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Easy Feng Shui – Relationship Areas – Happy Family Area

The Happy Family area is about people in your life that feel like family as well as your biological family. Standing in the middle front of your home it is located on the left in the middle between Self Cultivation and Knowledge and the Prosperity corner. The element is wood and the color is green. This area represents safety and security in life, a strong foundation. This is an area that can hold the energetic intention to forgive and be at peace with family and friends.
Family energy and agreements can be some of the most difficult to navigates. When we incarnate we choose our parents and the family we are born into for our soul’s evolution. We pick the place where we can learn the most to fulfill our soul’s purpose. Sometimes we have wonderful families and sometimes we don’t.
The Happy Family area is where we can make an energetic intention to bless, forgive and release past family energy so that we can be empowered. When we forgive someone we do it for ourselves, for our freedom and happiness it has nothing to do with the other person. It is also a prosperity area for day to day money, money to pay the bills which contributes to feeling secure.
Healthy plants are great enhancements in this area. Place photos of family in wooden frames in this area. Use representations of water and the color black. Water feeds wood in the creative cycle.
My dining room is in the Happy Family area. I have an old dining room set with a large buffet. I have a green velvet scarf on the buffet with glass and crystal pieces on it and a mirror behind it. Glass and crystal that reflects light is wonderful for moving chi and is a symbol for water. The shape of water is undulating so light dancing through glass and crystal is perfect for the element of water. I also have a window seat that is full of pictures of family and plants. The whole feeling of this area is light.
Things to avoid in the Happy Family area are metal objects, round objects and the color white. Metal chops wood in the destructive cycle. So if you can’t move out some of the above from your family area add the color red or candles or even better, red candles. This represents fire which melts metal.
All of life is the relationship that begins with us as individuals remembering that we are the embodiment of the Divine. When we know that we lack nothing and are worthy of everything we desire we start to value ourselves. Creating a supportive environment through the practice of Feng Shui further affirms that value. If we nurture the relationship we have with ourselves through self love, forgiveness and validation we bring peace to our lives. That peace then extends to those closest to us and radiates out from there to encompass our fellow man and our planet. We are all one and healing begins at home.

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Build a Healthy Happy Family With Love That Makes the World Go Round

Robert Browning said, “Take away love, and our earth is a tomb”. Love changes everything, call it what you will, tender, passionate, warm personal attachment, deep affection, sexual passion, or desire. Love makes life meaningful for us, and love improves our quality of life and our general health and well being. Build a healthy family with love, as research have shown that unmarried people are being outlived by married people. Lower cancer rates are found in married people, and they are also more unlikely to suffer pneumonia than single people do. It also holds true that ovarian cancer patients with happy and gratifying relationships develop more white blood cells, which are desirable in killing cancerous cells. Happily married woman also have a much lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease than those in stressful and troublesome relationships. With love we can build a healthy happy family, and it gives us all the more reason to get involved in those loving feelings amongst each other.
Over time words tend to lose their meaning, and often do little to show the depth of your feelings. But if you constantly reinforce those worlds with small loving gestures, that special person will be subtly reminded of how much you love them every day.
In almost every success story you come across, you are bound to hear that without the support of family or friends, they would have struggled to reach their goals, or even may not have reached their goals at all. That is how important a family support system is, family love amongst one another, therefore it is crucial to build a healthy happy family. Family plays a vital role in anyone’s success with anything.
There is nothing like the support of a loving family. It is very important for your friends and family to understand and support you. Your goal achieving program will run smoothly when everyone around you is sensitive to your needs. Family support will do all of you a world of good.
Your family plays an integral role in your success with any goal. Family should be a close knit unit, and should always be there for each other not matter what. To build a healthy happy family should be a way of life, a long term goal. Be brave, give it a try, build a healthy family, I guarantee you will never regret it. Start today, do it today. Give yourself and your family a new lease on life, and be proud of each other’s accomplishments. Love your family, and love each other and build a healthy family.…

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Avoid Worry, Stop Stress

A quote from Abraham Lincoln says , “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
Living your life in a happy mood can have a really positive effect. Whenever I listen to the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, it more often than not have a somewhat therapeutic effect which also translates to a wonderful mood for me through the whole day. The song has a unique way of passing it’s message of being happy to everyone. Bobby Mcferiin’s stylish rendition and lyrics surely made a lot of people happy by telling them not to fret but to forget their worry.
Living a happy, bubbling and optimistic life is wonderful, and is also good for your health. Being happy actually protects you from the stresses of life. Stress is linked to top causes of death such as heart disease, cancer and stroke.Happiness is actually found in everyone, increasing it is a way to make a life more wonderful and also more healthy.
There are several ways by which you can do this.
Be Grateful: Learning the art of being grateful is a wonderful attitude. There is much to be thankful for. Thank the cab driver for driving with care, thank the cook for keeping the kitchen neat, and thank the guy who does your dry cleaning. Also thank the mailman for delivering your mails, thank the policeman for coming to your aid,thank your wife for a delicious meal,thank your child for helping to run an errand and thank God for being alive.
News is stressful: In order to be happy get less of it. Some people find it difficult starting their day without their daily dose of news. Think about it, About 80% of the news we hear or read is bad news. Starting your day with bad news does no good to your health nor that of your family and appears not to be a wise thing to do.
News is stressful : In order to be happy get less of it. Some people find it difficult starting their day without their daily dose of news. Think about it, About 80% of the news we hear or read is bad news. Starting your day with bad news does no good to your health nor that of your family and appears not to be a wise thing to do.
Time Management: Time is too important and precious to waste. Time management can be likened to a list of rules that involves setting goals, planning, creating lists of things to do, scheduling and prioritizing.
These are the core fundamentals of time management that should be understood to create an efficient personal time management skill. These basic skills can be fine tuned further to include the finer details of each skill that can give you that extra reserve to make the results you desire thereby giving you satisfaction and happiness.
Crack Jokes: ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ as they say.A physician ones told me that 50% of your problems could be solved if you laugh.Heard a any good joke? Tell your friends or family about it. It is always refreshing.
Express yourself : When you express your feelings, affections, and passion to people around you, you are more likely to have a healthy,stress-free life. They will most likely reciprocate your actions. Try not to bottle up anger of frustrations, this is bad for your health. Instead find ways of expressing them in a way that will not cause more injury or hurt to you or anyone.
A religious angle could also be applied to improve your level of happiness and this is also recommended. Being part of a religious group with its singing, chanting, prayers and meditations foster inner peace and happiness.
These are some of the few simple things you can do everyday with your family to be happy and avoid stress.
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”…

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Pack Lunch Boxes to Build a Healthy, Happy Family

Get the basics right. Plan it right. Skip the sweets and chips isle entirely while shopping. If it is not in the cupboard, it cannot make its way into their lunch boxes. Resist the easy option of packing chocolates, chips and canned fizzy drinks.
The actual lunch box is almost as important as what is in it, you cannot expect your child to eat squashed sandwiches and bruised fruit. Rather invest in a big sturdy plastic lunchbox. Think of quality and no the price when buying these.
Do not forget the liquids. Avoid energy juices and sodas. Rather opt for water or diluted pure fruit juices. In summer, prepare the drinks the night before and place in the freezer without the lid. The following morning remove the drinks from the freezer, replace the lid and wrap it in a tea towel to prevent the condensation of water to prevent the condensed water from making a mess on the school books.
What to pack when trying to include food from all the food groups. And also remember to pack enough food to last the whole day.
Complex carbohydrates.
Opt for whole wheat or log GI bread for your child’s sandwiches. Instead of just sliced bread, vary it with rolls that are perfect for hotdogs. Pita breads are also a fun option and the filling ideas and choices you have are endless. For a healthy snack, include a small bag of air popped popcorn. This you can pop the night before and just keep it in a re-sealable bag.
The options with fruits are endless, you can only be limited by your imagination. Bananas have always been a firm favorite, and they also come with their own packaging. Some other easy to eat options include grapes, nectarines, apples and pears. If you cannot get fresh fruit for whatever reason, keep a few packets of dried fruit in the cupboard. Dried mangos and guavas are very tasty and they are quick to eat.
Veggies are a little bit trickier. These are also usually kept for dinner time, but with a bit of imagination on your side you can get a few servings into their lunch boxes. Add tomato and cucumber to sandwiches, or grate carrots into a bran muffin mixture. If your child enjoys veggies, then simply chop up some carrots into fingers and pop them into the lunchbox with some cherry tomatoes and maybe a bit of cottage cheese for a dip.
Protein and Milk
Yogurt is always a winner. Although the individual tubs can be a bit pricey. Buy the one liter tub and decant into smaller containers, just remember the spoon. A plastic spoon is best as it can be thrown away or lost without worry. Sandwich fillings are a great way of getting in your protein serves. Chicken and cheese, or ham and tomato are tasty options. To get in a mils serve, make a yogurt smoothie by mixing mils and yogurt. Just place this in a suitable juice bottle and let freeze overnight.
Peanut butter and jam sandwiches are always a hit with children. Just check with the school if they are allowed. Some schools are restricting foods that contains peanuts, because of the large amount of children with peanut allergies. For the more experimental eaters, do an avocado on a sandwich with a bit of chicken and lettuce. Sandwich spread is another option that children enjoy.
Use these great tips to pack healthy lunch boxes in order to build a healthy happy family.…

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Talking to Your Teen Accurately – Part 2

Here are some reminders for you if you are about to discuss to your teens the issue on intelligent decision making and denial on sex until marriage.
1. Be true to yourself
Credibility comes with honesty. The message you are trying to hand over will be much clear, concise, credible and justified if you are able to share true experiences and examples.
2. Have the teens point of view in constructing your opinions
Before giving an advice, listen first to the teens’ full story then accept his/her perspective and give your opinion and justification to it. By this, you will gain their trust and they will not be afraid to tell everything to you.
3. Open up the topic little by little
Introduce sexuality gradually according to their capacity, for them to be not confused about all the information and details they are acquiring from outside. Make sure that your opinions are sound enough so your teen will be guided accordingly.
4. Take account of the disparity among boys and girls
There are different approach on relating to boys and girls with regards to sexuality. Boys will probably not be alarmed with statistics on pregnancy so might as well inform them some other things like responsibilities on partnership, parenthood and family management.
5. Clear your stand by being approachable and particular on your expectations
Coherent and logical reasoning as well as credible examples will make your really establish your stand. In this way, you will also convey your message clearly, despite of distractions to show that you love and care for them.
Tips on Parenting
• Do not be over imposing but instead act as the one who will hear, guide and advice them to show your love and care to them in terms of their social, emotional, spiritual, financial and physical well-being.
• Be updated on your teens’ activities once in a while because they are really curious to try out new things.
• Make your opinions really factual, reliable, accurate and loving for them to be not confounded by information from the environment.
• Your beliefs, values and character should be consistent and intact if you are discussing about issues on character building like sexuality, self control and relationships.
• Be sure that your teen is informed about your expectations and beliefs as well as in your intended limitations in your teens with regards to relationships and sexual expressions.…

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Lesson Plan Formats for Your Preschool Class

Lesson Plan Formats for Your Preschool Class

Creating a lesson plan is one of the most important jobs for a preschool teacher. Planning out your lessons will not only help you feel prepared, it will help to improve classroom management and will help you to meet the needs of individual children. Plus, creating a lesson plan will eliminate some of the stress in teaching.

The first part of this process is thinking about the entire year. You should first create a yearly or monthly overview of the themes that you plan to teach and the skills you plan on focusing on. This will allow you to incorporate holidays, seasons, etc. into your lesson plans. Plus, planning out the year in advance will allow you to collect materials, plan learning centers and plan field trips.

The next step in this process involves creating weekly or daily lesson plans. These lessons should integrate things like concepts, skill objectives, activities, etc. It is this weekly schedule that will allow you to plan out your days hour by hour in greater detail to create successful time management within the class.

The format of the weekly lesson plan should include several blocks of time usually starting with circle time. Typically circle time consists of attendance, the pledge, the date, talk about weather, a review of the week and an introduction to the lesson. It is the introduction to the lesson that should be placed on the lesson plan. Several things need to be considered when planning how you are going to introduce the day’s lesson. For instance, what is your objective; what do you want the children to learn? How will you get their attention? What are some of the key questions that you can ask? For example, if your theme for the week is bears. During circle time you might want to discuss parts of the bear’s body. This can be done by introducing a picture or a stuffed animal.

In addition to circle time, you will need to plan several other parts of the day. Your lesson plan format should include a block of time for reading readiness; a book that you plan on reading to the children that coincides with your theme. How will you incorporate your theme into a math and science lesson? Your daily lesson plan should also include a craft, music, activities that allow children to use their large and small motor skills and a snack.

By allotting time for each task you plan on covering, you can effectively keep children involved and interested. You will also effectively be able to break up the day so that the children will be effectively be able to release energy with a large motor skill activity as well as calm down with a craft or a snack.…

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On Strong Family Ties: Charity and Respect

1. Tips
A happy family is one that shows respect to each family member.
It is one that values the various strengths and talents that form the unit or community. These strengths when pulled together form big goals, not only for the family but for a bigger group or community. This community will be ready to go out and serve for progress.
A fruitful and happy community is one that supports the basic needs of the members. It teaches them how to live with dignity through hard work, education and sharing.
A strong unit or core group produces a good harvest, working on positive project results, and sharing the fruits of honest labor.
A strong core unit can stand alone and sustain its immediate need like food and some personal needs. Each member keeps himself/herself healthy and strong. Cleanliness of the body and surroundings is necessary for some comfort and proper time of rest, after a hard day’s work.
A time for social interaction is needed and a time for solitude is a must. A time for rituals, like church and prayers binds the family together.
2. Thoughts shared
My mother loved her son-in-law like her own son. My husband loved my mother like his own mother. And now that they have both passed away, I can see how happy they lived sharing for my family and children.
She accepted the faults of my husband.
He respected the mother and put her into a pedestal.
She was happy to know how my husband worked hard.
He adored her non-perfect cooking.
When we got all together, he was laughing when my mother rearranged my stuff. She was laughing when he never let me go out the house. Whatever was it in their minds, everyone was laughing in the house, and we were all happy.
Respect in the home is very important. Good manners and right conduct must never be forgotten. This is what separates human from animals. Here, I remember my mother telling me about breeding.
Breeding is taught at home and acquired around. How one acquires proper manners, education, and culture depends how the individual copes up in the demands of every situation and the people around him/her. There is always a room for improvement, though.
The core family, the government, school, private institutions, church, and the community must support each life to meet a goal of its own. This goal must be to enhance the improvement of the human race.
True enough, the offspring must be better than the parents. In any form of diversity among individuals, everything and everyone must meet in charity and respect.…