow.
When you show up with love in your heart, what is returned to you is pure love.
In earlier visits with my Dad I showed up as if I was fulfilling a family obligation. I had my expectations about what the short time we spent together would be like and got exactly what I expected. Year after year. All I did was reaffirm what I thought to be true about my Dad and my relationship with him; Dad was a selfish SOB and he never knew or cared much for me.
This time I knew it might be the last time I would see him while he was still lucid. He’s bedridden and cannot see or hear very well. I prepared his tiny meals and fed him as I would any infant. Sitting at his bedside I decided that I would give him the gift of closure, peace of mind, so that he could let go comfortably. I decided to arrive in a state of love instead of expectation.
I wasn’t prepared for what I experienced. Here was a man who I thought was devoid of emotional tenderness, any interest in who I am as his daughter, and full of himself. Who I experienced was a man stripped of all ego, all parts of him that he used to cope with his own inner pain, freely expressing his truth. It was the most profound awakening I have ever witnessed. The awakening wasn’t within him. This new perspective came from within me. I woke up to who my Dad really is at his deepest core and it rocked my world.
Dad expressed the lessons he learned, his love for me, my siblings, his wife whom he was once estranged and his love of life. While his Alzheimer’s made it difficult for him to fully communicate what he wanted to say he spoke of his appreciation for life and all that it had to offer.
When his memory failed he would fill in the gaps with a little joke, a rhyme or pieces of an old song that surfaced out of nowhere. I was captivated and engaged as an observer and witness to the joy and delight that is my father. My time with him flew by and I longed for more. I kissed him goodbye when I left.
The flight home was tearful as I felt a wave of stuck toxic energy within me release itself. The resulting hole in my inner being was filled with love and appreciation for the resiliency, enormous power and inner wisdom that is the human spirit. I am grateful that I had learned enough of my own lessons to get out of my own way so that I could experience what I never thought know and love and be loved for who I am for and by my Dad.
I was completely wrong about who I thought my Dad was. His actions were always well intended yet his choices of execution were woefully misguided through his own Inner Critic, his own pain. Dad is a man filled with love for his children and his purpose in life, to heal others in pain. He never gave up his quest to become the man his heart longed to express. I was blessed to be a witness as he revealed …

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Love Mommy

De-clutter Your Life Inside and Out and Create a Happier Life

Reflect on your families’ present state. In many cases you know that  you need to change the way you are managing your family. You can’t always put your finger on what is making you frustrated, unsettled or down. Your own desires can be muddied by concern for your children or spouse and by simply being out of touch with your feelings.

I find that the best way to do this is to write down my thoughts, concerns and desires. 

I know that this is not easy for everyone so, you may want to follow the following strategies;

Make a diary of a day in your life. Write down from the moment you and your family wake what happens and how it makes you feel. Pretend you are talking to a close friend at the end of a hard day.

Sum up the present state of your life as though you are writing a letter to a very close friend and catching them up on what is going on in your life at this time. Limit this to one or two pages.

Create your own wish list. Be outrageous. It would pay to divide it up according to what is possible, likely, requires a miracle then short and long term goals. Be positive, as what limits us most in life is our thoughts and fears of failure.

‘What if I only had one year to live?’ I ask myself  this question when I need perspective in my life, as should you. Map out what you can do to ensure your families future and the direction that you desire for your children.

Personal values. Write down what you care most about and what your philosophies are. How does it relate to the family as a unit and each member individually. Evaluate your children’s responsibilities to themselves and others? What motivates each one of you most? What is the balance you believe should be for work, family and friends?

Once you have had a chance to review everything that you have written down it will be time to come up with a plan of action. When listing your final plan and goals, make sure your plan has the following:

Specific time frames. Put specific times in which each undertaking should be completed by.

Attainability – Your goals should be in sink with your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Measure it – Don’t be general. Set a specific goal and its outcome…

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10 Tips For Managing and Organizing Your Family

As a mom, you can feel more like a drill sergeant or chauffeur than family manager. But the truth is, you are the CEO of your little brood, so it’s time to act like it! Take a few tips from the professionals and enlist these suggestions to gain better control over your time and your life:
1. Set goals. You need to know what you’re trying to accomplish in a global sense (raise a great family), as well as in a more immediate sense (get the kids out the door on time).
2. Make sure the tasks match the goals. Every day, I review our tasks and see how they fit with our short- and long-term goals. We all have more to do than we could ever accomplish, so this review process is a quick way to figure out what makes it on the “Do” list.
3. Write it down. I write it down. Everything. Even if I don’t look at the list again, the very act of writing it all down helps cement it in my brain.
4. Batch your actions. Do like things at the same time. Set a day for errands, a day for laundry, a day for cleaning. Then you’re not jumping from task to task and repeating yourself.
5. Create systems. When you repeat a task over and over again – like grocery shopping or doing the laundry – create a system for it. Write it down.
6. Ask for help. Enlist the help of family, kids, and friends (if the only thing you need from Costco is a pack of napkins, ask your girlfriend to pick them up when she’s making her weekly run). When you have a written system (see #5), it’s easy to delegate.
7. Allow imperfection. When you ask kids to help out (or spouses, for that matter!), things aren’t going to get done the way you would do them. That’s okay. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be good!
8. Go easy on yourself. Life is hard. Stuff happens. Some things you can control, some things you can’t. Sometimes you can adjust. Sometimes you can’t. Be nice to yourself! Beating yourself up won’t make you any more productive.
9. Adjust. If things aren’t working, make changes. Try something new. Keep adjusting.
10. Make time for fun. Life isn’t all about schedules and lists. Take time – even if you have to schedule it in – for fun.…

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Family Happiness

Keeping A Happy Home With Family

Every living thing in this world has a family. No one is intended to live alone in this planet. Though some circumstances of losing a family cannot be avoided, other human beings that you might encounter in the future can be your new family. Life is very busy nowadays since crisis is present all over the world. Everybody needs to work hard and focus in earning money in order to survive. As a mother, there are lots of things that you are responsible of inside the house aside from the job you have outside such as doing the household chores, disciplining your kids, serving your husband, and a lot more. It can be so frustrating to you part if you will see that the entire family is not happy with all the efforts you’ve made. But do not be worried about that because there are actually useful guidelines to keep a happy family.
First thing of all is to have a good parenting strategy. If you are a new parent, you can ask opinion from your mother or friends about giving the right treatment for the child. Building the personality and character of your child greatly depends on how you taught him. Give your child enough time where both of you will enjoy quality time together. Do not let your job and other household chores become a hindrance to your mother and child relationship. You can do all the household chores in a specific time when your child is asleep or your partner has arrived. Just make sure that when your child needs you, you are always available to attend his needs. Show love and care to your child. This will help you develop a trusting and loving relationship between you and your child.
Give time for your husband. Do not ignore him are he arrives from work. A happy marriage can brighten up the atmosphere of the home. It can also help the children understand what a true happy family really is. Kids are not restrictions for a date with your husband. You can still spend time together walking outside during your free time. Cooking the dinner together is also a good chance for both of you to share everything that happened for that day. Kids always go to bed first after you read stories or the like so you can still spend more time after they’ve gone to bed.
If you and your husband were given the chance for a day or week vacation, take this opportunity to have a fun trip with your whole family. Going to a trip is a good form of bonding with your kids and building memorable experience. There are so many places that are best for a family trip. You can do some online research so that you can see all the options available and choose the most suitable for your family and budget. If you don’t want to leave the house, outdoor activities are also good alternatives while grilling some food outside. You can go shopping together beforehand so that your kid will really enjoy the activity. Always encourage the thoughts and suggestions of your kids. It will make them more confident if they can see that their opinions count.…

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Why Is It Important To Have A Family Lawyer?

Most of us make decisions by just looking at what we have at the moment we need to decide. We never think about what could happen in the future or if ever we do, we imagine it to be how we want things to happen. But the real thing is that, we can never really tell. Today, you may feel like you have made the best decision in your life by getting married and planning to have a baby. But in a few years from now, you might say that you made the worst decision in your life by getting married and that you want a divorce. A lot of problems may come out of that decision like who gets to have this property and that, who gets custody for your child and what rights their grandparents may have, etc. Because of these, it is very important for every family to have a family lawyer to watch every member as they establish a stronger family relationship.
Whether there is an existing problem in the family or none, it is very important that you have a family lawyer. A family lawyer will be able to help you in making decisions about your properties and how to protect them. If in case you decide to get into second marriage and you have a child, you definitely would not want your child’s future to be at risk in case the second marriage you are in does not work. Your lawyer would be able to secure your future and your child’s by arranging a prenuptial agreement.
Your family lawyer can also help you get a guaranteed support for your child from your previous partner so you would not have to take all the responsibilities alone. Most of the time, grandparents tend to meddle with the family especially in cases of divorce. There are even children who end up living with their grandparents instead and not given the opportunity to meet their real parents. Even if you have not succeeded in keeping your marriage it does not mean that you would also not succeed as a parent. You have all the right to your child and his or her grandparents would not have as much rights as yours. Your family lawyer can make that clear to them and would be able to make arrangements that would be in favor of everybody.
In case you and your husband do not have a child and you plan to adopt one, a family lawyer can help you with that. He can help you work on the necessary documents to make the child your own. That way, you would not have to fear about losing him or her after some time.
If there is also anyone in the house who may be physically or emotionally abusive, you can protect the other members of the family with a restraining order or a protection from abuse order and your family lawyer can help you with that.
There could still be so many different reasons that a family lawyer is important. But whatever they are, you should make sure to get a family lawyer either to resolve an existing problem or to prevent a problem. Your family is an important part of your life that you have emotionally, financially and spiritually invested so much in-it deserves protection all the time.…