When to Say ‘No’ And Why It’s Good For Both Parties

When you are bound by family responsibility
Family is very important. And when something arises that takes you away from your family you have to say ‘no’. Breaking a family relationship because of career moves or explicit affairs that you have decided to say ‘yes’ because you think you will be happy is an irresponsible decision. You take your back against your responsibility to your family because you decided to have your own happiness. But when you realize that you made a wrong decision, it would be too late to return. What you need to do is to pick up the pieces where you left if and start putting it all together again. If you only said ‘no’ and take your responsibility, you could have found a way to be happy
When your principle in life is questioned
Great people have principles in life that made them what they are. If you are a politician and decisions must be made that may clash against your principle in life, say ‘no’. You may have the power and influence at the moment because you said ‘yes’ but at the end of the day when you are all alone, sleeping would be difficult. You can’t sleep peacefully at night because you have compromised your principle in life in order to retain your power. Remember that people voted for you and trusted you because you have presented to them the principle in life that they wanted as well.
When your self worthiness is at stake
Do not bet your character in a stake that will make you worthless. Just say ‘no’ and you can retain your own worthiness. If your peers are influencing you to go beyond the legal means in order to get rich and famous at the expense of your personality, say ‘no’. Do not wage your pride for something that will lower your character.
When you are no longer happy
Say ‘no’ and admit to yourself that you are no longer happy. Do not continue the pretensions and say ‘yes’ all the time. It’s okay to give up and have the happiness in your heart. They can say all they want against you but they will never know what will make you happy. It will free you from the guiltiness in your heart.
When you are exhausted
It’s okay to say ‘no’ when you are already exhausted. After all you are the owner of yourself, and you alone know what you feel. If you are physically exhausted from work take time to rest and recover your energy. Don’t abuse your body by saying ‘yes’ to activities that requires your energy. Its okay to say ‘no’ and they will understand.
When you are hurt
When you are hurting and the pain is too much to handle, say ‘no’ to someone who caused you pain and recover your feelings because it’s the only way to face the world again. The pain will not go away if you continue to say ‘yes’ to the emotional battering you encounter. Make a decision and stop the pain. You must help yourself in order for other people to help you.