Things People Don’t Think About With Funeral Costs

The last thing you want to think about when you learn your loved one has passed away is arranging the service to properly say goodbye to them. Many people put off getting life insurance which leaves the family not only to plan their service, but to pay for it as well. The shock on the families’ faces is always the most shocked when they see the final funeral costs. They know of the typical costs of the casket and such, but there are some fees families don’t think about. Here are some of those so you can be prepared if you are laying a loved one to rest.

Inner Parts of the Casket

As mentioned, people always know the casket is going to cost money, but what they often times don’t consider when they are planning the funeral is the cost to open the vault. Many people just assume you bury a hole six feet deep and they lay the coffin in. That’s partially true, but before the casket is put into the ground there is a liner put in to protect the remains from the elements. This slows down the decomposition as well as it also makes the casket last longer.

The Extras at the Funeral

When you look at any funeral costs brisbane, you need to account for some of the extras. Many people know about the flowers that adorn the casket. Yet, there is the guest book people sign when they come to the viewing and the funeral itself to pay their respects. There’s the memorial cards that are printed out giving details about the funeral and any of the donations that are received. There are also thank you notes you can buy to send to those who sent gifts or participated in the service in any manner. All these can be bought. They don’t come freely.

The Obituary

You wouldn’t believe how many seem to believe that the obituary is free or covered in the standard funeral home package. While the funeral home will put the obituary together and send it into the newspaper, it’s not free by any means. The newspaper still charges a fee for it to be printed. Many times, the paper company charges per line. They also charge you extra when you add pictures to the obituary. Plan for this so you have money aside if a lengthy obituary is something you want.

It’s never easy planning the funerals. That’s for sure and there are some funeral homes who take great strides to take advantage of the grieving. If you go to a funeral home to decide and feel that this is what they are doing, then your business deserves to go elsewhere. A proper funeral home will work with you to have a very dignified, but affordable funeral when it comes to bury the ones you love. We all hope when our loved ones die, they have life insurance. If you aren’t sure and you know you will be the relative left to planning, you might want to check.