Self-Esteem – Part 3

Self-Esteem – Part 3

Take heed what you put in your minds & who you surround yourselves with

Do you have your inner armor on so that when someone speaks negatively against you, it doesn’t pierce you?

Do you speak negatively to or about yourself to others and do you allow others to speak negatively to or about you?

i.e.: you make a mistake and say to yourself, “Stupid! How’d you do that!” This is a negative affirmation.

Never should that word come out of our mouths in dealing with anyone, especially ourselves! And never allow anyone to belittle you.

Instead, retrain your mind how to think and retrain yourself how to speak. When you call yourself “stupid”, you are demeaning yourself and disrespecting yourself in your own eyes and in other people’s eyes also. As you continue saying things like that, you will begin to believe it.

Instead say, “wait a minute, I am not stupid… I am a very smart person who just made a mistake!”

Tell yourself positive things. Just as you would encourage your child to do better, encourage yourself the same way with kid gloves.

Tell yourself that you are handsome or beautiful; tell yourself that you can get that job that you are interviewing for and that you are just as qualified as anyone else if not better; tell yourself that you can do the public speaking that you are afraid to do; tell yourself that you can get the A’s and B’s for your grades that you studied so hard for; tell yourself that you are going to ace your exams; tell yourself that you can do it.

Tell yourself positive things whenever doubt arises in your heart about who you are and what you can do. Never give in to your doubts and fears. Always fight against them with a new way of thinking and a new way of speaking positively. When you change your way of thinking and your way of speaking, you change your state of mind thus changing your actions and your way of life.

Also, negative thoughts effect you physically negative. With cancer patients, they have them get rid of unnecessary stress out of their lives as much as possible. They have them get rid of any negative way of thinking.

If you think you’ll lose the battle… you just did!

So, doctors always have cancer patients trying to think in positive ways of their healing and progress.

Negative thinking does the same thing. It is a cancer that eats away everything that you are and your hopes, dreams, and faith until you think that there is nothing left to fight for. Join me again at ” Living Victoriously ” for additional self-help articles and posts. Also, please feel free to comment or ask questions. If you become a follower, you will have the option of requesting specific self-help articles and you will also have the option of adding your own self-help articles to the blog once approved. So, become a follower today!

Don’t let fear win today or any day!