Tips to Avoid Childhood Obesity

Tips to Avoid Childhood Obesity

The rate of childhood obesity is climbing everyday at a steady rate. America doesn’t seem to understand how unhealthy it is to let kids eat whatever they want and whenever they want. As a parent it is wise to be concerned about your child’s health. There are many ways to avoid childhood obesity and to keep your kids healthy and strong.

1. Avoid drinks other than waterAsk almost any child if they would rather have water or soda and they will say soda. Carbonated sugary drinks are found everywhere, at school, at parties, at friends houses, and even in our own homes. It is important to avoid buying them. A lot of commercials will trick us into buying fruit juices that have “real fruit” in them. What we don’t realize is that the fruit has been processed and they lose some of the nutrients that are available in the natural fruit. Also, many juices have high amounts of sugar added to them in order to make them sweeter. Sticking to water is the best thing you can do for your children.

2. Avoid feeding them processed foodsProcessed foods are usually full of harmful preservatives, high in fat, and low in nutrients. Eating foods like this will only harm your children. It is wise to stick to a whole foods meal system. Make meals that consist of unprocessed, whole fruits, vegetables, and grains. These foods will give their bodies the nutrients they need to function properly.

3. ExerciseRather than letting your children lounge in front of the tv for hours on end, tell them to get up and go outside. Playing in the yard or taking the dog on a walk with them will get them the exercise they need. Too many children sit in front of tvs or computer screens for hours on end. Limit their time to on an hour or two of tv and computer a day.

Following the simple tips mentioned in this article will ensure that your children will be on their way to a healthier future. Teaching them the right eating and exercising habits now is critically important because they will follow them for the rest of their lives.