Relaxing Vacations In Ski Chalets

When one mentions the word chalet, often images of skiing in the Swiss Alps come to mind, but one does not have to go to Switzerland or be a pro-skier to experience a chalet vacation! Travelling to any ski resort, whether in the USA, Canada, or Europe, chalets can provide an excellent opportunity to relax, have a mug of hot chocolate by the fireplace, and unwind in the isolation of snowy mountains surrounded by loved ones or strangers about to become new friends.
The dictionary defines a chalet as a wooden home with a sloped roof and overhanging eaves, common in Switzerland and other areas in the Alps, but these days it’s not restricted to Switzerland at all. Most cottage or lodges built to resemble chalets in the Alps are called chalets. In some parts of Quebec, any vacation home built near a ski hill is called a chalet, whether or not its built in the traditional style.
Chalets were originally used by dairy farmers in Europe during the summer months. To prevent the milk from spoiling during transport, they would stay in the chalets and make milk or cheese. In the early years of the 20th century the idea came about to use these chalets as a holiday, an extension of the country house weekend. In the early sixties, chalets were accommodations that one would share with eight or ten guests to share. Sharing the one chalet also meant sharing one hot water tank so guests would race to be the first people back inside after the lifts stopped. Those that came after the first one back were rewarded with afternoon tea as a consolation prize. The warm tea became a staple of chalet-living and continues to this day with either tea, hot cocoa or good quality wine.
Guests visiting these rustic ski resorts can also partake in some obvious activities: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or some indoor activities like board games or some friendly rounds of poker. If you do decide to partake in some sports activities, skiing is a fairly popular sport that people of all ages and ability levels can participate in. It can be a great idea for a family vacation, and a good opportunity to bond with your children as they learn to make it down the bunny slopes!
If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you may want to try your hand (or foot?) at snowboarding. Snowboarding is much like skiing on one wide ski, but requires much more core strength and can challenge your balancing abilities. Those who have much experience with downhill skiing may want to try snowboarding for a more challenging experience.
Those considering a skiing trip should also consider the arrangements that need to be made about their equipment. Most chalets have the ability to provide ski/snowboard rental as well as boot rentals. You’ll also need to ensure you pack snow gear such as a ski jacket and ski pants, as well as snow goggles and of course hats and mitts.
Once you’re done your outdoor activities for the day, plan to take a dip in the warm jacuzzi or take a few moments to sweat out some toxins in the sauna. Or, feel free to grab a mug of something warm and curl up in front of the fire with a loved one. There’s plenty of peace and quiet to enjoy once you’ve made the time to vacation at a ski resort.
Whether you decide to go to a chalet in a secluded mountain cranny in the Swiss Alps, or find a luxury resort in the Canadian Rockies, once you’ve had a wonderful travel experience like this you’ll be coming back for more every year!