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Childhood Obesity Solutions

Childhood Obesity Solutions

Obesity is a very popular thing. It doesn’t come from watching your weight either. If you want what I think is the leading cause of obesity, then the video games that kids can’t seem to live without does is it.

Think about it: how many ways does exercise outside of the house benefit you? You get all of the activity, sunshine and learn the importance of hard work. You just set in the house playing video games, what good is that doing? Wouldn’t you rather PLAY football in the field that on a screen? Each time you do something, you get better at it, so the more you practice it outside – the better you will get. There are more hobbies to do outside anyway – riding bicycles, playing all sports, going for runs, fishing, mowing lawn, hiking and swimming are examples of which. And regardless of your location, you can do the biggest majority of all of them.

When someone brags to me about winning countless video games, I assume they have too much time on their hands. During the summertime, from the time you wake up until you come in and have the occasional meal should be spent outside. It’s healthier for your vision, for your heart, for your confidence. Afterall, isn’t is ironic that the ones that set in the inside all day are the ones that end up getting depressed easier.

Usually, indoor activities will require someone to be isolated from everybody. It also causes them to sit still for long periods, look at bright screen televisions, and become dependent on a specific thing for their entertainment. Indoor activities are somewhat of a requirement during the winter, but there are far more productive things to do in the indoors.

You could read books, which would require getting stronger, which is very beneficial. You could learn to write about things you enjoy talking about: stories, articles, reviews. You could learn to spent time emailing a lot of people you do not get a chance to stay in touch with. There are far more productive things to do than set around playing video games, often in which condone some sort of foul language and violence.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with playing video games as a hobby when it’s late at night or something, but hey – if the sun is shinning and there are other people around, then you have other options!…

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How to Save a Marriage

Psychological incapacity, physical abuse, incompatibility, lack of communication, lack of time for each other, and financial constraints. These are among the problems encountered in relationships, that’s why there are lots of broken marriages. It seems hard to solve these problems but I tell you, there’s one thing you can do to take away the burden of getting answers to the question: how to save a marriage.
God. He knows everything, even how you can start solving the problem in your marriage. It may be hard to deal with the marriage problem but you can always pray that God will enable you to change things for the better. You cannot change all things but God can. Apparently, you cannot change your partner neither yourself. You need to surrender it all to God and start listening to His instructions. It is not about your plan, it is about what He wants for you. He knows best.
It going to be too hard to fix a broken marriage when you both need to change things in yourselves, but only God can change everything. Do not expect that He will always do what you want because He has a great plan even for your marriage. Know what He wants and what He says about your situation by reading His word.
As you wait on God, learn how to listen to His instructions. Some things may be hard, but that’s the way it goes. You need to be strong. You cannot easily have gold for it needs to go through the process of extensive heating, melting, and evaporating. If you desire to save your marriage and your partner is not cooperative, don’t lose hope. God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. He has a perfect solution on how to save a marriage.
God may lead you to examine what is wrong with your marriage. It is always important that you speak to your partner as soon as possible but never force him/her. Wait upon God. Meanwhile, if he/she is not available to talk, you can try doing things that will please him/her.
It may take a lot of sacrifices to win your partner’s heart again but it is possible that your spouse will come to realize that the marriage should have to work out. In God’s time, you will just see that it is not just you alone who is making things work out. It will be a partnership between you, your spouse, and God.
Face changes with not turning back. You need to make sure that you have been renewed genuinely and be brave enough to take the challenge to keep the long-term changes. All these will be seen by your spouse for sure, and it may drive him/her to face changes as well.
The problem in how to save a marriage is not hard at all. What is difficult is surrendering it all to Him. Once you have less of you and more of God, you will see that His control is perfect. He has great plans for you and your spouse. God is good.…

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What People Need to Realize About Childhood Obesity

What People Need to Realize About Childhood Obesity

There has been a steady increase in childhood obesity in the United States and it continues to baffle and confound professionals of every stripe. Of course, it doesn’t help the fact that almost all liquid beverages (and even solid foods) sold within the United States contain high levels of fructose corn syrup. But that is an issue for another time. What makes childhood obesity sad is that the kids who suffer from it seem like they haven’t been given a fair shot at life, and that’s terrible. Kids with childhood obesity are forced to deal with emotional abuse in the form of taunts and harsh words from their peers and physical problems like constant joint and back pain, arthritis and sometimes even Type II diabetes. This is a hard and terrible subject and we’ll look at it some more in this article.

For kids, teens and adults who suffer from obesity, Type II diabetes is a real threat. Of course, it does make a certain sum of sense that it might happen. Type II is different from Type I in that sometimes Type II diabetes can be prevented. Risk factors for Type II diabetes include weight problems like obesity and a prolonged sedentary lifestyle. For those who are obese, their bodies are under a lot of extra pressure to produce more insulin. There is obviously, in this situation, a far greater amount of person who needs the hormone. Over time the body becomes more and more resistant to the insulin it produces and that is when Type II diabetes happens. Widespread research has proven that kids who suffer from obesity are far more likely to suffer from sleep apnea than kids who aren’t obese. This condition is alarming because it leads to the blocking of a child’s airway while he or she is sleeping. Kids who are overweight and obese are more likely to snore too but, according to researchers, that is actually deceiving. It’s also possible that the snoring is a symptom of something called OSA or obstructive sleep apnea. One possible approach to the problem is a procedure called an adenotonsillectomy which is meant to treat the condition specifically in young people.

You can probably guess that there is a serious social stigma that gets assigned to obese kids and teenagers. Even just going to school each day has to be a terrible experience. The effects of chronic teasing, comments and even bullying will certainly cause life-long psychological scars or even severe damage. Every person is going to have a different response to this. The ripple effects of being obese are huge and serious, and we seriously think many obese teens and adults may seek counseling so they can deal with the damage done. There is a real problem with kids and teens who suffer from obesity that affects other people too. You should also think about this in terms of the cost it puts on society. Obese kids will usually become obese adults, and there are costs associated with medical, lost time from work, etc. This proves that obesity is really a problem for society even though that isn’t at the forefront of most peoples’ awareness.…

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Little Girls and Powerful Men

Little Girls and Powerful Men

The beautiful little girl often brings out the humane side of a powerful man, not always disposed to be humane in attitude. She eventually grows up, not to supersede him, but to only know him as being a humane man – no matter what his detractors may say about him to her. He cares about her for her loyalty and bright fresh youth. Her issues or concerns as a child matter to him, too, such as the welfare of the little animals and birds, connected to the environment. Violence against girls and women he also cares about, and in her honor he expresses this in his professional work.

The little girl notices if the powerful man expresses her interests in his work, and commends him if she ever sees him again. Being a little girl, she usually doesn’t see the powerful man. She grows up with a strong independent sense, however.

He remembers her as his “little boy issues” still exist, and ring true again in the memory of her innocent words. The powerful man is reminded by the little girl’s beauty that brought out his real inner self, the boy he once was and still is, perhaps. He feels he can act on his ideals once again in middle or older age, as he draws confidence and optimism from knowing the little girl.

If he reveals his true face to her as brutal, she may not remember his humane outlook ever existing – and the little girl may grow up to be a woman who doubts her judgment about him as a little girl. She makes the decision that he was a cruel man, and she walks away from the brutal man in her memory.

She may realize that she will be abused by other men one day whom she may like as a woman – because the men may remind her of him, the original abuser – the powerful man. She may conclude that a lack of sophistication in judging his emotional cruelty could make her life a real prison. She may consciously forget she ever liked a powerful man such as he.

He disappears from the woman’s memory, but not the girl’s – as he may haunt her through her life in memory. She may not be able to become close to a man because of his traitorous behavior, and the pain it caused her while a child. Hopefully, she will find someone else who will gain her trust. If the the powerful man was an early attraction for the little girl – she will probably only desire powerful men, for right or wrong.

Emotional insecurity could be the possible lock on a jail for the woman. She was once a little girl with ideals the man she admired could have cherished, but didn’t. Unlike the first model, this type of man was in a position to take advantage of the little girl who once cared for him.

As an adult, she remembers all the powerful men she once knew. She may especially linger on the first one – her father, even if she never knew him well. The mature woman makes assessments about her early relationships and moves on to achieve better relationships with men about whom she may care, in the future – hopefully finding a new powerful man who will be loving and non-abusive to her.

If the little girl now a woman is not careful, she could fall through the abuse trap door, even the terror trap, a deep bottomless well, if she is not aware of her vulnerability.…

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Tips For Selling and Buying Second-Hand Music Instruments

If you play a musical instrument, you will have to buy or sell yours at one point. If you are on a tight budget, you may have to buy second-hand equipment. And if you are looking to upgrade to something better, consider selling what you already have. Buying or selling a second-hand musical instrument is tricky. If you are the one buying, you are not sure whether you are purchasing a quality product, and if you are selling, pricing can present some challenges. If you are in this dilemma, here are some helpful tips you can use. 

Repair and Clean Your Instrument

If you are selling your equipment, before you start selling it or taking photos and posting them, you need to ensure it is in good condition. If you had stored it in the basement or garage, it has probably collected some dust and needs to be cleaned. If you stopped using it because it was damaged and opted to buy a new one instead of repairing it, you would need to do the necessary repairs. Spending a few dollars on improving your musical instrument will go a long way in fetching you a good price. And a musical instrument in good condition looks good on camera.

Do Your Research  

Before you sell or buy a second-hand musical instrument, find the current rate. If you bought a guitar for $800 two years ago, obviously, the value has gone down. Research the current market price of that particular instrument, then factor in wear and tear, and price your instrument appropriately. The purpose of doing this is to help you understand how much your equipment is worth. The same applies to when you are buying. Research the price so that you can make a reasonable offer to the person selling and you are not swindled.

Use Quality Photos

This is very important to sellers. You need to take quality photographs of your equipment before selling it. You do not need a fancy camera to take quality photos. Today’s phones have excellent cameras that will show your instruments in a good light. When taking photos, do it during the day and take advantage of natural light. Avoid backgrounds that are too busy with flowers and patterns as they take the attention from the musical instrument. A plain backdrop is best. Also, take photos at different angles and both at far and close ranges.

Choose The Right Platform to Sell or Buy

Unless you know the buyer or seller personally, you will have to look for a place to buy or sell the musical instrument. Many sites can help you with this. Start with online platforms as they are the most accessible. Some social media pages specialize in this kind of thing. The other alternative is pawnshops. Musical instruments are among the top items that pawnshops sell and buy.

Ask The Right Questions

As a buyer, you should ask as many relevant questions regarding the equipment as possible. Musical instruments are costly even when they are second-hand. Therefore, it is okay to ask all the right questions, including the manufacturing information and the serial number. Is there a return policy if the instrument happens to be faulty? If you are not satisfied with the seller’s answers, move on to another buyer. You can also test the instrument before buying to ensure it is in good condition.

Whether you are selling or buying musical instruments, the end goal is to get a good deal out of it. Follow these tips, and you will end up with quality equipment or good cash.…

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3 Ways to Surprise Your Sweetie on Valentine’s Day

The big day is coming up — and if Cupid’s arrow hasn’t struck you yet, it sure could soon! Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, casually dating or just planning to celebrate your friends for Galentine’s Day, you can surprise your sweeties this Valentine’s Day with a few simple acts of love to show you care. Here are five easy ways to do so:


Flowers go back in time as one of the top Valentine’s Day gifts. After all, why wouldn’t they? They’re gorgeous, sweet-smelling, and light up any room — just like your significant other.

Breakfast in Bed

If you live with your significant other, sneak down early on Valentine’s Day morning and surprise them with a sweet breakfast. Search up waffle recipes, make them a mimosa, and present it with a smile while they’re still snoozing in bed.

Personalized Portraits

Show your special someone you care with a framed photo. Whether it’s just a simple selfie, or a portrait from your big day, or a picture your kiddo drew of the two of you — a special framed pic of you and your partner (or best bud) is a sweet way to remind them of all your amazing memories.…

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Do Not Underestimate the Power of Childhood Dreams

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Childhood Dreams

Do you enjoy reading? I like reading, but I try not to devote too much of my time to reading since I have a tendency to not stop reading until I finish an interesting book. Reading is excellent in many ways. It is entertaining. It is inspiring. Reading gives us knowledge, wisdom, hints for solving problems, and advice on how to live. My wife and I like the library in San Mateo, because it has a Chinese and Japanese foreign book collection. There is a Japanese book that inspired me quite recently called “Story to Steal a Castle.” The story was entertaining and interesting. I spent all night reading and finished the book. However, it was not the story which inspired me. The author mentioned the reason why the hero wanted to “steal a castle”. He said it was his dream.

The author stated that people should not underestimate their childhood dream. He analyzed that the people who accomplished great works in human history were the ones who did not lose their childhood dreams. He continued to say that they were the ones who devoted their lives to seeking their dreams.

We all have dreams in our childhood. There are innocent ones, such as “I want to be like my mother or father”, or “I want to be a policeman and protect good people from bad people.” Some of them are big dreams, such as “I hope to be like Julius Caesar.” Grownups do not deny children’s dreams. Almost all adults do not deny children’s dreams and tell them that their dream would come true some day.

However, after growing up, people started to be negative to other’s dreams. They started to think negatively about dreams in general. People often do not want to discuss others’ dreams. “You must be dreaming,” they say, “You are daydreaming.” If I say, “I want to unite the world like Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Ieyasu Tokugawa unified Japan,” you may not talk seriously with me the next day. I just listed three people who unified Japan in the 17th century. Oda was a small, local lord in central Japan. Toyotomi was the son of a farmer family. Tokugawa was a hostage in his enemy country. If they did not dream of unifying Japan, they would not have been the people who did so. The 20th century’s great scientists, including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Albert Einstein, were driven by their dreams, not by their calculations.

When I think of myself in the past, the real reason why I wanted to stay in San Francisco, despite of my Japanese nationality, was not because I had a good job opportunity, or for family reasons, but because I had grown up watching American TV programs, such as “The Combat,” “The Mission Impossible,” “Time Tunnel,” and “Twilight Zone.” My vague childhood dream was to one day live in the United States. It seemed to be my driving force to obtain an international job and station myself in the United States. We should cherish and respect our childhood dreams.…