Four Factors Leading to Childhood Obesity

Four Factors Leading to Childhood Obesity

As children grow up, they need the right foods to enable them to grow and develop their bodies and minds. However, if you have a child who are on the heavy side, and you are getting concerned because of the excess pounds, you should find some ways to stop the over consumption of foods, before it gets too late. Children can be subject to chronic health risks even at their young ages, when they are overweight. Health problems such as high blood pressure and abnormally high cholesterol, diabetes and even heart ailments may easily occur if your child is obese.

Understanding childhood obesity is crucial for parents. It is your responsibility, as a parent, to step in and do the best you can to help your child beat obesity, before health problems set in. Here are some of the common factors that contribute to childhood obesity:

1. Diet

If your child is fond of sweets, soda drinks, and junk foods, he may easily be a candidate for obesity. Baked goods, huge servings of burgers and fries, and sodas that are very high in sugar are just some of the foods that you should take off your child’s diet.

2. Genetics

If the whole family is battling obesity, then it is possible that everyone has the predisposition to gain excess pounds. If this is the case, it should be a family effort to stay on healthy, nutritious foods and keep everyone physically active.

3. Lethargy

Children nowadays need more physical activity options that can make them leave their rooms, and away from the television and video games. Schools should keep challenging children to join physical education classes, and have sports activities that are exciting and can keep them motivated to lose those excess pounds.

4. Psychological Issues

If the child’s family life is troubled, food may become a comfort item that the child may turn to in times of crisis or when the child is depressed and unable to cope. If this is the case, try to get some family counseling in order to understand your child better and find ways to help him deal with difficult family issues.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your child healthy and safe from the risks that obesity brings. These factors are still within your control, and you can help your child beat obesity once you identify which is causing the problem of obesity.