Childhood Obesity Solutions

Childhood Obesity Solutions

Obesity is a very popular thing. It doesn’t come from watching your weight either. If you want what I think is the leading cause of obesity, then the video games that kids can’t seem to live without does is it.

Think about it: how many ways does exercise outside of the house benefit you? You get all of the activity, sunshine and learn the importance of hard work. You just set in the house playing video games, what good is that doing? Wouldn’t you rather PLAY football in the field that on a screen? Each time you do something, you get better at it, so the more you practice it outside – the better you will get. There are more hobbies to do outside anyway – riding bicycles, playing all sports, going for runs, fishing, mowing lawn, hiking and swimming are examples of which. And regardless of your location, you can do the biggest majority of all of them.

When someone brags to me about winning countless video games, I assume they have too much time on their hands. During the summertime, from the time you wake up until you come in and have the occasional meal should be spent outside. It’s healthier for your vision, for your heart, for your confidence. Afterall, isn’t is ironic that the ones that set in the inside all day are the ones that end up getting depressed easier.

Usually, indoor activities will require someone to be isolated from everybody. It also causes them to sit still for long periods, look at bright screen televisions, and become dependent on a specific thing for their entertainment. Indoor activities are somewhat of a requirement during the winter, but there are far more productive things to do in the indoors.

You could read books, which would require getting stronger, which is very beneficial. You could learn to write about things you enjoy talking about: stories, articles, reviews. You could learn to spent time emailing a lot of people you do not get a chance to stay in touch with. There are far more productive things to do than set around playing video games, often in which condone some sort of foul language and violence.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with playing video games as a hobby when it’s late at night or something, but hey – if the sun is shinning and there are other people around, then you have other options!