What Is Autism? Explore Different Types of Autism

What Is Autism? Explore Different Types of Autism

What is Autism?

Often we come to know an individual (children or adults) who find it difficult to communicate or build relationships. Without knowing the actual reason and being so judgmental, we consider them rude or introvert. But that might not be the case with few individuals as it can also be a disorder commonly known as Autism.

Autism is a disorder where one, especially a child, finds it difficult to learn and develop the basic skills. More often than not the problems associated with Autism results in social communication. Their behavior appears restrictive and it is one of the severe outcomes of blockage of information processing in mind. Though there has been tremendous research regarding real cause of autism, but no big success has been achieved in this regard. It is believed that in maximum cases autism starts appearing within first three years in a child. Bear in mind it is a neurological complexity which results in malfunctioning of brain. It ultimately results in incapability to communicate and make relationships.

Different Types of Autism

Though both girls and boys can develop this disorder at any time, but it has been seen that boys have more chances of developing it than girls. As far as the question how common is the problem of autism than the answer is, approximately 10-20 people develop this habit among 10,000. Have a glance at the sub types of autism. These are based on severity of the situations and also the age factor.

Classic Autism is considered as the most dangerous types of this order. People suffering with this problem are those who find it difficult even to talk and their social communication is one the lowest side. They are extremely sensitive regarding few certain smells, sounds and signs. Their behavior may become repetitive about few TV shows or food items.

Few patients do have the same problem but language is not a barrier for them, fall under the category of Asperger’s Syndrome. Others may find their behavior unusual as its patients are odd, when it comes to following the social rules.

In few cases it has been seen that a child was completely normal till 2 years of age and then suddenly he/she start behaving abnormally. It is called as “childhood disintegrative disorder” and children start showing some unacceptable signs such as problem dealing with potty rules or playing.

Rett Syndrome is another type of childhood developmental disorder which is seen in girls in early age. This common syndrome stops physical and mental development of a girl child. There are four main stages of Rett Syndrome and its severity differs from child to child.