Cool Off and Stay Fit With Sprinklers for Kids

Cool Off and Stay Fit With Sprinklers for Kids

Can Sprinklers for Kids Improve Their Health?

The statistics of childhood obesity show that since the early 70′s the percentage of overweight children in the US has nearly tripled. More than one in five kids between the ages of 6 and 17 are now considered overweight.

With sprinklers for kids we are encouraging exercise while having fun. Hopefully we can help lower these numbers by getting our kids to stay active

Can we reverse the statistics of childhood obesity?

I think we can if we give kids fun ways to get into shape. Last year my nephews came over for some summer fun but little did they know that I had set up a sprinkler in our were both very excited when they saw it twirling and spraying water out everywhere.

We got a little creative and thought of some fun games too. We made up a game called water ball. We would throw a ball into the sprinkler and then have running races. Whoever lost the race would have to run into the cold stream to get the ball and whoever had fewer balls at the end was the winner. They played for hours that day and I felt good because I had helped them get some exercise.

What is more fun than sprinklers for kids? Slip N Slides

I decided to get a slip n slide for when my nephews would be visiting for the fourth of July. I remember my old slide being this strip of yellow plastic that you had to wet with a hose before you slid down. I was blown away when I saw all the options that are available now.

The one I chose was the Wham-O Slip ‘N Slide Double Wave Rider, the thing is huge! It’s over 10 feet long and it comes with two inflatable body boards so the kids can race down the side by side lanes. There are these arcs of water at the end and a pool that you splash into. I can’t wait to see them using it and who knows I might challenge them to a race or two myself.

Slides and sprinklers for kids are a great way to have hours of fun and cool off in the hot summer sun. They will also help your kids become happier and healthier and that is always a good thing. They make for great gifts! You can set them up and surprise someone special in your life!