Adult Children of Alcoholics – Why We Must Heal

Adult Children of Alcoholics – Why We Must Heal

When I first began my spiritual work I felt like I was lit on fire. As my awareness of self-grew–and my awareness of my connection to all that is expanded, it was difficult not to run out into the streets and scream, “People I get it! I get it!–We are not our wounds!!! We are so, so, so, so much more than that!!! We are all created from the same source!!! What we experienced as children was not the way it was intended to be… And as adults–we get to script our own stories!!!”

Of course I didn’t do that, but whenever I felt that someone I was speaking to opened the door to their soul, and I felt the intuition to open my mouth and let out what I had learned along my journey–I always found a way to say what I believed needed to get said.

It has been thirteen years since I began my journey inward. Many miracles have shown up in my life since then, all of which I immerse my mind and heart in gratitude for daily, and often.

Older now, I am feeling myself hone in on my purpose here on earth as a wounded healer.

More than ever I feel a kindred tugging towards ACoA, and grandchildren of alcoholics, not only because I have been affected by alcoholism, but because I believe the world is full of people who are under the illusion that alcohol is not as deceptive or soul devouring as it is. In my humble opinion, I believe codependency is epidemic.

I have worked with far too many women who depend on alcohol to loosen them up, or to give them confidence. These women are some of the same women who cannot speak up for their inner self–their inner child, and who consistently run themselves into the ground for the sake of making other people’s lives easier–and too–because of old guilt that sweeps in whenever they even consider setting a boundary.

To all of my dear brothers and sisters who have suffered as children whether the abuse was directly related to alcohol, or because your caretakers abused you in some other verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual way–we all must learn to let go–so that we can free our bodies from old dank energy that is locked within our bodies cells.

Our aches, pains, headaches, panic attacks, nervousness, rashes, asthma and alike, are manifestations of our old pains–the ones we never felt worthy of to express when we were innocent little girls and boys. Within us all is the power to not only lift the veil of illusion that has taught us to turn away from self, but also that we are not worthy of the right to express our pain, and then ultimately let it go.

It is time to heal.

As our earth enters its new age–and raises its vibrational frequency–it is not only a time of cleansing for our planet–but for its children as well…

Feel your pain, allow tears to carry out of you all the old pain you once hid from others in your confusing home, stay in bed for a day or two, wear pajama’s for days at a time and even eat your pints of ice cream if your inner child feels like that is what it needs to do… and when you are through–imagine you learning to be the mother to you–that you always deserved.

Seek masters out who have walked the journey you are on–and in the back of your mind never forget–that pain has served as a contrast–for now child–you know how deeply you want–and deserve to be loved.

The only way to heal self–is through self.