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Is Domestic Assault Extensive?

When there is a clear pattern of abusive behaviours in a closely connected group of people, then you will recognise there is domestic maltreatment. Family relationship, kinship, marriage, dating and friendship are instances of close family relationships. As discussed in the section below, domestic abuse has numerous kinds.
When someone resorts to kicking, beating, biting or throwing in order to contain another person he or she will be employing physical maltreatment against a person. A victim of physical abuse may suffer serious injuries, become disabled or die. Compared to other kinds of domestic violence, physical violence is easy to discover.
When force is used to compel someone to participate in some sexual act then that is classified as sexual maltreatment. This usually occurs to individuals who have particular exposures. Some good examples are such things as the influence of alcohol, pressure and disability. This type of ill-treatment is usually hard to recognise in families and marriages, because of special dependency aspects within the social systems of the human relationships.
Emotional violence or abuse is another type of domestic brutality which is sometimes so complicated to discover. Applying financial and economic dependency as a means of controlling a victim, is one of various ways which can be employed by an abusive person. Most victims will not speak out if they are threatened with the possibility of being humiliated or embarrassed in public, or isolated from friends and relatives. Blackmailing is a tool which is normally used to hold in the victim by applying threats of exposure of an embarrassing issue or by refusing access to financial resources.
Now, there are so many reasons why some individuals resort to domestic maltreatment.People are mainly influenced by psychological consequences such as individual manner in which families are integrated and the manner we are acted upon by the surroundings is likely to affect the way we treat others. For example, some people grow up in cultural settings which tolerate abusive behaviours towards women and children. This may also be regarded as the norm and normally society may choose to disregard abusive activities probably until this results into a fatality.
Maltreatment is caused by the use of alcohol and drugs in diverse circumstances. The usual conduct of a person is changed by drug utilisation and usually results in mental disorders which normally leads to brutality.
Sometimes the dominant determinants which push someone towards domestic brutality are the need to be authoritative and controlling all the time towards other family relationship members. Resorting to ill-treatment as a means of overcoming inadequacy is a possible reason some people who feel incomplete in some way or have low self-esteem usage. Socio-cultural and genetic influences are some of the complicated aspects affecting those individuals who like imposing their power on others.
Well, it is much better to prevent domestic assault than trying to find a solution to the problems created.Although very problematic, it is important to stand up against your abuser and speak out. Some individuals are of the impression that a solution will provide itself with time and therefore regards protecting the family image as more is probably better to speak to a close and trustworthy friend or relative and try to solve the issue without too much exposure. If the abuse is nasty or hazardous the best means is for the victim to report the matter to the police.…

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The Business of Silver – a Childhood Memory is Resurrected

The Business of Silver – a Childhood Memory is Resurrected

My first memory of Silver?

One of my memories as a young child was going to the home of one of my parents’ friends and eating the most delicious sweets, the best bit being the taste of the silver foil that glittered on the top. The memory was brought back when a recent ‘business transaction’ was carried out over a plate of these tasty sweets.

The use of silver foil in food goes back thousands of years in India. Today, Betel leaf and Indian sweets covered with silver foil are a special attraction for Western tourists travelling to India. I thought it might be interesting for the Business community to get an insight into the subject, especially as many communications, negotiations and business deals are completed over these delicacies.

What exactly is Varakh?

Barfis (an Indian sweet) are delicacies made from khava, a milk product resembling ricotta cheese. The distinctive characteristic of Barfi is that it is covered in varakh (also spelt vark or varak). This popular garnish is actually a foil of very pure silver which gives the sweet a shimmering decorative aspect and a cool, metallic taste. Varakh is made by pounding silver into a sheet just a few micro-metres thick and then laying or rolling these over the sweets.

Why do some say it is controversial?

Silver foil has produced some controversies as some claim that the consumption of varakh is sacrilegious to vegetarians and Hindus as the intestines of oxen and other cattle are used in its manufacture, e.g., some reports claim that animals’ intestines are used as the ‘binding pages’ in a notebook. They report that an animal’s gut is cut open into one large piece from which strips are cut which are piled on top of each other and bound to form a book of a hundred or so leaves.

Small, thin strips of silver are then placed between the sheets and the ‘book’ is put into a pouch and sealed. This ‘bag’ is then pounded with wooden sticks for up to eight hours a day (generally as home-business ventures) to produce extremely thin foils of silver. The foil is then very carefully lifted from between the leaves of the book and placed between sheets of paper and sold to sweet makers (mithaiwallas).

Is it harmful?

The silver is not considered harmful to the body as the quantities involved in normal use are minuscule. However there have not been any studies on the cumulative amounts of silver that can be ingested safely over a lifetime of eating sweets. But then again, who knows the cumulative effect of all the various food stuffs that we all eat on a daily basis? All we really know is that our constitution is indeed made up of what we eat.

What is the cost?

Although the silver foil is microscopically thin, being a precious metal it can be expensive to use for sweets and delicacies. According to studies, usually four foils are used per kilogram (2.2 lbs.) of sweets. Surveys estimate that the average consumption of sweets by a family of four in India is about 100 kilograms per year which translates to a cost of approximately $ 40 million U.S. Dollars.

And cost of edible gold? Now there is a topic for another article.…

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Adjusting Your Child to Life in Child Care Centres

Adjusting Your Child to Life in Child Care Centres

If you have just enrolled your child in a child care centre then you must have faced situations like watching your child crying loudly on the first day when you say good-bye. Some children are very excited for going to child care centres. The child care centre tries to decrease you and your child’s stress as much as possible for them.

Here are some tips that can help you to adjust your child in Child Care Centres:

Before sending your child into a childcare centre you should talk to your child in beforehand. You should make them aware about the centre they will be going and what they are going to do there.

Try to take your child to the carer and make them familiar with them before sending them to the child care centre. Your little-one might be having any doubts in his or her mind about the new atmosphere and might ask you some questions. Then try to make everything clear to them.

When you are going to leave your little-one to the caring centre, try to reach there at least before 15 minutes of the regular time. This can help your child to clinch into an activity. If your child adjusts in that activity and start having fun then it might be easy for you to leave from there.

You can even let your loved-one carry some of his or her favourite soft toys or any familiar object. This can help your child to adjust in the new atmosphere of the child care centre.

Always try not to rush while leaving your loved-one into an activity and give him or her enough time to settle there.

When you are leaving your child at the childcare centre then always take care about your own body language while seeing them off. Because your face expressions and emotions can affect them in adjusting to that new atmosphere.

While leaving your child try not to creep out of the door as it complicate the situation. Your child may feel insecure thinking they will never meet you again.

If you feel that your child has made his or her mind then you may ask someone else in your family to drop him at the child care centre.

If your child is facing some problem at the centre or with any of the child there then talk to the carer if they can help to solve that problem before the situation becomes worse.

When your child starts getting used to the new atmosphere of the child care centre avoid breaking the routine.

You have to be patient and must accept the fact it may take longer for your infant to adjust to the new care situation. Adjusting is different for different children.

You must keep this fact in your mind that sometimes the childcare service you have chosen for your child may not have been a right choice for your child. There might be some problem between you your child’s carer.

In the end, we conclude that with the tips mentioned above it will be easy for you to adjust your child in child care centres.…

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Saving Your Sanity, Teaching Children Respect and Creating a Happy Family!

Teaching Children Respect
It is always with astonishment that I see parents bully and belittle their children and then complain that those same children are hateful or disrespectful!
Honestly, how loving and respectful can a child feel about someone who constantly criticizes and frightens them? What must it be like for a little kid to be yelled at constantly? I wonder how it must feel to have Mom or Dad, the most important people in your life, always demanding that you DO something, eat right now – or else! Go to sleep this instant! Can you imagine always being threatened and being told to shut up! Sit down! Go away! Wow! It is an echo of our own childhood that is behind this crazy parenting behavior. We feel justified because it feels so normal and familiar. In reality there is no justification for such abuse towards the smallest and weakest among us. We should not condone this treatment of children and we should challenge ourselves to become better more enlightened parents.
The attitude of “spare the rod and spoil the child” is rampant in our society. Many parents that would never physically strike their child may still use the “rod” of words. Words can sting much more than a spanking and may never be forgotten. Think of your own childhood, and chances are that you still have a few hurtful sentences running around in your head! I know I do.
Children are born sensitive beings. From the moment they are conscious they are watching us. Learning from every example, every word spoken, every attitude that we project. The idea that children should “Do as I say, not as I do” is ridiculous! It might make a struggling parent feel better to say that, but it’s just not the way it is. Children learn what they see. They model the behavior that is in front of them. Parents are the most important and influential role models for their children. Hands down. I suspect that the saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is more from modeling than genetics! I certainly hear my Mothers words randomly coming out of my mouth!
Being a parent is a very challenging journey. It never ends, and children will always reflect back the dysfunction within a family. Perhaps the greatest challenge is not just the daily work of raising kids, the feeding, clothing, watching their every move, but rather in the personal growth that is demanded of a parent. My own on going journey through Motherhood has brought me to my knees more than once, and forced me to examine and challenge my own attitudes about everything. It has pushed me to mature and grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined possible, and at the end of the day has brought meaning, joy and connection to my life that has made it all worthwhile. More than worthwhile…Priceless!…

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Robbed of Childhood

Robbed of Childhood

That our children in the 21st Century have been robbed of their childhood is a fact that does not need belaboring. With the advent of the Internet, we kissed childhood for our kids a long and tearful goodbye! I do not think that parents in the 21st Century could ever give their children too much information. With the click of the mouse our innocent children can access more information than we could ever dream of giving them.

I believe that what we as parents need to do is to counter the information that our children are getting bombarded with on the Internet.

We need to spend more time with our children and take a greater interest in the knowledge that they are getting not only from the Internet but also from their peers. Children are accessing pornography off the Internet at a younger and younger age. What was rated ‘R’ when we were growing up is rated ‘PG’ today. Young children are watching brazenly, what would make their grand parents reach for their oxygen masks!

It is our duty as custodians of our children to monitor what our children are reading and watching on television as well as accessing on the Internet. No child likes to be monitored but who said parenting was a democracy?

When I was growing up I thought my parents were the worst dictators that I had ever met. Today I am so grateful that they took their role as parents seriously. Their first duty was never to please me but to help me. They taught me to make right choices whose consequences I would not regret later on in life. That principle should be no different today as our children are assaulted and bombarded with unfiltered information from television, the Internet and their peers.

Our children are getting too much information and it is robbing them of their childhood. The sad thing is that many times parents do not even come into the picture. While the parents are out chasing dollars so that they can keep up with the Jones’ their kids are 8yrs old going on 16, thanks to the Internet.…

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Moral Training For a Healthy Imagination

Moral Training For a Healthy Imagination

It’s a little hard to determine, but we wonder–and often–what will bring us that extra pinch of life, peace, relief or joy, particularly when the world crowds us in. For instance, when Sunday approaches and then disappears from view as we enter our Mondays. Back to work it is for us! What happened to that time off?

We can all fall too easily for the life of ‘just keeping up’ as any true peace is eked out of us and we flop hopelessly in front of the television each night (or whatever else you do to relax) exhausted.

This life saps our imaginations. We live to keep up and there’s no room for the child within us–yes, we’re still kids at heart!–to reinvigorate or re-inspire themselves or us!

But moral training can help in at least two ways; firstly, as we train in moral living we free up time and opportunity to live more peacefully and congruently with the true nature of life, and secondly, we inspire within the imagination more pure “childlike” thoughts–of healthy, effective, positive play. Moral training (or living) is a space-giver.

There seems to be a belief in certain circles that our childhood has given way to adulthood and certainly on many levels this belief is a reality. But the essence of God is to give us back our imaginations, our creativity and our innovation–as the very drivers of fun in life; the very mechanism of success. He wants us to take life less seriously so far as we are personally concerned; but more serious we are to take issues of life pertaining to others.

Imaginations never go away. It’s true. In a moment we can be back to playing as a kid in an adult world (with accountability and responsibility and all that stuff!) and still be making a worthwhile contribution. Indeed, the perfect blend of adult and child brings the necessary mix of action in the world that’s non-threatening, open, alive, spontaneous and effective.

But, none of this happens without a good, healthy, vibrant imagination. It’s up to us to engender this; it won’t be external circumstances or another person on the face of the earth that’ll do it.

The way to this warehouse of imaginative power is through virtue–the moral store that we can buy from freely. It’s a decision to be honest, kinder, more loving and giving as much as ensuring we control our appetite for those enchanting things we naturally desire (and sometimes too much).

Google the ‘fruits of the Spirit,’ sometime.

Space and time are abstract concepts. Why be swallowed whole by the encroaching world when we can choose to escape it at the proper time using the right i.e. moral way?

This escape gains us time, energy, enthusiasm and perspective. And the best thing, it costs us no amount of guilt or shame. Escaping in immoral ways always involves either guilt or shame or both.

Get out in the open. Breathe the fresh air of the Spirit.

A� 2010 S. J. Wickham.…

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Gear Up For a Great Year and Build a Healthy Happy Family This Year

Tips for a smooth school year start with creating a shelf, a basket or an area by the front door for each family member to store what he or she will need the next morning. Then make the lunches for the next day the night before and refrigerate them. Check the weather report so you have in mind the clothing items needed for the next day, and already put these out the previous night as well. If you think about preparing a fancy healthy breakfast for the next day, prepare what you can the night before and just re-heat everything the next morning. Start your families’ day the right way with a big healthy breakfast that will help you build a healthy happy family every day.
Preparing for school is a formidable task for both the parents and the children. After the holiday your children probably have developed some bad habits like sleeping late at night, and waking up later and being glued to the television set for most of the day. Now you on the other had also have to wake up extra early to get the kids ready for school, and to get them to school on time. According to some studies parents who prepare their children for the transition between holiday and school can help ease stress for the whole family.
Establish some rules before the school year begins again. Lay down some firm rules about waking up times, going to sleep times and doing homework times for example. With this have a meeting with the children and also take in to consideration their input.
Build a healthy family and break the bad habits. And number one on your list should be your children’s sleeping and waking up times. You can make the transition from holiday to school bedtimes easier by making them go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night for about two weeks before school starts.
Reinforce the right behavior and build a healthy happy family. To keep your children on the right track, reward them to keep them motivated. For example, let them sleep a bit later on weekends if they adhere to the rules during the week.
Ease your child’s worries and anxieties about the school year. Children have a lot to content with in their schooling career, peer pressure and bullying for example. A good way to give your child control over the uncertainty is to confront them in the beginning of the school year, and to involve them in preparations, such as letting them choose their lunch menus.
Get them to eat healthy family meals and build a healthy family. Family meals are a comforting ritual for the family. It adds predictability to life and relief from the stresses we all encounter every day. An also according to research, children who eat healthier are more likely to eat fruits, vegetables, grains and are less likely to snack on unhealthy foods and also less likely to smoke, use marijuana or drink alcohol. Give them good healthy food and build a healthy happy family.
Work on your marriage and build a healthy happy family. With the ever alarming increasing rate of divorce these days, parents need to work on making their relationship more than ok, for themselves and for the sakes of their children. Parents are the foundation of the home, to build a healthy family. Parents are the model of how relationships should be for their children. Marriage takes a lifetime to perfect, so see how far you get this year. Therefore to build a healthy happy family, parents need to stay independent. To have separate interests is a good thing; it ensures you have something unique to bring to the conversation. Experiencing the same thing day after day gets really dull. Do not take each other for granted, everyone needs to feel needed and wanted. Tell and who your partner how important they are to you every day. Talk to each other more often, share everything that happens to you in your day to day life, and get closer to each other and build a healthy family. Be intimate with each other; do not get boring once you have kids. Be the same people that you once were. Book a babysitter and go on dates with each other occasionally, of even stay over at a hotel for the night.
Then just remember to keep your goals for your family in mind throughout the year, implement and think of them regularly even as the excitement of the New Year starts to wear off. Your reward will be a happier, healthier and richer family life. Start today to build a healthy family.…