3 Easy Steps to Get Your Child to Sleep All Night Long

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Child to Sleep All Night Long

It can be distressing to hear your child cry sobs of tears at bedtime and it pulls at your heartstrings that they fight against this rest time. I know, I empathise with you; I’ve been there and I’ve found an easy proven technique that quickly reassures children also bringing parents and children closer together in a very loving bond.

All around us in literature and history, we find paintings, drawings and images of Angels that walk before us, behind us and above us, invisibly watching over and protecting us all from harm.

In the last few decades more and more stories have emerged of accident victims walking away from disaster citing they ‘felt’ guarded and we hear stories of danger being averted because someone ‘felt’ inspired to move in the opposite direction following their ‘gut’ feeling thus avoiding disaster.

Step 1. Angel books with pictures are the best way to show your child about the visual depictions of Angel’s and what they may look like. They are the easiest way for you to introduce the look of Angels. Visit your local library or search images on the web and create your own vision board that can stay in your child’s room as a visual reminder of their Guardian Angels presence. Print out pictures of all drawings and painting of Angel’s that you like and also collect words such as Love, Peace, Hope, Safe, and glue this onto cardboard to make your child a collage picture for their room.

Step 2. As you read Angel stories place emphasis through the tone of your voice becoming softer, lighter and more relaxed beginning with what is known as the ‘dripping’ effect because you’ll repeat this process night after night. Eventually your child will begin to associate the story of Angels as one of joy for both of you to share regularly until they go to sleep confidently.

Step 3. Now it’s time to introduce your child’s personal Guardian Angel. When you know your child doesn’t want the connection between both of you to end, begin to speak in the affirmative, using your imagination to suggest what your child’s very own Guardian Angel might look like. Examples are: “Does your Guardian Angel have long hair?” or “do you think your Guardian Angel can run fast?”

As you engage and smile at their responses they will gain a sense of approval and allow themselves to continue to build with their imagination and use of creation in this self reassurance exercise.

Now through the affirming tone of your ‘matter of fact’ voice you will depart from their bedroom, re-affirming what the two of you have shared and confident in the knowledge that you are beginning the first step in the ‘dripping’ effect where night after night your tone and affirmations will create and increase comfort in your child’s mind, until your child replaces your words of reminder with their own thoughts of reassurance.