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On Strong Family Ties: Charity and Respect

1. Tips
A happy family is one that shows respect to each family member.
It is one that values the various strengths and talents that form the unit or community. These strengths when pulled together form big goals, not only for the family but for a bigger group or community. This community will be ready to go out and serve for progress.
A fruitful and happy community is one that supports the basic needs of the members. It teaches them how to live with dignity through hard work, education and sharing.
A strong unit or core group produces a good harvest, working on positive project results, and sharing the fruits of honest labor.
A strong core unit can stand alone and sustain its immediate need like food and some personal needs. Each member keeps himself/herself healthy and strong. Cleanliness of the body and surroundings is necessary for some comfort and proper time of rest, after a hard day’s work.
A time for social interaction is needed and a time for solitude is a must. A time for rituals, like church and prayers binds the family together.
2. Thoughts shared
My mother loved her son-in-law like her own son. My husband loved my mother like his own mother. And now that they have both passed away, I can see how happy they lived sharing for my family and children.
She accepted the faults of my husband.
He respected the mother and put her into a pedestal.
She was happy to know how my husband worked hard.
He adored her non-perfect cooking.
When we got all together, he was laughing when my mother rearranged my stuff. She was laughing when he never let me go out the house. Whatever was it in their minds, everyone was laughing in the house, and we were all happy.
Respect in the home is very important. Good manners and right conduct must never be forgotten. This is what separates human from animals. Here, I remember my mother telling me about breeding.
Breeding is taught at home and acquired around. How one acquires proper manners, education, and culture depends how the individual copes up in the demands of every situation and the people around him/her. There is always a room for improvement, though.
The core family, the government, school, private institutions, church, and the community must support each life to meet a goal of its own. This goal must be to enhance the improvement of the human race.
True enough, the offspring must be better than the parents. In any form of diversity among individuals, everything and everyone must meet in charity and respect.…

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Happy Family Tips

Saving Your Sanity, Teaching Children Respect and Creating a Happy Family!

Teaching Children Respect
It is always with astonishment that I see parents bully and belittle their children and then complain that those same children are hateful or disrespectful!
Honestly, how loving and respectful can a child feel about someone who constantly criticizes and frightens them? What must it be like for a little kid to be yelled at constantly? I wonder how it must feel to have Mom or Dad, the most important people in your life, always demanding that you DO something, eat right now – or else! Go to sleep this instant! Can you imagine always being threatened and being told to shut up! Sit down! Go away! Wow! It is an echo of our own childhood that is behind this crazy parenting behavior. We feel justified because it feels so normal and familiar. In reality there is no justification for such abuse towards the smallest and weakest among us. We should not condone this treatment of children and we should challenge ourselves to become better more enlightened parents.
The attitude of “spare the rod and spoil the child” is rampant in our society. Many parents that would never physically strike their child may still use the “rod” of words. Words can sting much more than a spanking and may never be forgotten. Think of your own childhood, and chances are that you still have a few hurtful sentences running around in your head! I know I do.
Children are born sensitive beings. From the moment they are conscious they are watching us. Learning from every example, every word spoken, every attitude that we project. The idea that children should “Do as I say, not as I do” is ridiculous! It might make a struggling parent feel better to say that, but it’s just not the way it is. Children learn what they see. They model the behavior that is in front of them. Parents are the most important and influential role models for their children. Hands down. I suspect that the saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is more from modeling than genetics! I certainly hear my Mothers words randomly coming out of my mouth!
Being a parent is a very challenging journey. It never ends, and children will always reflect back the dysfunction within a family. Perhaps the greatest challenge is not just the daily work of raising kids, the feeding, clothing, watching their every move, but rather in the personal growth that is demanded of a parent. My own on going journey through Motherhood has brought me to my knees more than once, and forced me to examine and challenge my own attitudes about everything. It has pushed me to mature and grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined possible, and at the end of the day has brought meaning, joy and connection to my life that has made it all worthwhile. More than worthwhile…Priceless!…