All About Your Early Childhood Education Salary

All About Your Early Childhood Education Salary

The field of prekindergarten teaching is a growing one, but you might want to check out early childhood education salary levels before choosing this career. Of course, money is not the only incentive to teach very young children in a daycare center or preschool.

Because teaching in a daycare or a preschool does not require the same credentials as teaching in kindergarten or in higher grades in a public school, the salary is often lower. There are many openings for lower-paying positions that will look good on a resume later on – when you have experience, have gained a few more credits, and are looking for advancement.

To teach in public school at kindergarten or higher levels, full certification is usually required. Salaries are set by the state, so check out each locality for the pay scale. Private schools, daycare centers, and preschools might start at minimum wage. Those who feel teaching is a call in life might not rate wages as high priority.

All of your credits do not have to be gained in a four-year or more program. A two-year associate degree can get you started in the classroom, and nighttime, summer, or online courses can add the credits needed for a bachelor and masters degree. The experience you gain while working your way through the rest of your education will have its own value.

In some areas, a substantial proportion of government money is devoted to preschool programs. In the United States, many of the North Atlantic states offer much more than the national average. Of course, living expenses are higher in those regions as well, so the figure itself may not be as significant as the whole economic picture. If you go online, you can find sites that let you compare salaries in different areas. You can then look up the cost of living in any locality of interest.

Private schools, which are not constrained by law to the same accredited-teacher requirements as the public schools, often accept inexperienced teachers or those with only an associate degree. However, they may offer significant inducements to attract the best teachers, such as tuition breaks for teachers’ children, smaller class sizes, and on site daycare facilities. Check out all the details before evaluating the returns a job will give you.

Early childhood education is getting more attention as it proves its worth in preparing a child for regular school. This important career can be both fulfilling and lucrative if you get the education you need and take advantage of all information available before accepting a position.