ADHD and Childhood Behavior

ADHD and Childhood Behavior

The subject of ADHD and childhood behavior is a broad area of discussion. In this information article we will be looking at little Jimmy to see what might be done to help him improve his performance at school.


Little Jimmy was in some ways your typical elementary school kid. He has his quirks but most everyone just accepted him for he was. His parents had researched ADHD online and suspected that little Johnny might have the condition. After all he has an extremely short attention span, has at times exhibited impulsive behavior, and has a few nervous ticks. His parents had also discovered that ADHD kids were disruptive but Johnny really wasn’t all that disruptive. He is a solid C student who is good at finishing school assignments and turning in homework on time, but just can’t seem to live up to the academic standards of either his parents or teachers. His parents are constantly telling him how important his grades are and his teachers feel he could do much better if he only applied himself. So could little Johnny have ADHD? If he has ADHD what could be done to help him perform better?


It is very likely that little Johnny has ADHD in which the hyperactivity is manifesting itself through nervous ticks rather than the often seem rambunctious behavior. It is important to point out that sometimes attention deficit disorder is discounted/overlooked if hyperactivity is not apparent, when in fact inattention is the primary symptom for a diagnosis of ADHD.


Next lets move on to a few simple steps that might help our young friend improve his grades.


*Avoid direct parental pressure – Those with ADHD don’t respond well to direct pressure. They become anxious and frustrated leading to underperformance. A good idea here might be to place less emphasis on the grade itself and more emphasis on educational growth.


*Speak with his teachers – Most teachers are aware of ADHD and quite a few have some knowledge of behavioral therapy. Let them know that your son is giving it his best and that simply trying harder may not be the solution. A good starting point might be to ask Johnny’s teacher if she would consider limiting anxiety educing comments.


*Bring down expectations – Don’t get me wrong our goal is to improve little Johnny’s grades. By bringing down expectations you are creating an achievable level to improve from while reducing anxiety. It is always easier to make small step forward than giant leaps forward.


In summary, ADHD is a likely a biological disorder of the brain that makes it more difficult for those with the condition to achieve conventional academic success. The statement is backed by statistical evidence suggesting that 80% of all students with ADHD underperform academically.


Additionally, many parents feel their children’s situation requires more than simple behavior therapy. Many of these parents are opting for a natural solution to help ease ADHD symptoms. Natural remedies for ADHD symptoms are very safe and have been shown to be effective in addressing such common ADHD symptoms as inattention, impulsivity, and erratic behavior. If you have not already done so this is an option worth considering.