Tips For Selling and Buying Second-Hand Music Instruments

If you play a musical instrument, you will have to buy or sell yours at one point. If you are on a tight budget, you may have to buy second-hand equipment. And if you are looking to upgrade to something better, consider selling what you already have. Buying or selling a second-hand musical instrument is tricky. If you are the one buying, you are not sure whether you are purchasing a quality product, and if you are selling, pricing can present some challenges. If you are in this dilemma, here are some helpful tips you can use. 

Repair and Clean Your Instrument

If you are selling your equipment, before you start selling it or taking photos and posting them, you need to ensure it is in good condition. If you had stored it in the basement or garage, it has probably collected some dust and needs to be cleaned. If you stopped using it because it was damaged and opted to buy a new one instead of repairing it, you would need to do the necessary repairs. Spending a few dollars on improving your musical instrument will go a long way in fetching you a good price. And a musical instrument in good condition looks good on camera.

Do Your Research  

Before you sell or buy a second-hand musical instrument, find the current rate. If you bought a guitar for $800 two years ago, obviously, the value has gone down. Research the current market price of that particular instrument, then factor in wear and tear, and price your instrument appropriately. The purpose of doing this is to help you understand how much your equipment is worth. The same applies to when you are buying. Research the price so that you can make a reasonable offer to the person selling and you are not swindled.

Use Quality Photos

This is very important to sellers. You need to take quality photographs of your equipment before selling it. You do not need a fancy camera to take quality photos. Today’s phones have excellent cameras that will show your instruments in a good light. When taking photos, do it during the day and take advantage of natural light. Avoid backgrounds that are too busy with flowers and patterns as they take the attention from the musical instrument. A plain backdrop is best. Also, take photos at different angles and both at far and close ranges.

Choose The Right Platform to Sell or Buy

Unless you know the buyer or seller personally, you will have to look for a place to buy or sell the musical instrument. Many sites can help you with this. Start with online platforms as they are the most accessible. Some social media pages specialize in this kind of thing. The other alternative is pawnshops. Musical instruments are among the top items that pawnshops sell and buy.

Ask The Right Questions

As a buyer, you should ask as many relevant questions regarding the equipment as possible. Musical instruments are costly even when they are second-hand. Therefore, it is okay to ask all the right questions, including the manufacturing information and the serial number. Is there a return policy if the instrument happens to be faulty? If you are not satisfied with the seller’s answers, move on to another buyer. You can also test the instrument before buying to ensure it is in good condition.

Whether you are selling or buying musical instruments, the end goal is to get a good deal out of it. Follow these tips, and you will end up with quality equipment or good cash.