Addressing Dishonesty and Infidelity in Relationships

Establishing a trust filled relationship that is open, honest, romantic and enduring is what most people strive for. There are many fish in the sea and finding the right person for you isn’t always easy. Some people get lucky and date only a few people and end up finding the one that they want to spend the rest of their life with. Other people feel like they have been dating for way to long. In some cases, you endure relationship after relationship that either dead ends, ends badly or simply is not what you want for the long haul. It is easy to get down on yourself and wonder if you will ever find that one special person who you want to share your life with. 

We are living in an age of technological advances that has brought dating to your fingertips. Just a decade ago the idea of online dating was something that was beginning to flourish and thrive. Two decades ago people did not have online dating to rely on when it came to meeting new people. This dating scene was much different than the one we are experiencing now. In the past people would be introduced to people through friends and neighbors. If you wanted to meet someone you had to leave your house and get out into the world. People would often go to clubs, bars, movies, group outings, museums or join clubs. Online dating sites brought people together through technology. 

Online dating allowed people to sign up to online dating sites such as eHarmony,, plenty of fish, ok cupid, tinder and specialty sites. Specialty sites are designed for specific groups of people, some of these sites are for people living and working in rural communities, other sites are designed for busy city lifestyles and some are also designed for individuals over fifty. You simply sign up and pay a membership fee if one is required. You can browse profiles and communicate through messages. If you feel as though you are getting along well with someone then you can exchange numbers and talk over the phone or meet up for a date. 

Many people go into online dating sites in the hopes of meeting someone to date and build a relationship. In some cases, married people or those in relationships join these sites. This behavior can cause trust issues in existing and future relationships. These individuals are often looking for hookups on the side. How can a wife or girlfriend know if their significant other is on a dating site? There are apps such as Cheaterbuster that can help you in discovering if your boyfriend or husband is on a dating site. These apps can search any location, name, gender and age and narrow down the profiles. This will help you find your significant other’s profile if they have created one. Sometimes users have multiple profiles. 

The best way to confront someone about cheating is to be honest and ask them. They may not have been honest with you, but you can hold onto your integrity and know that you were faithful, open and honest. Take this as a learning experience. If you think your partner is cheating and is not, then you need to discuss insecurities in your relationship. If they are cheating, you need to discuss the future and how you will handle dishonesty. These apps are helpful in opening the door to communication within relationships.