What to Be When You GROW UP

What to Be When You GROW UP

Just a little thought for the day. Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents or teacher asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up? You would respond a fireman, a police man, a doctor, astronaut, and a variety of other careers that we dreamed of.

That’s what made us special, we dreamed, we had no limits, no boundaries, and we could set the bar as high as we wanted. Somewhere in our aging process we lost our childhood dreams. Why? We have been told “That’s Crazy!” or “That will never work!”. Eventually we began to believe the those dreams we had were unreachable. All because at one point someone lost hope and became negative and decided that if they could attain the goals that no one else should be able to. Negativity breeds Failure, plain and simple!

People that spread a negative attitude never grow both spiritually and financially, they are destined to stay in a stagnant life. Yet, people flock to them because it is so much easier to give up, then to try. If you never try, you will never succeed. Think of those that were deemed a failure, but kept their focus and are now renowned as nothing less than brilliant.

People like Lucile Balle that was told she was too shy, The Beatles, because guitar music is on its way out, these people we told no, but they kept focus and didn’t give up. They held on to their dreams and achieved greatness! Let’s not forget about a young man that was cut from his high school basketball team, went home to his room and cried. Any guess, the man held his dreams and hopes, by the way, that man is Micheal Jordan. Imagine if he fed into negativity.

This is to just name a few. What makes us any different than them? Absolutely NOTHING. Hold onto your dreams, they are yours alone. That’s something only you can let go of. Never let anyone discourage you of what’s important to you. Trust your feelings, be inspired, be true to yourself, when all is said and done it’s what is in your heart that matters.

Find something you truly believe in and trust, embrace it, watch it grow, things are easier when you have a heart felt belief in something to show people, and can tell someone with passion and not pitch.