An Overview to Childhood Obesity and Its Causes

An Overview to Childhood Obesity and Its Causes

Childhood and teenage obesity is a widespread problem, still the results and conditions may differ in to different countries. In a nutshell it is a global health problem that is amplifying as an epidemic. So to counter the problem of children being overweight the parents and the guardian have to take pain. They are the responsible most elements who need to take care of this problem that is spreading at a robust pace. There can be so many reasons that cause child or teenage obesity directly or indirectly.

Factors Causing Child Obesity

There can be factors that individually or when combined produce excess weight in the children and teens some of the major factors are described as under:

1. The Inadequate Calorie Consumption

Mostly the children and teens have a favorite past time of watching TV. They do nothing but to watch it as a couch potato and eat or snack a lot while doing that. They use an important percentage of leisure time watching TV or playing computer games out of their whole day which requires a very minimum amount of calories to be used in it. These inactive activities lead to gain extra weight.

2. Less Physical Workouts

Children generally tend to stay away from the workouts but this does not mean that they need to build there body in anyways. You will find rarely kids taking parts in to after- school sports and other physical activities. The reason to refrain from sports and physical training sessions causes the not utilized fat to store in their body.

3. Unnecessary Snacking

Snacking is taking small food in- takes through out the day. As we all know that the top favorite of the kids and teenagers is junk food, fast food that contains a lot of calories and the excess calories that do not burn out of their work gets stored as in the form of excess weight.

4. Genetic Causes

It has been observed that the genetic conditions are a way accountable for the obesity in the children. It happen in most of the cases where parents are troubled with excess weight their child also suffers the same problem.

5. The family Lifestyle

There are cases where parents and other family members live a lavish life and thus have poor eating habits consequently poor family nutrition. The attitude of the parents towards weight loss and dieting motivates the child to follow them.

Obesity is the most common disease nowadays. You can find a lot of people who are severely obese but the unfortunate condition occurs where you see the small kids obese. The small toddlers with there tiny legs are under the burden of excess weight, their tender shoulders are getting depressed with this increased weight. The childhood obesity is enormously booming in to developed and developing countries.