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Family Relationships

Find Your Happiness by Working on Your Family

Today’s fast pace environment just doesn’t give couples the ability to sit down and enjoy each others company. We have to worry about the kids schooling, the soccer practices, dance classes, karate classes and the million other things that we all feel we need to do for our families in order to make us as parents feel that we are doing all that we can to help our children live normal and productive lives. But in reality, we are only burning ourselves out.
How do I go about changing my life?
Parent needs to come to the understanding that children will develop at their own pace. There is really no need to have your child signed up for 2 different sports and a class in order for them to fell accepted by society. They get all their time socializing and connecting with friends at school and playing in their local neighborhood. Sure a sport could be beneficial to your child, but only in the case that they want to play the sport. Not because you feel it would be good for them.
Sit down and have dinner together
Having a meal together is a great way for you to reconnect with your spouse and your children. It is common in many cultures that all dinners would be around a simple table without any distractions. No TV, radio, or gaming systems. Talk with other about your days. Sharing your activities will help your children see that you have an interest in what they do during the day.
Set up some family time
Running around like a chicken with your head cut off is not healthy for you or your family. Organize yourself with a planner and make sure to set up some family time a side in your schedule. Use this time to take the family to a move or out to a park. Have some fun. Think back to how you felt when you got to go to the park and spend time with your dad fishing or with your mom at the playground.
We all want what is best for our children in the future and feel obligated to do everything that we can to make sure they have those opportunities that we never had. But how would you feel now if you would not have had those special moments with your parents when you where growing up. Those are memories that will always stick with us throughout the rest of our lives.…

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5 Reasons to Sign your Child for the Open Dance Lakewood Classes

Having a child is a blessing. Having more of them is even a greater one. Seeing how they grow up into amazing human beings is something that every parent dreams about.

During the growing up process, all children show signs of attention to some things. Some kids love painting, others do great in sports, while some like to dance. If your child seems to love dancing, it’s time to take them to dance classes. See more about it here.

In this article, we’re going to share five reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate and do it. These five reasons will explain to you why dancing is amazing for children. Read on and learn more about this!

1. Increases physical activity

When the child starts taking dance classes it is starting to indulge in a physical activity that is most needed for all kids. In a time when most children are obsessed with games and smartphones, it’s crucial to have them waste some energy.

The dance classes are going to exhaust them entirely. It takes a lot of physical strength to perform some of the moves required for the choreography in the dance routine. If they take just two classes during the week, be sure that this will be just enough for their physical strength.

2. Improves teamwork and socialization

When your child attends dance classes, they are going to do the same routine with lots of other children. The coach is going to ask them to work together and communicate. All this improves teamwork and socialization.

Kids make new friends and get to hang out with them after the classes. They will also learn what it takes to make the project run smoother and better by communicating with others during the class. That’s how teamwork skills are developed. Something that will be highly beneficial for their future careers, whatever they might be.

3. Understanding and learning about art

Dancing is a part of the many art forms there are. It is something that flames up creativity. Aside from the rules that must be followed while creating the choreography, children who attend dance classes are becoming more creative themselves.

All this leads to paying more attention to art in general. If they continue dancing in the future, they are going to become more creative than others. This will make them become more interested in art and start exploring the various ways of creating.

4. Helps with maintaining perfect posture

As we already mentioned above, kids these days have a serious problem with spending too much time on computers, smartphones, and in front of the television set. This is wrong on many different levels. One of the issues is the creation of a bad posture that can ultimately lead to bad health. See more about great posture here:

To prevent this, children must be physically active. When they dance, they will be forced to stand still and maintain proper posture. In other words, every kid that visits these types of classes will learn how to stand properly and grow up having a perfect posture at all times.

5. Improves health

With a lack of movement and physical activity, comes bad health. Humans are designed to move all the time. They need muscles and constant activity to maintain good overall health. Children move a couple of times more than adults. If a child is not physically active, it will create bad habits that will lead to bad health later in life.

This is why dancing is so important. With it, they get to be happy doing what they love, and they are also going to be active as more as possible. It will teach them some excellent values in life, which will improve their health. Good health habits as a child will lead to a healthy adult individual.


All these points show exactly why dancing can be so beneficial. Trying Dance Lakewood means being involved in this art. If you want them to be healthy, active, and creative, this is the thing they need to do.

Of course, their happiness is also important. Every child loves dancing. If you let them do this at least a couple of times a week, be sure that they’ll be happy as they can be.…

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Close Family

Love a “Loser” and Build a Healthy Happy Family

Sometimes we are very fortunate to be backed by a strong support team. Ironically, though it is sometimes those closest to us who succeed in derailing our attempts to unlearn destructive lifestyle habits.
Parents often exhort children to “eat up, it is good for you”. Thereby you establish a vicious cycle where food intake is equated with love and approval. The implication to this is that if your child does not eat all the food that has been prepared, he is made to feel ungrateful and unloving. If you see food as a reward and a substitute for love, you will probably be one to use it as a source of comfort every time you experience a crisis, with disastrous consequences for your weight and health. Let them be when they do not want to eat anymore, and build a healthy family.
Then there are also the loving parents, who discourage their beloved ones slimming attempts. “I love you just the way you are, you do not need to lose weight” they would say. These people might be trying to manipulate you psychologically, out of some sort of feat that if you lose weight you will be more difficult to control. A slim, healthy attractive part might be viewed as a threat. The particularly happens when your partner has also steadily gained weight over the years. Get your partner to join you in your weight loss efforts and build a healthy happy family.
Once you have made up your mind to achieve optimum healthy, and to gain control over your weight, it is vital that you let “diet detailers'” know you are wise to their tricks. Those who love you dearly may not even be aware that they are attempting to sabotage you, and they could be very hurt if you confront the issue with them too forcefully. Take it gently yet firmly and explain to them how much it means to you to lose weight and also to get the whole family to join in order to build a healthy family. Try to turn this into an opportunity to spend more quality time together. Ask them to be your weight loss buddy and build a healthy happy family. This will provide you with the vital back-up support system that you need. And it will also eliminate any feelings of insecurity they might experience as you begin to reveal your new slimmer sexier healthier body.
When you reach a milestone in your weight loss journey, do not be afraid to shout if from the rooftops. Chances are good that when your friends and your family see your enthusiasm and your happiness, they will begin to provide the much needed support you crave.
Your remarkable achievements will be as much a tribute to your loved ones as it is to your own determination.…

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9 Factors Affecting Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

9 Factors Affecting Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

The damaging effects from sexual abuse can be life-long if assistance is not received to work through the issues. The sooner the treatment, the less likely are the long-term negative results. Unfortunately, most people sexually abused do not receive treatment until years or decades later, if ever. Following are 9 factors that influence the damage from sexual abuse.

1. The age the abuse began. There are the experts who believe that the earlier the abuse, the more damage occurs. This is because the younger the child, the fewer emotional resources s/he has to cope with what has happened. Other experts believe just as strongly that the older the child when abused, the more damage there is. This is because the older the child, the more clearly s/he knows that something is wrong.

2. How long and how often the abuse occurred. One event causes damage. The longer the exploitation lasts and the more frequent it is, the greater the trauma. The child begins to form ways of coping which can include leaving the body or forming other personalities to cope with the events.

3. The type of sexual activity. Someone whose body has been penetrated experiences more severe problems than one who was forced to watch someone masturbate or witness sexual activity. A child forced to witness another child violated will, usually, have greater negative emotional issues than one forced to view pornographic pictures of a non-violent nature.

4. Whether or not violence was used. There are two opposite poles to this one. The ones that seem to experience more damage are those who were more violently forced to participate or, on the other extreme, either allowed it to happen or willingly participated.

5. The number of years separating the participants. I almost used “perpetrator and victim” here, but believe this is an over-reaction. If a 6-year old initiates playing doctor with a 5-year old there may be no problems at all unless the parents over-react to the situation. The same is true of an 18-year old and a 15-year old. A 12-year old and 5-year old will cause severe problems.

6. The gender of the perpetrator. People struggling with sexual identification will have a more difficult time if there was activity between them and someone of the same gender. This seems to complicate the resolution of sexual molestation issues.

7. When no one believes them or does nothing. There can be complications with children who either try to tell someone or does tell, and nothing happens. When punished for lying, trust which has already been broken is destroyed. The child who doesn’t tell may wish s/he had told someone, but doesn’t experience the devastation… or the possible support.

8. The response of social service agencies, police and the courts. If there is shaming, having to testify, especially against a parent or family member, or weak attempts to help, damage is compounded.

9. The relationship to the abuser. Was the abuser a parent who perpetrated the violation, or a sibling? Was the perpetrator a stranger or an authority figure who was supposed to protect, such as member of the clergy, counselor or law enforcement? The more closely related, and the more trust that was given to the perpetrator, the deeper the effects.

These are some of the most basic factors affecting the long-term effects of sexual abuse of a child. All of them are taken into account when the individual enters therapy to assist in overcoming the damage done to his or her life.…

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Happy Family Tips

Relaxing Vacations In Ski Chalets

When one mentions the word chalet, often images of skiing in the Swiss Alps come to mind, but one does not have to go to Switzerland or be a pro-skier to experience a chalet vacation! Travelling to any ski resort, whether in the USA, Canada, or Europe, chalets can provide an excellent opportunity to relax, have a mug of hot chocolate by the fireplace, and unwind in the isolation of snowy mountains surrounded by loved ones or strangers about to become new friends.
The dictionary defines a chalet as a wooden home with a sloped roof and overhanging eaves, common in Switzerland and other areas in the Alps, but these days it’s not restricted to Switzerland at all. Most cottage or lodges built to resemble chalets in the Alps are called chalets. In some parts of Quebec, any vacation home built near a ski hill is called a chalet, whether or not its built in the traditional style.
Chalets were originally used by dairy farmers in Europe during the summer months. To prevent the milk from spoiling during transport, they would stay in the chalets and make milk or cheese. In the early years of the 20th century the idea came about to use these chalets as a holiday, an extension of the country house weekend. In the early sixties, chalets were accommodations that one would share with eight or ten guests to share. Sharing the one chalet also meant sharing one hot water tank so guests would race to be the first people back inside after the lifts stopped. Those that came after the first one back were rewarded with afternoon tea as a consolation prize. The warm tea became a staple of chalet-living and continues to this day with either tea, hot cocoa or good quality wine.
Guests visiting these rustic ski resorts can also partake in some obvious activities: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or some indoor activities like board games or some friendly rounds of poker. If you do decide to partake in some sports activities, skiing is a fairly popular sport that people of all ages and ability levels can participate in. It can be a great idea for a family vacation, and a good opportunity to bond with your children as they learn to make it down the bunny slopes!
If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you may want to try your hand (or foot?) at snowboarding. Snowboarding is much like skiing on one wide ski, but requires much more core strength and can challenge your balancing abilities. Those who have much experience with downhill skiing may want to try snowboarding for a more challenging experience.
Those considering a skiing trip should also consider the arrangements that need to be made about their equipment. Most chalets have the ability to provide ski/snowboard rental as well as boot rentals. You’ll also need to ensure you pack snow gear such as a ski jacket and ski pants, as well as snow goggles and of course hats and mitts.
Once you’re done your outdoor activities for the day, plan to take a dip in the warm jacuzzi or take a few moments to sweat out some toxins in the sauna. Or, feel free to grab a mug of something warm and curl up in front of the fire with a loved one. There’s plenty of peace and quiet to enjoy once you’ve made the time to vacation at a ski resort.
Whether you decide to go to a chalet in a secluded mountain cranny in the Swiss Alps, or find a luxury resort in the Canadian Rockies, once you’ve had a wonderful travel experience like this you’ll be coming back for more every year!…

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The Facts and Statistics of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

The Facts and Statistics of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Childhood obesity has become a worldwide epidemic. Did you know that 1 in 5 children are obese and 1 and 4 are considered overweight. Minority children suffer even higher rates of obesity. All of these statistics are very alarming and there are several contributing factors that have led to this epidemic. You should understand that childhood obesity affects children exactly like obesity affects adults. Both obese children and adults have a higher chance of developing hypertension, high cholesterol, low self-esteem, asthma, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes and even some forms of cancer.

Here are some interesting facts about childhood obesity.

1. Both adults and children with lower education and income levels are more likely to become overweight or obese.

2. Children that have overweight or obese parents are more likely to be overweight or obese as well.

3. Children that were not breastfeed have higher risk of becoming obese children and adults.

4. Children watch about 10 to 20 food and drink commercials per day.

5. In the United States alone, food and beverage companies spend millions of dollars marketing their products to children. Unfortunately, many of these products are extremely high in sugar, fat and calories.

6. Obese children have a higher risk of dying prematurely than children of normal weight

7. Young female children that have physically inactive mothers are more likely to be sedentary and ultimately become overweight.

8. Statistics show that children and teens that spend more than 4 hours per day watching television or on computer are more likely to become overweight or obese.

In today’s economic times, most households have both parents working outside the home. Unfortunately this situation leaves children at home alone watching television or surfing the internet for hours where they are inundated with advertisement after advertisement for tasty but unhealthy treats and snacks. As these children begin to gain weight, some are ridiculed and bullied which can lead to depression and low self-esteem. With depression and low self-esteem, children can develop even more weight and health problems.

Parents of children that have a higher risk for obesity should be mindful of their child’s diet and exercise routine. These statistics do not mean a child is destined to become overweight or obese. It simply means that they have a higher chance. If both you and your child work hard and stay on top of your child’s diet, exercise and health, you can both break the cycle of obesity.…

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Simple Steps to Ease Childhood Obesity Problems

Simple Steps to Ease Childhood Obesity Problems

In my previous article, I talked about the growing danger of childhood obesity in wealthy and developed nations, especially the United States. This problem is partly caused by the lifestyle changes that are going on in those countries. One of the major foundations of the lifestyle changes is the rapid advancements of technology. It is undeniable that technology has helped in making our life easier, but you have to remember that technology can also become a double-edged sword. With advanced technology, we do not need to do as much labor intensive work as we used to do in the past. Unfortunately, with the abundance of stored energy, only a handful of people exercise regularly. Most prefer to enjoy variety of indoor entertainments such as video games, television, and DVD movies. In addition, with their busy schedules, more people are getting more dependent on fast foods which are usually high in saturated fat and generally not as healthy as home-cooked foods.

When parents are enjoying this kind of lifestyle, naturally their children will follow along and imitate their habits. No wonder, we encounter so many childhood obesity problems lately. Furthermore, it is getting more difficult to find healthy meals at school cafeterias. More schools have allowed variety of fast food vendors to rent some of space at the school cafeterias. Moreover, vending machines that we can regularly see at schools, are usually stocked with candy bars and soda. So, in essence, our children are learning bad habits that can lead childhood obesity from their parents at home. Then, these habits get enforced at school with the blatant display of variety of not so healthy foods. So, now do you still wonder why many of our children are getting obesity problems?

So, what should parents do to help their children cope with their obesity problems? With the intense exposure to junk food ads and vendors, you might think that this is going to be a tough and hopeless battle to fight. But, do not lose your hope yet, as long as you are committed to find a solution, there will always be a way out. One thing that you need to remember is that you, as parents have to get actively involved in your children’s effort to get into better shapes. If you just create some training regimen and expect that your children will follow along without you getting involved, then your plan will most likely fail.

For starter, the first thing that you can do is to reduce the amount of fat in the meals that you serve for your family. As you change your eating habit, your children will slowly follow along. In no time, your family should have a better and healthier eating habit.

After reducing the amount of fat, the next thing that you can do is to increase physical activity. Not only can exercise help you reduce the fat in you body, it can also improve your mental states and make your muscles firm. Of course, you should start off by dong some simple exercises like playing some outdoor activities with your children. This way, your children will have an easier time adapting to their new lifestyles. Then, as time goes, you and your children can slowly increase the physical activities.…