Obesity: A Real Health Concern That We Need To Consider

Obesity: A Real Health Concern That We Need To Consider

How many times have you heard somebody say complacently, “you know that I cannot help being fat, because it is in the genes!” as he tucks in a huge platter full of french fries and fried chicken, washed down with beer. Well, obesity is definitely a real health concern that we need to consider right now. Obesity is an epidemic which can be controlled. Some people are under the impression that just because their parents were fat and they are fat, they are going to gain more weight even if they eat a healthy diet.

So the excuse that you are genetically predisposed to obesity and that is why, you have full leeway to eat junk, because what is bred in the bone is going to come out in the flesh or spirit, is nonsense. There is absolutely no reason why your child should be considered obese when you can control this health condition and state with a little bit of responsible action on your part.

Firstly, parents with obese children need to take the responsibility of that particular state on themselves. They cannot act like ostriches and say defensively, “well, I have been feeding him a healthy diet four times a day. He is allowed to eat whatever he wants, and he is getting his proteins and carbohydrates from chicken and potatoes, is not he? What more do you expect from me?”

Well, one expects more, a lot more, especially if the child has grown all obese due to the negligence of the parents. Yes, negligence. Feeding a child because he needs fattening up to show your love and affection for him and not making certain about what you are feeding him is the easiest way in which you can destroy a state of good health. Grandparents, unfortunately have a tendency of doing that because they consider their grandchildren not well-nourished enough! A child need spoiling is another excuse which they are going to use, to feed children fatty foods, foods high in sugar content, and other such food items, which you definitely cannot count in the healthy food category.

So remember that proper nutrition and a proper diet along with an active lifestyle is going to keep your child fit and healthy, instead of making it look like an obese porcupine. A fat child is not cute; any mental attitude which says that a well covered child is healthy and strong needs to be changed immediately. In the same manner, the idea that he is going to lose his puppy fat when he grows up and children look good if they are chubby needs to be reconsidered right now.

If a child grows up to be obese, there is a chance that he is going to be an obese adult. He is also going to suffer from a number of diseases like diabetes, stomach problems, blood pressure problems, hypertension, and heart problems. He is definitely not going to thank you for feeding him indiscriminately when he was a child and thus being the direct cause of such health problems. So obesity is a real health concern which we need to consider and tackle right away!