Childhood Discipline – The Real Foundation For Successful Individuals

Childhood Discipline – The Real Foundation For Successful Individuals

By ignoring this aspect, you just raise your kids as indecisive individuals, who lack faith in themselves and are not comfortable forming normal social relations. No one wants their kid to grow as a retard. You may need to enforce childhood discipline. Sometimes you may need to temporarily hurt the feelings of your kids. However, keep in mind you enforce childhood discipline because you love them. Child disciplining should always be like that.

You force this discipline because you love your kids. You care about them. You don’t punish them because you feel angry. Your kids don’t need any punishment simply because you are in a bad mood. If you do so, you give all the negative messages to your kids. Your kids will learn that it is OK to misbehave to weaker persons. Instead, make your kid understand it is their misbehavior or disobedience that has brought the punishment.

Childhood discipline is not only about punishments. It is also about showing your kids the right ways of communication, behavior, activities and tons more.

Quite recently, I saw my 15-month old niece pushing an ear-bud into her ear. There is no point asking her to stop the behavior. I just took the ear-bud away and discovered even more ear-buds scattered on the floor. I talked firmly to her papa not to use an ear-bud while the kid is around. She imitates her father’s behavior, without knowing what she is doing.

Every kid is like this. They imitate what they see. If you talk loudly, or yell at others, they will learn the behavior. If you keep your room tidy, put away books, and keep everything in order, they will learn the lessons of keeping the living space tidy. Thus, childhood discipline has many faces. Punishments, which people immediately associate childhood discipline with, is only a small part of disciplining your child.

Remove the triggers that prompt your kids to misbehave – (remember how I removed ear-buds). Show your kids how to behave. They will imitate what they see. Make them feel belonged. Most of childhood misbehavior problems can be corrected if you make your kids feel belonged. Childhood discipline is very little about using force and a lot about showing and teaching your kids the good methods. That is how it should be.