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Ways to Strengthen Your Family Bonds

Building a strong and happy family is a dream of every individual. Happy families have strong bond. They laugh together, play together and enjoy together. They support each other in every circumstances of life. They place emphasis on trust and love.
Parents are the leaders of family. Therefore, it is their responsibility to strength the relationship between family members. They have to be responsible for protecting these precious bonds. Here are five best ways that will definitely help you strengthen your family ties.
1- Spend time together – Spend time with your family members. It helps you build the better bonds of relationship. Researchers have found that spending time together with family can significantly reduce level of stress. Moreover, it can provide you with the greatest entertainment of all and makes you relax and happy.
2- Express yourself – Express your feelings of Love and Gratitude. It is very important to show your feelings. It can open up a whole new world of communication and ease tension. It brings you closer to your family and strength your relationship.
3- Quotes About Family – ┬áLearn Inspirational Family Quotes. They withdraw your attention from daily work and business activities and helps you stay focused on your family. These quotations are being quoted by great peoples around the world. So reading these Family quotes will definitely strengthen your family.
4- Eat Meals Together – Eating Family meals together creates an environment that facilitates communication between members. It offers moments of better communication, closeness and togetherness. Researchers have found that those families who eat meals together have higher level of verbal skills and better understanding between each other.
5- Stop Comparison – Stop comparing your family and your issues to other families. At the end of the day, it gives you nothing but heartache. It keeps you disappointed and makes things even worse then before. Instead of comparing yourself to other families, encourage every member to work together as a team. This is how you can solve your issues and problems effectively and strength your relationship.

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Emotions, Family & Business

Thinking about starting a business? Well before you do it, make sure you have a conversation with your family and explain to them what you’re looking to do. This is especially important if a spouse or other family member is going to provide financial support while you work to get the business up and running.
Some of the steps you want to take to get them involved include:
• Going over the business plan • Involving them with the actual business planning• Having an uninterrupted conversation explaining your plans
Here’s the reason why you want to get them involved. In operating the business you’ll need emotionally and psychologically support. If they aren’t fully on board with the idea, that’s another battle you’ll have to fight.
When you talk with new or existing business owners, they’ll all tell you that it is an emotional process starting and running a business. In many cases they’re risking time and money on an idea. A scary proposition when they’re not sure how it’ll turn out. Also, they and only other people who have the same business truly understand what’s involved.
As a financial advisor some of the business owners I’ve talked with include programmers, story book writers, lawyers and commercial cleaners. The common thread with all of them is that it’s tough on them but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They knew when they opened their doors they had to compete. They also knew that sales would be tough. However, when they started to actually run the business they got to see how tough it was.
Why? Sales on a daily basis can be physically and emotionally draining. Not ever sales pitch generates a sale. To deal with that and the idea that a family member is not supportive can be a lot for a business owner to deal with.
That potentially negative sales energy can affect short, medium and long range planning for the business. Maybe even its overall ‘s what it can affect:
• Sales presentation• Interaction with business partners• Family functions
There may be some salesmanship involved with getting family on board. Keep in mind that they love you. Also understand that for many people starting a business is a scary thing and they can’t imagine it. So because they care about you, they don’t want to see you have any potential hardship.
Here are a few suggestions on how to get your family on board with the business:
• Have them ask how they can help• Have them be able to explain your business• Avoid non supporters• Tell them not to ask how the business is doing expecting to hear the worst• Work out a schedule for life and work
Starting a business is tough enough but not having the emotional and psychological support of family and even friends can make it tougher. Do the best that you can to get them on board. If you can’t, try to minimize the effect it has on your business and family relationship.…

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A Conversation With Dad – The Shock That Rocked My World

When you show up with love in your heart, what is returned to you is pure love.
While I knew this piece of universal wisdom to be true, I never experienced it so profoundly as I did the other day. I flew to Miami to see my aging ailing Father. I have a good, although not very close, relationship with Dad.
My childhood was tumultuous. My parents went through a long drawn out battle of a divorce that left a lot of emotional debris. My father, who was a renowned neuro-psychiatrist went on to make some horrendous decisions in his personal life. His misguided thinking and its outcomes were splattered across the media headlines on more than one occasion. Other bad choices liquidated the wealth he had built up over his lengthy career.
I defined my Dad by these life-altering choices. Taking the lessons I learned with my as I watch his life experience crash and burn, I made different decisions – took different paths – in my own life. What I didn’t know, until the other day, that the greatest gift I would ever get would be from my Dad.
This week my Dad taught me the following:
You do not know what you do not know
The natural human spirit creates life and faces the end of life with grace and dignity.
As long as there is breath in our lungs there are gifts in the lessons that can be learned – we continue to grow.
When you show up with love in your heart, what is returned to you is pure love.
In earlier visits with my Dad I showed up as if I was fulfilling a family obligation. I had my expectations about what the short time we spent together would be like and got exactly what I expected. Year after year. All I did was reaffirm what I thought to be true about my Dad and my relationship with him; Dad was a selfish SOB and he never knew or cared much for me.
This time I knew it might be the last time I would see him while he was still lucid. He’s bedridden and cannot see or hear very well. I prepared his tiny meals and fed him as I would any infant. Sitting at his bedside I decided that I would give him the gift of closure, peace of mind, so that he could let go comfortably. I decided to arrive in a state of love instead of expectation.
I wasn’t prepared for what I experienced. Here was a man who I thought was devoid of emotional tenderness, any interest in who I am as his daughter, and full of himself. Who I experienced was a man stripped of all ego, all parts of him that he used to cope with his own inner pain, freely expressing his truth. It was the most profound awakening I have ever witnessed. The awakening wasn’t within him. This new perspective came from within me. I woke up to who my Dad really is at his deepest core and it rocked my world.
Dad expressed the lessons he learned, his love for me, my siblings, his wife whom he was once estranged and his love of life. While his Alzheimer’s made it difficult for him to fully communicate what he wanted to say he spoke of his appreciation for life and all that it had to offer.
When his memory failed he would fill in the gaps with a little joke, a rhyme or pieces of an old song that surfaced out of nowhere. I was captivated and engaged as an observer and witness to the joy and delight that is my father. My time with him flew by and I longed for more. I kissed him goodbye when I left.
The flight home was tearful as I felt a wave of stuck toxic energy within me release itself. The resulting hole in my inner being was filled with love and appreciation for the resiliency, enormous power and inner wisdom that is the human spirit. I am grateful that I had learned enough of my own lessons to get out of my own way so that I could experience what I never thought know and love and be loved for who I am for and by my Dad.
I was completely wrong about who I thought my Dad was. His actions were always well intended yet his choices of execution were woefully misguided through his own Inner Critic, his own pain. Dad is a man filled with love for his children and his purpose in life, to heal others in pain. He never gave up his quest to become the man his heart longed to express. I was blessed to be a witness as he revealed …

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De-clutter Your Life Inside and Out and Create a Happier Life

Reflect on your families’ present state. In many cases you know that  you need to change the way you are managing your family. You can’t always put your finger on what is making you frustrated, unsettled or down. Your own desires can be muddied by concern for your children or spouse and by simply being out of touch with your feelings.

I find that the best way to do this is to write down my thoughts, concerns and desires. 

I know that this is not easy for everyone so, you may want to follow the following strategies;

Make a diary of a day in your life. Write down from the moment you and your family wake what happens and how it makes you feel. Pretend you are talking to a close friend at the end of a hard day.

Sum up the present state of your life as though you are writing a letter to a very close friend and catching them up on what is going on in your life at this time. Limit this to one or two pages.

Create your own wish list. Be outrageous. It would pay to divide it up according to what is possible, likely, requires a miracle then short and long term goals. Be positive, as what limits us most in life is our thoughts and fears of failure.

‘What if I only had one year to live?’ I ask myself  this question when I need perspective in my life, as should you. Map out what you can do to ensure your families future and the direction that you desire for your children.

Personal values. Write down what you care most about and what your philosophies are. How does it relate to the family as a unit and each member individually. Evaluate your children’s responsibilities to themselves and others? What motivates each one of you most? What is the balance you believe should be for work, family and friends?

Once you have had a chance to review everything that you have written down it will be time to come up with a plan of action. When listing your final plan and goals, make sure your plan has the following:

Specific time frames. Put specific times in which each undertaking should be completed by.

Attainability – Your goals should be in sink with your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Measure it – Don’t be general. Set a specific goal and its outcome…

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Why Nursery Gliders Are Important For Babies

A nursery glider is a piece of baby furniture specially designed for the special needs of babies. Next to baby crib , a glider rocking chair is another important furniture in the nursery room. But, you should know that gliders come in different styles and designs. Choose the glider that suits your taste. It is helpful to know the things about baby gliders to help you decide which glider is appropriate for your baby.

Design: A good quality glider chair is produced by Little Castle glider. They use high quality, solid base hardwood rockers that could last for generations. All parts are guaranteed to withstand time and quality use. Little Castle has produced different designs of fully upholstered swivel chairs and recliner glider chairs. Each glider is handcrafted for superior quality. They have included detachable cushions for extra comfort and for quick replacements. Moreover, it is designed for superior comfort that can carry extra weight and widely spaced for ease of movements during feeding time.

Durability: A quality nursery glider should be made of high quality wood products. Little Castle glider, the name that dominate the market for the baby glider industry. It has a guaranteed smooth and long gliding range even for long hours of use. They see to it that their designs are consistent, and produced according to company standards. Made in the United States, each chair is made of closely spaced of nine gauge sinuous springs and steel tubular ring bases that allow greater stability of position and efficient swivel actions.

Beauty: Find a nursery glider that can last for years. Even if your child outgrows their gliding chair, Little Castle sees to it that it has quality and style that could easily adopt the latest fashion of ordinary chairs. You can be proud of your Little Castle glider, you can have it reupholstered to fit into your living room or office as an effective means to avail of quick nap anytime of the day. Just like your Nollie covers, the makers of quality infant seat covers, they use quality fabrics that can endure long hours of use, with gorgeous vibrant colors and shades for a customized design.

Gliding ottoman: Little Castle produces swivel and recliner glider chairs that come with gliding ottomans as well. They also have stationary ottomans for a variety of selection according to your need. They also provide gliding accessories like extra cushions, footstools and nursing pillows. Extra cushion increases comfort and convenience of use especially for heavy babies and grown up kids.

Safety: The traditional rocking chairs are prone to minor accidents like pinning, pinching of toes, fingers and even your pet’s paws and tails. With Little Castle glider, these worries are eliminated. The smooth horizontal movement of your nursery glider is superior over the rocking motions of your traditional rocking chairs.

Come and complete your nursery rom requirements! Include Little Castle glider in your list. You will have the best return of your investment that is… excellent bonding time with your baby and even your grown up kids who want extra attention from Moms and Dads.…

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Teach Your Kids How to Fight The Right Way

It would be lovely to think we could have an argument free family but whether we admit it or not, every loving and happy family has arguments and disagreements. We can even have the kind of arguments that no one even remembers what it was all about.
However it is important to remember in a loving family, the members understand the importance of creating a sort of safety zone where no one ends up getting hurt. You might be asking yourself is that truly possible? And the answer is absolutely yes.
Before looking at ways to develop this in your own family it is important to understand that loving families understand they can argue about something and it not affect their relationships. In fact they realise it can be a way for them to learn something new about each other. They are never threatened by these disagreements.
Below are six ways you can help your family to create a safety zone so no one ends up getting hurt.
1. Physical violence is never permitted. There are no exceptions to this rule. Not only would you never hurt a member of your family physically, you would never destroy or break their property either.
2. Insults and name calling are never permitted. We all have those soft places, those easy targets. But members of a loving family will never go there. These areas are absolute no-go zone.
3. Understand arguing is never about winning. Whenever we have this need to prove ourselves right, it tears a family apart more and more each time. If your child or any other member of your family is upset, take the time to find out why. Working together towards a solution, that is best for EVERY member of the family, forms solid and happy foundations.
4. See an argument as a sign there is something that needs to be worked out in your family unit. At the end of the day we are all different and it is those differences that makes us so special. Learn to appreciate those differences and look for ways to find a solution for everyone.
5. Blaming each other is never allowed. If someone is upset or hurt everyone in that family unit feels it. Blaming the person who is angry will not solve the situation. Something has happened for that person to be angry. By looking at resolving the problem, rather than blaming a family member, it will build stronger connections.
6. Always say sorry. Our children learn their habits and patterns of behaviour from us, their parents. It is a great idea for parents to be the first to apologise. And never ever, ever go to bed without making amends. Even as parents we aren’t perfect, so if you have made a mistake apologise to your children. They will appreciate it. Ideally parents shouldn’t argue in front of their children, but if they do, be sure your children see you apologise.
By learning and teaching your children how to disagree in a way that empowers each member of the family you will see your children be more confident in themselves. Most importantly it will help re-enforce a great self-value and self-belief.…

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A Happy Mom Is A Happy Family

Moms are so much more powerful than they realize. How they are feeling on a particular day can have significant effects on the entire family. A Mom can and does influence so many things in her environment. And that can affect how she feels, and in turn how the other family members feel.
When she is feeling good, happy, relaxed so are her kids. They have more energy, laugh more and get along better. On the other hand, if she is feeling frustrated or bogged down by all the things going on, the kids seemed to know that, and they argued more, were hard to keep busy and were less focused.
What Mother hasn’t felt at her wits end with her kids? The colicky baby who won’t stop crying, the kids who won’t stop arguing, the lack of time she has to herself and the limited adult interaction. She’ll call a girlfriend or her own mother to talk for a few peaceful minutes to vent or to get advice. She will put the kids’ favorite movie on so they’re occupied and we can have a few minutes to ourselves. It would never fail, after a few minutes into a conversation the kids will start to call for Mom. They need to ask a question or they need a referee because, “he hit me,” or they want some juice. On it goes when a few minutes ago, they were fine. We try to appease them, even leave the room or multitask in some manner. When nothing seems to work we hang up feeling irritated and frustrated. Low and behold, all’s well and the arguing stops. It’s as if that big white device in our hand was a signal to start vying for mom’s attention, and in a way, to our children it was. Yet the feeling of frustration lingers for the mom, long after she has hung up and peace is restored. It can affect the rest of the day, and by the time our spouse comes home, she’s more than ready for them to help, even takeover.
It only makes sense then that our thoughts affect our relationships as well. Take this example, with a stay at home mom in mind. Their husbands are off at work, and their kids are off at school, so these moms spend their time doing as much as they can around the house. They will straighten, pick up, put away, clean or whatever needs to be done. If they walk around with negative thoughts, such as; “I am always picking up after everyone else,” and “no one puts anything away,” and “I always have to do everything myself” and “this house is such a mess” and “I never get to do anything I want” and on and on. By the time these people get home, they will be so worked up and upset, that they might yell about it, or want nothing to do with them. Either way it affects the entire rest of the day, for the whole family and in a very negative way. The frustration produces more frustration in others, spreading it around and bringing more of it into the home.
Being a mother and raising a family is one of the, if not the hardest thing a woman will ever do. It would be helpful if kids came with instructions, but they don’t. Therefore, a solid support system is essential for every mother because taking care of your home and your family is hard enough without leaving much room for self care. There are often feelings of frustration, isolation and an inability to do what they want. There are simple and effective things you can do to make all this easier and to feel more like ‘a happy mom.’ I have listed three of those ways below:
1. Schedule me time in to every day. Time for yourself is so critical because moms are called upon to give so much and to sacrifice so much that we need to replenish our energy ‘supply.’ We can be very quick to drop what we are doing for someone else that having ME time scheduled in to our day makes it more likely to happen. It is important for these activities to be quality, things that bring us joy and nurture our spirit.
Treat this time like a doctor’s appointment, one that you wouldn’t cancel on a whim. It is okay to say that you are busy or that you have other plans when others make requests during this time. I would also like to promote that moms don’t feel guilty for taking time for themselves either. You need to be cared for and nurtured in order to fully care for others, and feel good about it.
2. Connect with friends every day …