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Balance Work and Family Tips

Happy Family Life – Facts and Myths

It is not easy to be a married couple. People always try to give you advice about something. Of course it is always done out of the best and noble motives. Naturally, it is all useless. Throughout the years of living together the couple inevitably breaks all the rules and taboos at least once. So how does it affect their life?
It is time to crush the most popular myths about family life. We have decoded the secret meaning of all the advice that husband and wife hear from the very first day they tie the knot.
So myth number one: you should not go to sleep without making up after a fight. Well, it sounds quite reasonable – why risk it, what if overnight the fight that has started over something trifle will only flare up and become a real problem? It is better to make up and go to sleep with a clear conciseness and have a fresh start the following morning.
Our opinion: just make a deal with your other half to postpone the continuation of the fight till the morning – especially if it is past midnight, you are exhausted, and there is no foreseeable end to the fight any time soon. After all, not every argument can be limited by time restrictions and unfortunately not all of us can stop at the right time.
Of course it is bad to go to sleep feeling irritated after the fight. But there are certain pluses to it too, even if sometimes you sleep on opposite sides of the bed or separate bedrooms, you will be OK – just as your marriage will be OK also.
The second myth is that the birth of the child makes you even closer with your spouse. Very often after the baby is born (especially if it’s the first baby) the spouses gain a countless number of subjects for conversations. Although all of them are connected to the baby one way or the other…
It seems like the relationship has risen to a new level, but then the husband leaves to work and the baby starts fussing or gets sick. The joy and amusement that this tiny being has aroused at first are gradually replaced with tiredness and irritation – what else can you expect after sleepless nights, nonstop breastfeeding, and diaper changes? Naturally, not a single decent mother will take her frustrations out on a baby, and the righteous anger falls on the one who happens to be nearby. And most often it is the beloved husband.
Our opinion: the birth of a child is above all a test of your relationship. Is there a solution? Yes. You should just accept the fact that all married couples go through a crisis and usually at the time when they expect it the least of all.
Furthermore, a woman needs help taking care of the baby – it is impossible to manage it on your own. The help and support of the loving husband do help a woman to not forget about the roles she has besides being a mother such as a role of a wife and a business woman. If a new mom still cannot even think about going out or is afraid to leave the baby with the dad, other family members, or a nanny, then do not rush things, let everything follow its course.
Another myth: a husband and wife should not only be in a romantic relationship, they should also be friends. It sounds great, doesn’t it? After all, a wife knows her husband better than anybody else, so why not consider him the best friend?
Our opinion: romantic relationship is different from a friendship. Do not have illusions that one person will manage to become a personification of both passionate love and fond friendship. It simply does not happen like that.
In other words, do not blame yourself if you do not feel a friendly attachment to your spouse – this is what you have your girlfriends/guy friends for. The important thing is to keep that connection with each other, and what you are going to call it is up to you. Always take an interest in your spouse’s life. When leaving in the morning, ask about your spouse’s plan for the day and when you see each other in the evening make sure to inquire about how the day went and how successful they were with their to-do-list.
The next myth is that unsatisfactory sex life is not a problem. The first few months after the baby is born, the hormones, exhaustion, and excessive irritability do not contribute to the improvement of your sex life, therefore you should not force things to happen. A husband should treat the situation with understanding and store up on patience.…