English Language As the Curriculum in Public Schools

English Language As the Curriculum in Public Schools

Linguistics explores the study of structure and language variations encompassing morphology, phonics, syntax and many more. English is the primary language in most countries of the world but in other countries it’s the second language. However, most transactions, policies, books, articles and varsities uses’ the English language as their main language.

The usage of the English language as the primary medium has more pros than cons. Firstly, English is the most common language around the planet; is it spoken and easily understood by many. The language fills the gap and allows people to communicate without misunderstandings. In the past, most people were unable to grasp the English language due to lack of education, exposure to reading materials and poverty. Our forefathers preferred using own dialects, so that their roots will be maintained and they do not lose touch with their “mother -tongue”.

The change of science and mathematics in English makes it a lot easier for the students to understand what they are learning; as most pre-schools use English as their teaching medium. Hence, the student will be able to cope better with the topics and it makes it easier when the student starts college and undergraduate programmes.

In most places now, expatriates from different countries settle down and find it difficult to adapt due to the change of language and education environment. In this case, the English language is vital for better understanding of the foreign student as English is a world wide known language.

Another important note, the world wide web uses English as the primary language. Most online exercises for science and mathematics are based in English. This makes it easy for the student to practice that particular topic rather than have it taught in another language. The internet is a wonderful tool as most of the subjects available are in English and the students can adapt to the language without any hassle.

In conclusion, having the curriculum in English will better the prospects of the student as they will better equipped and able to communicate internationally. In addition, the student will be competent in the language and proficient in order to place them in the global platform.