When Self Esteem Gets Low

When Self Esteem Gets Low

Self-esteem is having confidence in one’s own worth and abilities and it causes us to hold our head up high because of the natural worth and value of our own selves. However, at times and for some people, something is not just right with the way they feel about themselves and it variably affects their self-esteem. This effect completely changes their view and perception about the people around them and generally, their world.

There are two categories of people with low self-esteem: People that had a childhood factor that affected their esteem all through their young life and up till their adult age. An instance of a factor that can cause low self-esteem in this category is a child that was verbally and physically abused, who had to grow up with effects of the abuse. The child grows up with fear and the whole negativity in her surroundings, and ends up not having an atom of belief in her. In the second category are people that did not grow up with low self-esteem, but an event or a circumstance in their later life negatively attacked their esteem. An instance of a factor in this category is sudden weight gain by an individual, accident that might alter physical appearances, negative friends and partners, and other physical and emotional insecurities. The individual is suddenly faced with an unusual situation that seems out of hand and this brings in fear and lack of self-worthiness.

Generally, the most common factor that causes low self-esteem in adult and children is sexual abuse. Most of the individuals that were abused, either as a child or an adult definitely develop low self-esteem at some point in their life.

Some of the things that can be done when one’s self esteem gets low is, the individual shoving an entire wrong and limiting past experiences in to the garbage of past! Driving one’s self beyond the limitations and boundaries that the experience might have set, by not allowing childhood experiences ruin a better now and thereby, surrendering the power of an awesome present to a bitter past. Also, surrounding one’s self with positive people and being in a positive environment helps a great deal. Do away with hanging around negative friends and colleagues; anything that brings down your energy level should be avoided. That way the individual re-establishes belief in his/her self.

Understand the uniqueness of your entire being and that no one can ever be who you are. Lack of belief in this specialty of your existence is a waste of potential, and never forget that you are a wonder to your world therefore, take charge and live life to the fullest!