The Call of the Quest – An Intuitive Call to Story

The Call of the Quest – An Intuitive Call to Story

Though I consider this month the dead of winter, it has been particularly warm these past few days, so my son and I spent a lot of time on the balcony doing our homeschooling.

This afternoon, he told me twice as he was waiting for me to come out there, that he had seen several geese. I promised we would look it up in our Animal Speakbook but then I began to read one of the stories on our agenda for today.

Within minutes, I, myself, heard the geese, and my son and I stopped reading to look at each other in surprise.

Are you aware of your power animals?Although goose is not one of mine, power animals can join you for a time if they have an important message to impart. When that is the case, they come back again and again, in unusual or striking ways so that you can’t help but take notice.

That has been my experience for over a year now, with geese!

The goose is a totem reflecting a stimulation of the childhood thrill and belief in stories and legendary places. The story(s) we most loved in childhood often reflect the life quest we have come to take upon us in this lifetime. That is why it resonated with us so strongly.~~Ted Andrews, Animal-Speak

The goose also reflects a few other ways of helping…

1) It can help you write and communicate better. Meditating on a goose feather or using a quill pen can bring you the goose energy you need for the writing project you’re working on, whether that is a short story, a book, an article or a letter to the one you love.

2) It calls you to a spiritual quest. The honking noise it makes is said to be that call. its return in spring signifies your success in pursuing your quest.

3) It may be calling you to an entirely new path, predicting an upcoming change you aren’t aware of yet. Geese lead each other in “v” formations, which signifies that when you pursue your quest, you will make it easier for others to do so.

4) It also can signify that you are about to heal and release old childhood wounds and as a result, step into your power in a whole new way.

But its primary purpose is the call of the quest and the reminder to consider which childhood story is your life theme. Which childhood stories were your favorites?a