How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One

Choosing the right assisted living facility for your loved one requires careful consideration. During a tour, ask to see the rooms (and whether they can be decorated) and observe safety measures such as sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. Also, determine if activities are offsite or onsite and how often they occur.


The decision to move a loved one into an assisted living facility can be an emotional one. They will leave their home, neighborhood, and friends for a new life that may not always be easy to adjust to. Cost is a big factor when choosing an assisted living facility. Finding out how much it costs can be difficult as many facilities don’t advertise their prices on websites. Many will only give you a range or starting price. If you don’t have a lot of money saved up, you might be able to apply for Medicaid in your state to help cover the cost. There are also private payment options, such as long-term care insurance. In addition, some veterans receive aid and attendance benefits that can be applied toward assisted living costs. Regardless of your choice, work through your loved one’s concerns about their new situation. This will help to ease the transition.

Care Level

Sarasota assisted living is the perfect next step for older adults who need help with daily tasks, such as bathing, cooking, dressing, cleaning and taking medication. But it’s important to ensure your loved one will enjoy living at a facility that meets their specific care needs and personal lifestyle preferences. If you tour a community, ask to observe residents at mealtime and during an activity. Pay attention to the cleanliness of common areas and note how much interaction there is between residents. Also, find out if the facility can provide level 3 care, which is more hands-on assistance with ADLs. Some communities can offer this service within their facilities, so transitioning to higher-level care doesn’t require another move.

Activity Schedule

Many assisted living facilities have restaurants and cafes where residents can eat. Schedule a visit during mealtime to see the food quality and service. Also, ask if they offer second helpings or snacks outside of mealtime. If your loved one has a limited diet, this is important. Check the calendar to find out what activities are scheduled. See if your loved one will have the opportunity to go offsite for leisure trips and other activities. Often, these trips are especially meaningful to seniors who have left their homes and neighborhoods. It’s also important to acknowledge that your loved one is making a huge change in their lifestyle. Sympathize with their feelings, and call them and visit regularly. This will reassure them that they are still loved and cared for, even when they aren’t at home. A little bit of extra attention and a little love can make all the difference.


When you meet staff members during your assisted living facility tour, look for signs of happiness and a positive attitude. They’ll likely pass that unhappiness onto residents if they seem unhappy or bored. It’s also important to ask how long staff members have been with the company and what training they receive. Find out the staff-to-resident ratio during your tour, too. Your loved one may only get attention if the balance is reasonable. Also, please pay close attention to who dispenses medications and how they handle health concerns. During your assisted living facility tour, take notes and don’t leave without getting answers to your questions. By being well-prepared for your time, you can ensure your loved one will be happy in their new home. And that’s a good thing for both of you.