Childhood Obesity Prevention – Are You Going to Do Something About This? How to Start

Childhood Obesity Prevention – Are You Going to Do Something About This? How to Start

Children are our future. Yeah, yeah you have all heard it before, right? Well, why are all our kids getting fat? How and when can you do something about it? Yes you, I am talking to you! Reports are out and the findings aren’t pretty. Childhood Obesity is a world wide problem. What are you going to do about it?

Childhood obesity prevention- Are you going to do something about this? How to start.

Education is where it needs to begin.

Setting an example right now, that is the way to take action.

Spreading the word about change needs to occur in every city, state, country, region, province, church, school or any other public assembly.

The #1 priority needs to be education.

You need to sit down with your children and say that you are sorry you let them all get fat and that you are assuming the blame.

Now things need to change if you are going to survive this terrible epidemic.

Ask all your family for their commitment to help you bring about this change.

Tell them to write their ideas on how they can help you put a plan together and show them that you are serious and that you have information that will change their lives forever.

Be positive and assertive. This is a life and death situation.

Priority #2 is to set and example.

Show them you mean business by changing or eliminating any food or beverage product that you know is helping you all stay fat. Commit to it, right now, in front of them and never lose control of your attitude to force change. Your example, is what got them here, and only your example is going to impress the need to change, more than your resolution to make things right.

Setting the example from this day forward. You do need help and the answers are all around you. You will need to show them that you are willing to put the time and effort to get the answers to all your questions about food, health, exercise that they need.

Make a drastic change in your timetable to be available more. You have been out of touch with them for too long. Quit your job, if you have to, and find a way to make all the adjustments you need. Your family is the most important part of your life, right?

Priority #3 is to spread the word.

Starting today, you all have to commit that you are sick and tired of this weight thing and that you are going to kick it in the butt.

Tell your kids that they need to fell empowered by this new purpose to get healthy. Ask them to be proud of what they are doing and that will give them a purpose.

Spread the word to co-workers about what you have started and start telling others to do the same.

Contact your local newspaper and tell them you have a story to tell. Your story will inspire others to do the same and your family will be proud of what you are doing. The purpose here is to get the commitment from everyone.

Just a final word, get moving, what are you waiting for?

Food for thought – Can you do this? Yes.