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What to Be When You GROW UP

What to Be When You GROW UP

Just a little thought for the day. Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents or teacher asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up? You would respond a fireman, a police man, a doctor, astronaut, and a variety of other careers that we dreamed of.

That’s what made us special, we dreamed, we had no limits, no boundaries, and we could set the bar as high as we wanted. Somewhere in our aging process we lost our childhood dreams. Why? We have been told “That’s Crazy!” or “That will never work!”. Eventually we began to believe the those dreams we had were unreachable. All because at one point someone lost hope and became negative and decided that if they could attain the goals that no one else should be able to. Negativity breeds Failure, plain and simple!

People that spread a negative attitude never grow both spiritually and financially, they are destined to stay in a stagnant life. Yet, people flock to them because it is so much easier to give up, then to try. If you never try, you will never succeed. Think of those that were deemed a failure, but kept their focus and are now renowned as nothing less than brilliant.

People like Lucile Balle that was told she was too shy, The Beatles, because guitar music is on its way out, these people we told no, but they kept focus and didn’t give up. They held on to their dreams and achieved greatness! Let’s not forget about a young man that was cut from his high school basketball team, went home to his room and cried. Any guess, the man held his dreams and hopes, by the way, that man is Micheal Jordan. Imagine if he fed into negativity.

This is to just name a few. What makes us any different than them? Absolutely NOTHING. Hold onto your dreams, they are yours alone. That’s something only you can let go of. Never let anyone discourage you of what’s important to you. Trust your feelings, be inspired, be true to yourself, when all is said and done it’s what is in your heart that matters.

Find something you truly believe in and trust, embrace it, watch it grow, things are easier when you have a heart felt belief in something to show people, and can tell someone with passion and not pitch.…

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Stress – Different Ways On How To Deal With It

Feeling like the world is putting too much pressure on you? Do you experience sleepless nights because of your worries? Do you always eat on the go to beat your busy schedule? It is not just you who experiences these things. Most people experience stress at some point of their lives. But, there are ways to cope up with the unavoidable stress in life.
Stress is the body’s way in adjusting to a high demand. It is often caused by pressure from the outside world. It is the body’s way of preparing in facing tough and demanding situations with stamina and focus. If unmanaged, stress can bring about negative results to a person’s body. Too much stress can cause anxiety or panic attacks, overeating and depression. Moreover, experiencing too much stress may lead to drinking alcohol, smoking and drug addiction. However, there are creative ways to handle and cope up with stress.
The proper way to deal with stress is to identify the source of stress in your life. Although it may sound that easy, identifying the root cause of stress is a bit difficult to do. More often than not, the source of stress is not that obvious. You may be constantly stressed with beating deadlines, however, deadlines are not the main problem but it is your habit of delaying your tasks.
After you found out what causes you to feel stress, identify how your body responds to it. Stop telling yourself that you are alright. Instead, take time to observe the how your body reacts to different situations. Notice your muscles and observe your breathing.
Once you already identify the cause of stress in your life and how your body responds to it, find ways to cope up with stress. Slowing down is one of the best ways to cope up with stress. Surround yourself with sights that comfort you. Listen to music that makes your muscles relax. Look for scents that are comforting and calming.
Knowing how to deal with the pressures from the environment helps you cope up with stress. The ability to manage stress keeps you focused and healthy.…

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Stress Does Not Have to Kill You

Stress Does Not Have To Ruin Our Lives!
In this life there are three things we can always expect to do… 1) Eat 2) Sleep 3) Pay taxes! The choices we make in life have a great impact over how we live our lives. Emotional stress can take a toll on our finances, our social lives, and over physical well being. Stress can and will Kill You eventually, but that is only if you allow it to! You have to give stress permission to Kill You, we do this by HOLDING ON TO IT!
Lets look at a common scenario for example:
Your husbands ship allows him to come home not soon after you got to work this morning. He calls you with his wonderful news as you are getting settled in your cubicle! Trying not feel disgusted (with a side order of envy) you ask him just to pick up the house (nothing MAJOR!) and you begin your day. After the normal hustle and bustle of the nine to five rat race, lets fast forward, its been a typical work day (Draining) you have fought your way through traffic, and you finally make it home.
With rose colored glasses, it would be nice if dinner was cooked, the dishes were washed, a load of laundry or two was done, kids homework was done, and all you have to do is eat! This would mean you could unwind, eat slowly, take a leisure bath or shower and then pick up a good book. Your husband loves you and knows how hard you work so this is not a task that is asking too too much! You yourself do it for him all the time!
walk in your house and the first thing that grasps your attention are the toys on the floor, closed book bags and coats strewn all over! Your maternal sixth sense tells you no homework is done! And to top it off your husband is playing World of Warcraft, (which you can tell by his attire and the things around him, means he has been playing since he got home this morning) as the Chihuahua chews the tassels off your couch pillows. Your feet begin to slide in your heels as you can feel your blood beginning to boil. STOP RIGHT THERE!
Normally you would be fuming mad, slam your stuff down and just begin cooking, multitasking as always, you begin helping the kids with their home work, and the game of ignoring your husband begins. Its your way of letting him know that you are beyond disgusted with him. Its almost routine, you can expect it, your chest begins to hurt, and you get the normal feeling of being let down.
You instinctively reach in your closet for pain relievers. You pop several migraine relievers and keep huffing your disgust out loud, but what changes? NOTHING! Everything is still the same because the person internalizing your disgust is YOU! The person allowing the surrounding environment to give them a tension headache is YOU. The person allowing the knots to build in their neck and shoulders is YOU. If you look dog still thinks tassels are cool. The kids are just doing what they are allowed to do until order is set, and your husband is unwinding in his own way. SO I ask again why are you allowing a situation to KILL YOU? DON’T!
Lets have a DO OVER!
We know YOUR USUAL WAY DOES NOT WHY KEEP DOING IT? He is not stressing, his character in WOW can be resurrected, so your yelling will not cause him to miss a beat! The only person who will be stressed out is you! As we set into a routine of internalizing stress and anger and it builds up, it shortens OUR LIFE EXPECTANCY RATE. WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES! CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES CAREFULLY! And despite whatever you may see on TV, once that monitor stops beating, recitation attempts are given, the doctor calls the time and pronounces you that is all she wrote! Unlike on the stories McDreamy will not walk into the Er, suddenly realize he was the cause of your stress, say something sappy, begin to cry, heroically thump you in the chest and your heart just starts beating again.
Choose your battles carefully, is this situation going to kill you? Will your life end if you don’t yell? Who is going to benefit from your yelling and screaming? No one thus, its a tactic that must get scratched from our to do list. It serves no purpose other than allowing neighbors to know of dysfunction.
Lets Retry This:
Close the door! Walk back down the stairs and …

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Dealing With Childhood Conditions – Tips For First Time Teachers

Dealing With Childhood Conditions – Tips For First Time Teachers

When you enter your school your entering a battleground of all sorts of germs and potential diseases. It’s such a communal area that viruses of all kinds can spread around easily. It’s good to know the symptoms for the most common ailments you’ll see kids have, so you can help prevent their outbreak:

Head lice – If you see a child that is itching their scalp non-stop you’ll want to send them to the nurses office. Lice live on the hair and feed on blood. They can’t jump and can’t fly so they can only be spread by contact with another host. You don’t want to inspect the kid yourself, first because you don’t know what you’re looking for or how to properly look, and second because you don’t want to embarrass the student by searching publicly. Just send them to the office and let them deal with it.

Ringworm – Don’t let them name fool you, it’s not a worm at all. It’s actually a fungus that will show up most often on the hands, face, and arms. It can show up in other places too, and when it does it takes on names like jock itch and athlete’s foot. Look for a blister that can resemble a hickey.

Pinkeye – You’ve probably had a case of this yourself, or seen someone with it. Most people wake up with the infection. It can take 3-5 days to work itself out of the system if it’s a viral infection. If it’s bacterial, it will take only 24 hours after the student begins an eye-drop regimen. Either way you’ll want to send suspecting students to the nurse’s office to avoid further spread.

Impetigo – There’s no mistaking this infection. It’s got really nasty sores, you can use Google Images to see some examples. This is a pesky disease as far as it spreading goes, you can even get it from using the same bar of soap as an infected person. Hopefully your school uses a hand pump for soap in the bathroom.

Scabies – You will usually see this infection on the student’s face, or around the hands and feet. The itching for this one is pretty severe, so look for a kid that just can’t sit still. They will need to be prescribed a lotion in order to treat it.

Chickenpox – The classic childhood infection. Identified by small red bumps at first that later become blisters. A headache and fever can accompany this one as well as an all-consuming desire to itch the infected areas. This one is super-contagious, but not too critical when it comes to children. You can get an immunization for this one if you haven’t gotten it already.…

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Happy Family Tips

Co-Parenting With a Partner – The First Year

If you’re like me, I really thought that, despite my decision to breastfeed, my husband was so gung ho about being a Dad that we would share the parenting responsibilities pretty equally once our first child was born. I was in for a rude awakening. Breastfeeding meant that much of the time I was literally attached to my new baby, and when I was not, I had an easier time calming him than my husband did. And even when I didn’t, I couldn’t stand to have my husband trying to comfort our fussy baby without stepping in and trying to help. Whether due to biology or psychology, I was so attached to my new baby that I couldn’t tear myself away long enough to really get a break. As a result, I became more comfortable in the baby care role, and he became less.
There are many reasons why fathers often take a backseat in the early days with a new baby. Whether because of a hormonally-afflicted “helicopter” Mom, an inexperienced Dad, a baby who is more easily calmed by the mother, or gender-related attitudes about who does what, newborn care often falls disproportionately to the mother. And since Mom is generally recovering from childbirth, likely adjusting to breastfeeding, undoubtedly sleep deprived, and in the throes of huge hormonal changes, this disproportionate share can become a BIG PROBLEM. You know that saying that “if Mom isn’t happy, nobody is happy?” I think the truth of that statement is widely underestimated.
So, we’ve got a Mom who can’t let go to allow her partner to care for the baby, a Dad who is either mildly incompetent or feels he is (or is being treated like he is), a baby who’s getting used to being cared for by Mom, and a Mom who is at the end of her rope and feels like she just can’t get a break (and is not sure she would take one if she could). Not a recipe for a happy family.
Negotiating who does what, recognizing the barriers to fairly allocating parenting and household responsibility and actually making and carrying out a plan to address those barriers and create a cooperative, supportive and fair allocation of workload is one of the major tasks of the first year of parenthood. Working out a plan for who does what, figuring out how to set goals for change if change is needed, and implementing those changes, can make a world of difference.
I once read a study (and I don’t have a citation, but I like to believe that it is true) that claimed that of all the factors that might predict the well-being of children as they grow up (e.g. praise, affection, discipline, structure, etc.), the one variable that is most predictive of a child’s future well-being is the degree to which his or her parents have a cooperative relationship around parenting. So, if that is true, it matters less who does what (or if it is done correctly), and it matters more that parents are supportive of each other as parents and partners.…

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Family and Children

8 Guilty Pleasures For Mothers

Now, listen up dads, this article is for you as much as for mums. You see, Mums will need you to step in for her to indulge in these guilty pleasures. I’m here for the mums, so if you’re a harassed dad, I apologise but know that we mums do sympathise with you.

Now, enough for my disclaimer.

As mums, I feel that there’s many pressure put upon me that sometimes I feel I don’t know myself anymore. I’m a driver to ferry my children around from one activity to another. I’m a cook, I’m a nurse, a live-in cleaner, a teacher and of course a wife to support my husband and keep him company. And looking at celebrity mum, I must also look stunning every day. With that, I fail miserably.

If you’re like me and other mums in the world, you probably feel guilty if for just one minute, you indulge yourself. But a number of research found that it’s important for a mother to find time for herself because happy mothers have happy children and happy family.

Before my words get twisted, I don’t suggest that mothers should over indulge themselves, go to the bar every night or shop until they drop and there’s no more money left for the family. That’s over indulgence and just pure irresponsible.

So, here are the 8 guilty pleasures that you can indulge to help you find yourself and without breaking your bank balance.

Lie in bed on Saturday morning until 10:00 AM. Yes, once a week, indulge in this great pleasure of not getting up in the morning to rush and get the kids’ breakfast ready. Allow your husband to do the work, it will give him time to bond with the kids while you get a much needed rest.

Curl up in the sofa with a good book. If you’re feeling totally harassed and fed up, get your husband to look after the kids, find a quite room and curl up with a very good book you’ve been wanting to read.

Have a warm relaxing bath before going to bed. This is very easy to do. Let the husband do a bit of tidying up in the kitchen while you have a good soak in the bath to relieve all your tension.

Get a cleaner. Yes, once a week or every fortnight get someone to do the cleaning for you. Even if this means you have to sacrifice other luxuries, this is one luxury that is worth having.

If your child is not yet at school, send your child to day care at least one day a week even if you are not working. This is one of the best guilt trippers especially for stay at home mums. However, studies also reveal that children who go to day care are often more confident than children who stay at home.

Have your hair done every month even if you think you don’t need it. This is to remind you that you are still a beautiful woman. If you can’t really afford it, why not have a spa day at home. (More on this topic later.)

Get a baby sitter and go out with your husband once a month. This will keep the romance alive between you and your husband. Remember, you are not just parents but you are a couple too.

Get your husband to give you a massage once a week. Not only will this relax you but it will also help bring you closer together.

Now, enjoy!…

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Our Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Our Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Childhood obesity is often referred to as a medical condition which occurs when a child is well above a normal weight based on age and height. Though obesity itself is not necessarily problematic, it can lead to a number of other health compromising issues. Children who are obese are much more likely to suffer from heart disease later in life and obesity has also been linked to a number of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years, bringing the numbers to an all-time high. In a recent poll, the prevalence of childhood obesity in children ages 6-11 was as high as 20%. In 1980, this percentage was not much higher than 5%. Similarly, young adults ages 12-19 have a 18% chance of being obese while the same age bracket 30 years ago had only a 5% chance. These staggering numbers are causing many to ask why childhood obesity is so much more prevalent now than it ever had been.

There are a number of potential causes of childhood obesity. The first is genetics and family history, which can play a large role in determining a child’s weight. However, experts agree that the most prominent cause of obesity is poor nutrition. This includes eating too much, eating unhealthy foods, and exercising too infrequently. Due to unhealthy trends in American food consumption, fewer children are exposed to good nutrition practices and as a result, becoming obese.

Many also point to socioeconomic factors as the reason why more children are becoming obese. Many families seek the lowest priced food options available to them because of their tight budget. Unfortunately, the lowest price foods are often the least healthy and many low-income families find themselves choosing fast food because they need to save money. As a result, the children in these families suffer the consequences of poor nutrition and health.

Just because a child carries a few extra pounds does not immediately mean he/she is overweight or obese. Children (as well as adults) all have different body types which may impact their overall weight relative to the average. Children will also experience various physical changes over the course of development which may lead to a gain or loss in weight. Because of this, you may not be able to tell just by looking at a child if he/she truly suffers from childhood obesity.

In order to determine if a child’s weight is abnormal or could lead to health problems, it is best to consult your child’s doctor. A doctor can help you calculate your child’s Body Mass Index (BMI) and use it to determine if your child is above the standard weight for his/her age. However, just because a child is over the standard weight, does not mean he/she is at risk for health issues. BMI is simply a way to gauge a child’s current size relative to others. A doctor must consider the child’s individual growth over a period of time to truly see if he/she is in danger of health problems.…