Is Domestic Assault Extensive?

When there is a clear pattern of abusive behaviours in a closely connected group of people, then you will recognise there is domestic maltreatment. Family relationship, kinship, marriage, dating and friendship are instances of close family relationships. As discussed in the section below, domestic abuse has numerous kinds.
When someone resorts to kicking, beating, biting or throwing in order to contain another person he or she will be employing physical maltreatment against a person. A victim of physical abuse may suffer serious injuries, become disabled or die. Compared to other kinds of domestic violence, physical violence is easy to discover.
When force is used to compel someone to participate in some sexual act then that is classified as sexual maltreatment. This usually occurs to individuals who have particular exposures. Some good examples are such things as the influence of alcohol, pressure and disability. This type of ill-treatment is usually hard to recognise in families and marriages, because of special dependency aspects within the social systems of the human relationships.
Emotional violence or abuse is another type of domestic brutality which is sometimes so complicated to discover. Applying financial and economic dependency as a means of controlling a victim, is one of various ways which can be employed by an abusive person. Most victims will not speak out if they are threatened with the possibility of being humiliated or embarrassed in public, or isolated from friends and relatives. Blackmailing is a tool which is normally used to hold in the victim by applying threats of exposure of an embarrassing issue or by refusing access to financial resources.
Now, there are so many reasons why some individuals resort to domestic maltreatment.People are mainly influenced by psychological consequences such as individual manner in which families are integrated and the manner we are acted upon by the surroundings is likely to affect the way we treat others. For example, some people grow up in cultural settings which tolerate abusive behaviours towards women and children. This may also be regarded as the norm and normally society may choose to disregard abusive activities probably until this results into a fatality.
Maltreatment is caused by the use of alcohol and drugs in diverse circumstances. The usual conduct of a person is changed by drug utilisation and usually results in mental disorders which normally leads to brutality.
Sometimes the dominant determinants which push someone towards domestic brutality are the need to be authoritative and controlling all the time towards other family relationship members. Resorting to ill-treatment as a means of overcoming inadequacy is a possible reason some people who feel incomplete in some way or have low self-esteem usage. Socio-cultural and genetic influences are some of the complicated aspects affecting those individuals who like imposing their power on others.
Well, it is much better to prevent domestic assault than trying to find a solution to the problems created.Although very problematic, it is important to stand up against your abuser and speak out. Some individuals are of the impression that a solution will provide itself with time and therefore regards protecting the family image as more is probably better to speak to a close and trustworthy friend or relative and try to solve the issue without too much exposure. If the abuse is nasty or hazardous the best means is for the victim to report the matter to the police.